What hair color suits me
What hair color suits me? (+Quiz)

When choosing color for your hair, there are many factors to consider. So if you want clean and natural color, you need to consider things like eye colour, skin tone, natural hair color, dressing style Read more

How to deal with dry winter skin - Article banner
How to deal with dry winter skin? (Tips and tricks)

Winter has arrived and although there were no "White Walkers" this season (a GOT/HOTD fans' joke 😉), there are other things to worry about. You know, skin gets drier in the winter months, lips get chapped, hair looks diff...

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Cruelty free brands - article banner
What are cruelty-free brands, and how do they test their products?

Animal cruelty is not a typical human trait. The human species has a coded DNA message that we should not harm other species. We feel pity, loathing, and intolerance from the violence. This has been passed from our ancestors, and it's...

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How to recycle beauty products
How to recycle beauty products (What happens with the packages?)

Who doesn't want to live in a cleaner and eco-friendly world? Have you ever wondered what happens to all that empty beauty products? I personally practice waste segregation all the time even with beauty products, I rinse the packaging...

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How to make a DIY face mask - Article Banner
How to make a DIY face mask (#4 easy recipes)

For a long time now, the topic of facial skin has been much discussed, and DIY face mask is something that many people are considering. Everyone wants that glowing skin, but it requires a good skincare routine. Furthermore, facial car...

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Tocco Magico - Organic hair color
Hair color made of Botanic and herbs!? (Here is a company that is already doing it!)

Whether you're dyeing your gray hair, you want to get a different look, or you just like to change up your style, you've probably faced a lot of questions when it comes to hair color, such as: What hair color suits me? Can hair c...

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Which is the best hair colour? | cosmeticworld.ca
Which is the best hair colour?

We asked L’Oreal Colour Trophy winner Mauricio Jiminez, why he uses L’Oreal Professional Majirel hair colour. Mauricio ...

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Repair your hair with bonding technology | cosmeticworld.ca
Repair your sensitized hair with Bonding technology

Should I use Bonder technology? Who hasn’t heard of Olaplex, L’Oreal Professionnel SmartBond, Schwarzkopf Fibreplex, Redken Flash bond, Redken Shades EQ Bonder inside, Zerran and the list goes on. The salon industry is incorporating Bonding technology faster than ever. <...

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How to maintain your styling tools - Jason Lee, CityLine TV
How to maintain your styling tools - Jason Lee, CityLine TV

I get all of my hair care needs at a small mom and pop shop owned by the Moon family in downtown Toronto called Cosmetic World. This cozy little spot has everything: blow dryers, flat irons, hair ...

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