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TIGI TIGI permanent creme-gel colour 65ml $2.99
TIGI Colour CREATIVE Permanent Creme-Gel Hair Color 2.2oz is an inovative cream-gel color with Penetration Delayed Oxidation Technology and TIGI Complex enhanced with an aroma of exotic fruits. Made in Italy. Features and benefits for you TIGI Aroma: New allergen free fragrance masks the smell of ammonia while providing aromatherapy benefits. Exotic flavors include pineapple for Creative/Ultra Lift/Mix Master, tropical essence for radiant gloss and spa like cucumber for True light. Micro pigment: Super small molecules provide intense colour that stays inside the hair versus washing out. Creme gel consistency: Easy and even application; can be used in bowl and brush or applicator bottle. Key ingredients Chamomile: Calms sensitive scalp, decreases irritation Amino Acids: Nourishes the hair, maintains proper degree of hydration Sugar crystals: Imparts high shine, intense luminescence


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