1. Use the brush on the very ends of your hair first
  2. Brush down and gently remove any tangles. Don’t force the brush through your hair
  3. Small brush strokes are best. Feel free to use your fingers to loosen any knots
  4. Once you have the tangles removed from the ends of your hair, you can move up a few inches and start combing down again, working out the tangles
  5. Repeat until you get to your scalp and have completely tangle-free hair

How to blowdry your hair with a round brush

Stylist recommendations

  1. Towel dry your hair to get rid of excess moisture. For best results, use a microfiber hair towel
  2. Section your hair before you start drying so you can work in small 1-2” sections. Make sure your hair section fits neatly on the brush. Not too much hair.
  3. Always start your blowout in the front and then work your way around to the back area.
  4. Make sure each section is completely dry before moving on to the next. Any excess moisture left in the hair will cause frizziness.
  5. Always blow dry down your hair shaft on a 45 degree angle. This will help apply the correct amount of tension to smooth your hair. Avoid blow drying up the hair shaft.

Straight Blowouts

To achieve a straight blowout, you want to hold the brush horizontally across the hair.

  1. Place a section of hair on your round brush and pull away from your head with lots of tension, keeping the brush horizontal the whole time. Keep the dryer near the brush and be sure to pull all the way out to the ends on a 45 degree angle.
  2. Now roll it back in, apply heat, then pull it back out on a 45 degree angle. Repeat until the section is completely dry.

Volume styling

For volume and lift, you’ll want to focus on your crown area..

  1. Place your brush horizontally, pull upwards with the dryer close to the brush, roll it in, then back out.
  2. Repeat until your entire crown is dry.

Curly Blowouts

If you want a curly style, it's the same round brush technique as for volume, but you'll want to hold your brush vertically.

  1. Place a section of your hair on the brush and pull it away from your head, keeping the dryer close to the brush and keeping the brush vertically.
  2. Pull all the way out to your ends, then roll back in, curling away from your face. Apply heat, then pull it back out, then back in.
  3. Unravel the curl by twirling the brush. After you've released the hair from the brush, give it a moment to set and cool with a cold shot from your blowdryer.