How to use L’Oreal Professionnel DIA Light:
  1. Mixing Ratio: In a non-metallic bowl, combine 50 ml (1 tube) of L'Oreal Dialight color with 75 ml of DIActivateur Developer (the 6-vol. DIActivateur Developer, the 9-vol. DIActivateur Developer, or the 15-vol DIActivateur Developer, check out how to choose right DIActivateurto create a smooth and homogeneous mixture.
  2. Application: Apply the prepared mixture to dry, unwashed hair. Ensure even coverage by using a brush or applicator, targeting the roots, lengths, and tips.
  3. Processing Time: Allow the color to process for 20 minutes. However, the service time may vary based on the professional hairdresser's recommendation or the desired level of color intensity.
  4. Massage and Rinse: After the recommended processing time, gently massage the hair to ensure the color is evenly distributed. Rinse the hair thoroughly with water until the water runs clear.
  5. Shampooing: Follow up the rinsing process by using a shampoo specifically designed for colored hair. This helps to lock in the color and maintain its vibrancy.