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DYSON Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer - Cosmetic World
DYSON Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $479.00 $580.00
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Prepare to redefine your haircare routine with the Dyson Supersonic, an unparalleled fusion of innovation and elegance. This revolutionary hair tool transcends ordinary styling, offering an exquisite blend of advanced technology and thoughtful craftsmanship tailored to meet your unique hair needs. Unmatched Technological Marvel Dyson Digital Motor V9: The beating heart of Supersonic, this compact yet powerful motor operates at an astounding 110,000 revolutions per minute, generating an impeccably controlled airflow with the assistance of Air Multiplier technology. The result? Speedy drying and precision styling that surpasses all expectations. Intelligent Heat Control: Bid farewell to concerns about excessive heat damage. With a vigilant system that monitors air temperature 40 times per second, your hair is shielded from high temperatures, preserving its natural shine and vitality. Ionic Care: Harness the power of negative ions that reduce static in your hair, leaving it smoother and more manageable. The LED indicators ensure clarity in settings, putting control at your fingertips. A Symphony of Attachments Dyson Supersonic is not just a hairdryer; it's a complete styling system: Flyaway Attachment: Perfect for creating sleek, straight styles by taming flyaways and delivering a flawlessly shiny finish. Styling Concentrator: Craft precision styles effortlessly, thanks to its high-velocity airflow that allows you to focus on individual sections without disturbing the rest. Diffuser: Embrace your natural curls and waves while reducing frizz, as this attachment evenly disperses air for a gentle yet defined styling experience. Gentle Air Attachment: Specially designed for fine hair, this attachment delivers a gentle, cooler airflow without compromising on speed. Wide-Tooth Comb: Specifically engineered for curly or textured hair, elongate your curls or add volume while styling with ease. Why Dyson Supersonic? Immerse yourself in a world where speed meets precision and care meets creativity. Each facet of Supersonic has been meticulously designed to provide a harmonious blend of functionality and finesse, ensuring an elevated styling experience. Dive into the future of hairstyling today. Embrace confidence and redefine your style with Dyson Supersonic! Unleash your hair's true potential now! Shop Now and embark on a journey towards impeccable styling and healthier hair!
BABYLISS PRO Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer BABNT5510NC - Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer BABNT5510NC $44.99
Babyliss PRO Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer Babyliss PRO Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer is an ultra-lightweight  compact dryer that provides 1000 watts of power and Nano titanium technology for a hot and powerful airflow. This technology also emits negative ions that eliminate frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth shiny hair. Perfect for travel! Features & Benefits Nano titanium grill Lightweight Strong air pressure and high heat 2 speed settings  Removable filter Ergonomic handle 6-foot cord with hanging loop Dual voltage BABNT5510NC
BABYLISS PRO Ceramix Travel Hairdryer - Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Ceramix Travel Hairdryer $39.99
Babyliss Pro Ceramix Travel Hairdryer This compact 1000 watt dryer has dual voltage and a folding handle, making it perfect for travel. Infused with ceramic technology to give hair a smooth silky finish, this powerful dryer is just the right size, lightweight, and easy to pack. Features and Benefits 1000 watts Ceramic technology 2 integrated speed/heat settings V Folding handle movable rear filter/stand Concentrator nozzle included Dual voltage convenient for travel One year warranty. Model BAB053C
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BABYLISS PRO Ceramix Xtreme Styling Duo 1
BABYLISS PRO Ceramix Xtreme Styling Duo 1" Ceramic Flat Iron & Ceramic Hairdryer 1875 Watts Value Pack $189.99 $200.00
Ceramix Xtreme Styling Duo 1" Ceramic Flat Iron & Ceramic Hairdryer 1875 Watts Value Pack CEBKPP1C This Value set includes Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Styling Duo 1" Ceramic Flat Iron & Ceramic Hairdryer 1875 Watts. Salon quality ceramic flat iron and hairdryer. BabylissPRO Ceramix Extreme Ceramic Blowdryer 1875 watts Hot and powerful airflow 2 integrated speed/heat settings Cool shot Ultra lightweight Concentrator nozzle included BabylissPRO Ceramix Extreme 1" Ceramic Flat Iron Heats up to 450F Floating plates Surround heat Dual voltage Swivel power cord
CERIOTTI Yellow Ceriotti WoW 3200 Professional Hairdryer - Cosmetic World
CERIOTTI Ceriotti WoW 3200 Professional Hairdryer $249.99
Ceriotti WoW 3200 Professional Hairdryer Lightweight, balanced, and exceptionally powerful hairdryer! Excellent soundproofing for optimum comfort. Wow: the perfect tool for every hairstyle! Features & Benefits Filter inox Power 1875W/2000W Long-life motor AC Lightweight: 260 g Air capacity 75/95 - m³/h 2 speed settings and 4 temperature settings Ergonomic grip True cold shot button Silent motor No EMC emission Model: WOW 3200
BABYLISS PRO Diamond Titanium 1900 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer BABDTB5586 - Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Diamond Titanium 1900 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer BABDTB5586 $199.99
Babyliss PRO Diamond Titanium 1900 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer BABDTB5586 This innovative new Babyliss Diamond Titanium Blow Dryer is light in the hand and very easy to use! Don't let it's weight and simplicity fool you, this dryer provides maximum performance with 1900 Watts of power. Your hair will dry from the inside out with top-notch heat conductivity. This heat stems from titanium and maximum far-infrared heat. It also has ionic generator that emits millions of negative ions. This results in reduced frizz and amazing shine and smoothness! Features & Benefits Superior heat conductivity of titanium Dazzling Swarovski crystals & elegant design deliver performance with style 6 heat/speed settings Maximum far-infrared heat that penetrates hair gently from within Ionic generator emits millions of negative ions that eliminate frizz Lightweight and easy to handle Professional 10 foot power cord
GAMMAPIU Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer - Cosmetic World
GAMMAPIU Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer $250.00
Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer Introducing the Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer—an epitome of tranquility and professional efficiency. Engineered for those who value serenity and crave a lightweight, high-performance hair care experience. Unmatched Features, Unrivaled Benefits Whisper-Like Silence: Dive into a realm of quietness as the built-in silencer reduces acoustic stress, providing a serene hairdressing atmosphere. Featherweight Design: Feel the comfort of a light and perfectly balanced dryer, revolutionizing the way you handle your hair routine. Eco-Conscious Power: Experience eco-friendliness firsthand with limited consumption (just 1600 W) and recyclable case and packaging, contributing to a sustainable future. Electromagnetic Pollution Reduction: Reduce electromagnetic pollution by up to 92%, ensuring a healthier and safer drying experience. Turbo-Powered Performance: Embrace reduced drying times with the patented Evolution Turbo Compressor (ETC) Technology, amplifying airspeed for efficient and faster results. Professional Precision, Personalized Settings Optimized Settings: Tailor your drying experience with 2 speed and 3 heat settings, along with a cool shot button for setting your style flawlessly. Silver Nanotechnology: The grill coated in 999‰ silver nanotechnology ensures enhanced hygiene and durability. Specialized Nozzles: Enjoy versatility with 2 specialized snap-on nozzles included, allowing precision and control in every style you create. Trusted Technology: Powered by a professional DC motor and patented innovation, guaranteeing quality performance with every use. Feel the Difference Indulge in a serene styling experience that's gentle on both your senses and the environment. Say goodbye to noise, embrace efficiency, and revel in the luxury of professional results at your fingertips. Elevate your hair care routine today with the Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer!Made in Italy
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BABYLISS PRO Graphite Titanium GXT Synergy Hairdryer 1875 W - Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Graphite Titanium GXT Synergy Hairdryer 1875 W $199.99 $260.00
Babyliss Graphite Titanium GXT Synergy Hairdryer  Elevate your hair game with the Babyliss Graphite Titanium GXT Synergy Hairdryer. Designed for the discerning stylist, this cutting-edge tool brings together the finest materials and precision engineering to deliver a superior styling experience. Its powerful ceramic technology produces even heat distribution and faster drying times along with superior conditioning benefits for your hair. Enjoy superior results every time. Unmatched Features for Unparalleled Results Supreme Heat Conductivity: The fusion of Graphite and Titanium ensures rapid and even heat distribution, providing optimum performance and efficiency in every styling session. Ceramic Brilliance and Ionic Magic: Equipped with an ion generator and ceramic components, this hairdryer not only dries your hair swiftly but leaves it with a dazzling shine and a frizz-free finish. Precision Control: The barrel accessory with evenly spaced teeth allows for exceptional tension and control, ensuring that every strand is perfectly styled to your desire. Tailored Settings for Ultimate Versatility: With three heat settings and two speed options, this hairdryer adapts to your specific styling needs, giving you the power to create a wide range of looks. Extra Features for Added Convenience: The included Snap-On concentrator nozzles offer additional versatility, allowing you to focus the airflow for precise styling. Crafted for Excellence This Babyliss Pro hairdryer boasts a powerful 185 watts of performance, ensuring that your styling sessions are efficient and effective. With a 9-foot cord, you have the freedom to move and style with ease. Experience the Difference Discover a new level of styling excellence with the Babyliss Graphite Titanium GXT Synergy Hairdryer. Whether you're aiming for a sleek finish or voluminous curls, this tool empowers you to achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. Transform your daily routine and unlock a world of styling possibilities. Order now and experience the art of hair styling like never before!  Model : BGT6395C
MOON COLLECTION Hair Diffuser (Expandable) - Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment (Foldable) $12.99
Foldable Blow Dryer Diffuser This Hair Diffuser provides gentle and even air flow to your hair, while helping to retain moisture and condition. It's great for use with blow dryers and comes with an easily-attachable nozzle. This helpful tool will leave your hair looking smooth and healthy. Features and Benefits Collapsible design 1" finger nubs for added volume and curl activation Heat-resistant Fits most blow dryers due to the flexible nozzle and grooves Great value How to use a hair diffuser Diffuser attachments are great for enhancing and defining the natural texture of your hair, particularly if you have curly, wavy, or coily hair. It promotes beautiful, voluminous curls by distributing airflow evenly. Using a hair diffuser attachment is easy with this step-by-step guide: Freshly washed and conditioned hair is the best place to start. To enhance your curl formation and protect your hair from heat damage, use a curl-enhancing product or heat protectant spray. Dry your hair gently with a towel to remove excess moisture. To avoid frizz, don't rub your hair vigorously with the towel. Attach the diffuser to the blow dryer. Your blow dryer should be set to a low or medium heat setting. When diffusing, it's best to use a lower setting to avoid damaging the hair and creating frizz. Turn your hair upside down, allowing your curls to hang towards the floor. As a result, your roots will appear more volumized and lifted. Make sure the curls rest in the diffuser's bowl when placing it near your scalp. If you want to create lift and volume, move the diffuser gently toward the roots in circular motions. The diffuser should be moved section by section throughout your hair. The diffuser should be placed over the curls, allowing them to rest for a few seconds before releasing. For frizz-free curls, avoid touching or disturbing them too much. Then use a cool or low heat setting to set the curls and reduce any residual frizz in your hair. Your hair should not be overdried. To avoid frizz and dryness, keep your hair slightly damp. To further enhance the shape and definition of your curls, gently scrunch them with your fingers. Reduce frizz and add shine by applying a little curl-enhancing cream or serum. Adapt your settings based on your hair type and desired results when experimenting with different techniques. With practice and patience, you can achieve the best results with your hair diffuser attachment.
Parlux 2800 Blowdryer 125 Volt/1875 Watt - Cosmetic World
PARLUX Parlux 2800 125 Volt/1875 Watt Blowdryer $209.99
Shop your Parlux in store. Save up to 20%. Visit us at 623 Yonge Street, Toronto. The #1 selling professional blow dryer in Cosmetic World for over 10 years. Walk into any salon in Yorkville and someone is working with this blowdryer. The Parlux 2800 has established itself as one of the most professional dryer in salons around the world as it has a powerful and long lasting motor which outputs 50 cubic metres per hour.The 2800 not only features a 1875 watt motor which makes drying the hair a pleasure, but also introduces a new way of holding a hairdryer, with a revolutionary comfort-handle. As you can expect from Parlux hairdryers it not only incorporates heavy-duty professional switches, but is also supplied with durable casing to prevent damage. With an extended life AC motor, the dryer offers years of usage.The Parlux 2800 hairdryer is supplied with a 3 metre salon length cable and has two speed settings and three temperature settings so you can find the perfect combination for your hair. It features a cold shot button which is ideal for finishing and setting your style in place.Includes two concentrator styling nozzles.
Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Blowdryer (Gold)
PARLUX Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Blowdryer $345.99
Shop your Parlux in store. Save up to 20%. Visit us at 623 Yonge Street, Toronto.   Lighter. More Power. Longer Life.The future of hair dryers is now. Introducing the Parlux Advance, a ceramic and ionic hair dryer which is lighter, more powerful, longer lasting and with the ideal balance. The new K-ADVANCE motor gives superior performance in terms of higher power and a longer lifespan of an amazing 2500 hours. US - 2200 watts (Canada - 1875 watts) of power and 83 cubic metres/hours airflow reduces drying time while preserving the integrity of hair. Parlux, the no. 1 professional hair dryer brand worldwide.Features:Extremely lightweight Ionic and ceramic technology: essential for healthy, static-free hair US - 2200 watts (Canada - 1875 watts) of controlled power Longer life span: 2500 hours 4 temperatures/2 speeds: ideal for all hair types and textures Instant cold shot button Attachments included: 2 concentrator nozzles (the first for setting hair and the second for fast drying) Anti-heating front body Weighs only 460g
BABYLISS PRO Portofino 6600 Ionic Nano Titanium Hairdryer BABNT6610NC - Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Portofino 6600 Ionic Nano Titanium Hairdryer BABNT6610NC $169.99
The Babyliss PRO Portofino 6600 is enhanced with Nano Titanium technology to distribute heat evenly for optimal results. Equipped with a high-performance 1875-watt Italian motor.  The negative ions generated by the dryer will remove any static electricity in the hair and close the cuticle for smooth, shiny results. Features & Benefits Nano Titanium™ technology Built-in ion generator Longlife Italian AC motor Hot and very powerful airflow 2 speed and 3 heat  cool shot button Anti-wrap fan Removable stainless steel filter Lightweight and well balanced 1875 watts 2 concentrator nozzles included Made in Italy Model: BABNT6610NC
BABYLISS PRO Professional Hairdryer 1874 Watt with Nozzle and AC motor - Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Professional Hairdryer 1874 Watt with Nozzle and AC motor $129.99
Babybliss PRO Professional Hairdryer Unlock the highest level of hair drying excellence with the BaBylissPRO® Italian Professional Hairdryer. Combining performance, quality, and design in perfect harmony, this Italian-crafted hairdryer will revolutionize your styling routine! Key Features you will Love Unparalleled Performance and Durability: Our long-life, powerful AC motor ensures that this hairdryer stands the test of time. With 1875 watts of pure drying power, you'll achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. Tailored Heat Settings for Your Unique Needs: Choose from three temperature settings - cool, warm, and hot - to customize your drying experience. Pair this with two adjustable speed settings to achieve the perfect style, every time. Designed for Your Convenience: The BaBylissPRO-R comes with a range of features designed to make your styling routine a breeze. The removable rear filter makes maintenance a snap, while the hang loop allows for easy storage. Precision Styling with Every Use: Our hairdryer includes a slide-on concentrator nozzle with cool-to-the-touch sides, ensuring precise airflow for flawless styling. The 75mm size provides maximum control over your locks. Product Specification 3 temperature settings for precise control. 2 speed settings for customized airflow. Easy-to-clean removable rear filter. Slide-on concentrator with cool-to-touch sides for precision styling. Long-life AC motor for lasting performance. Experience Italian Craftsmanship Made with pride in Italy, the BaBylissPRO-R showcases the unparalleled quality and attention to detail that Italian craftsmanship is renowned for. Social Proof Customers around the world have raved about the BaBylissPRO-R, praising its exceptional performance and durable build. Join the ranks of those who have experienced a transformative hair styling journey. Elevate Your Styling Game Today! Take your hair styling to new heights with the BaBylissPRO-R. Experience the perfect fusion of power, precision, and design. Order yours now and unleash your true styling potential!
BABYLISS PRO Professional High-Speed Dual Ionic Hairdryer With Brush - Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Professional High-Speed Dual Ionic Hairdryer With Brush $259.99
Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Professional High-Speed Dual Ionic Hairdryer With Brush (BNT9100STC)   This BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Dual Ionic High-Speed Hairdryer is exceptional – boasting 2x the Ions for absolute smoothness and shine! Its sleek design and powerful airflow provide optimal drying; you can customize your styling with just a flip of a switch, turning Ions on and off! When activated, dry hair faster, reduce frizz, retain moisture, and make hair softer. And when deactivated, you can increase body and texture, or use it to nurture specialized treatments like keratin and curl revival! Features and benefits of the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Dual Ionic High-Speed Hairdryer Nano-titanium technology for superior heat High-performance brushless motor for long life On/Off dual ion switch for styling flexibility 3 speed & 3 heat digital settings True cold shot button Ultra lightweight Ergonomic, balanced design Ultra quiet Super narrow nozzles (4 mm and 6 mm) for precision drying 1700 watts 9 ft. power cord 4 year manufacturer warranty Includes 2 nozzles, straightening pick, diffuser and filter cleaning brush Bonus ceramic round brush Special edition silver color
BABYLISS PRO Rapido Lightest High Performance 1875 Watts Hair Dryer $189.99
BABYLISS PRO RAPIDO HAIR DRYER Rapido High Performance Hairdryer Increased air power dries hair faster than high heat alone and delivers unprecedented power and performance. Handcrafted at our own manufacturing facility in Bergamo, Italy. Removable noise-reducing filter lowers the dryer’s decibel level, creating a quieter working environment and a better overall salon experience. Up to 5,000 hours at full power. The MaxLife® PRO brushless motor eliminates parts that wear out over time – delivers up to 5 times longer life than traditional dryer motors. The secret is inside – internal construction expertly engineered to significantly reduce dryer weight. Add to that the ultra-light MaxLife® PRO brushless motor to experience the lightest weight, high-performance professional dryer ever made. This dryer is exceptionally comfortable to use. Features & Benefits Ferrari-designed engine with MaxLife® PRO brushless technology Made in Italy Super-lightweight dryer weighs significantly less than a pound! 40% lighter than other dryers - When compared to our other professional dryers Up to 50% faster drying - Based on higher air volume & pressure when compared to our DC motor dryers Over 50% quieter operation - Compared to our other professional dryers of like performance without noise-reducing filter Nano Titanium™ heat technology Up to 10,000 hours at full power 2000 watts 6 heat/speed settings Cold shot button Includes 2 snap-in concentrator nozzles Drawstring pouch included  


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