How to use thinning shears:

  1. Prepare the hair by washing and drying it thoroughly. Remove any tangles or knots using a comb.

  2. Section the hair into manageable parts using clips or ties. This ensures even thinning and control during the process.

  3. Hold the thinning shears in your dominant hand, ensuring a comfortable grip. The teeth should be facing away from you.

  4. Beginning with one section of hair, hold the shears vertically and make small, gentle cuts along the hair shaft, approximately halfway through the section. Avoid cutting too close to the scalp or the ends of the hair.

  5. Move methodically through each section, making small cuts and gradually thinning out the hair. Maintain a natural, random pattern to achieve a seamless look.

  6. After thinning a section, comb through the hair with a regular comb to blend the cut strands with the uncut ones, creating a soft, textured appearance.

  7. Periodically check your progress in a mirror to ensure balanced thinning on both sides of the head. Make any necessary adjustments as needed.