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SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSiS+ Dust it #1 Mattifying Volume Powder 10g / 0.35oz $16.99 $23.99
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It - Mattifying Volume Powder lets you creative styles with powder consistency while providing a lightweight texture and separation. Gives a soft matte effect with natural movements to your hair. Provides light natural style control. This silica powder and film formers provides for a dry light hold.  This powder will give that "second day" look and feel instantly. Feel the difference and get natural looking hair with a cool, matte finish from OSiS Dust It. Will add great volume; works especially great on fine hair!  Features & Benefits Incredible volume and natural feel Long lasting hold and texture Soft matte effect Provides light natural style control  Directions Sprinkle a small amount of powder into palms and rub together  Rake through hair and lift into style for matt finish and natural touch  For extra root volume apply directly to roots  For extra separation, apply more powder in small amounts where needed 10g | 15ml
KEVIN MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser 150ml / 5.1oz $41.99
kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser 150ml / 5.1oz Create styles that are out-of-this-world with our weightless ANTI.GRAVITY lotion. This oil-free volumiser and texturiser allows you to create bigger, thicker-looking hair instantly, and will help hold your style in place whether it’s long, short, curled or blown-out. Also helps to control flyaway strands, and provides a lush, oil-free shine. Features Increases volume, boosts body and adds shine Provides long-lasting, weightless hold Helps control flyaway strands Ideal for all hair types Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free Directions APPLY. DEFINE. DRY. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY to damp hair before styling Ingredients With a scent that’s an intoxicating blend of fresh, floral, calm and crisp, organic Lavandula Intermedia Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (Lavandula Augustifoila) is one of the classic oils, and is highly beneficial to all hair types. Sourced from a sustainable farm in Northern California, its balancing action is of benefit to both dry and oily hair. Kevin's Tips: One of the signature products within our VOLUME regimen, ANTI.GRAVITY is great for all hair types and styles. Apply wet and dry as desired, or spritz with H2O and dry-in when using hot tools. We use a lot of ANTI.GRAVITY backstage, and my creative team and I use a technique called ‘Sandblasting’ – try it for yourself, the results are amazing. Simply spritz the hair to lightly dampen, and then apply ANTI.GRAVITY from roots to tips. Blast in with a dryer to create a ‘thatchy’ texture, and then style with hot tongs as desired. Repeat the process up to three times, depending on the volume of the style you are creating –  remember, the more you ‘sandblast’, the more volume and longevity you give the style.
COLOR WOW Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer 200ml / 6.7oz $29.99
Color Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer The luxurious volumising foam that offers the massive volume PLUS super healthy hair quality. keeps your hair volumised round the clock with the weightless foam that never wear your hair down. is free from waxes, brittle polymers or alcohols that dry up your hair in most of the volumising products. features the latest inflatable molecular chain that creates natural fullness. reinforce with the strengthening bamboo extract with heat protection. builds the sexy, strong, big and glamorous thick hair for your day. Key features Free of alcohol, salt, drying resins typically used to create volume Massive volume plus super healthy hair quality Long-lasting Weightless Heat protection How to use? Apply to damp hair. Dispense two to three pumps worth of foam into hands and pull through a section of hair from top to ends. Continue until all hair is covered. Comb through to distribute evenly. Style. Can be blow-dried or air-dried.
KEVIN MURPHY THICK.AGAIN Leave-in thickening treatment for thinning hair 100ml/3.4 oz. $59.99
Hair not as thick, full and lush as you’d like? Give it a little extra oomph with THICK.AGAIN. Our leave-in thickening treatment is designed for men with fine or thinning hair, and is rich in essential ingredients that will help thicken the hair and prevent breakage. Using breakthrough eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, we’ve harnessed ingredients that will leave your hair looking thicker and fuller over time. Benefits Helps to strengthen and fortify hair from root to tip Boosts thickness for increased body and bounce Helps increase microcirculation to the scalp Offers heat protection up to 420°F / 216°C Ideal for all hair types, especially fine, ageing and thinning hair Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free Directions PREP. SPRAY. STAY. Prep hair with STIMULATE-ME.WASH and RINSE and towel dry. Spray THICK.AGAIN evenly throughout damp or towel dried hair, concentrating on the roots and scalp. Do not rinse, dry and style as usual. Active Ingredients Nettle Extract is known to fortify hair fibers. Helps to thicken the hair, and assists in preventing breakage. Oleanolic Acid from Lovely Hemsleya Root with its abundant antioxidant properties, helps to fortify and strengthen at the root to help prevent thinning and falling hair. Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract helps boost natural shine to damaged hair, while adding volume, body and elasticity to dry, brittle hair. Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Seed Extract helps to improve circulation in the scalp. Naturally derived from whole wheat, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein improves body, boosts shine, and leaves hair feeling deeply nourished and conditioned. Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Fruit Extract, a ‘Superfood’ from Africa packed with nutritional goodness, helps repair damaged hair, increases hair strength, and moisturises dry hair to create greater manageability and all-over softness. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) provide antioxidant benefits to help combat free radicals that are known to age the hair. Kevin's Tips It’s inevitable that over time hair will start to thin! To help the guys combat thinning hair, we looked to our highly-successful women’s product BODY.MASS with its scientifically proven eyelash plumping technology, and created a product exclusively engineered for men, but with all the same body-building benefits. THICK.AGAIN delivers thicker, fuller-looking hair, and thanks to its powerhouse of strengthening ingredients, will help improve micro-circulation to the scalp. To receive the full benefits of STIMULATE-ME and THICK.AGAIN, use the trio for 14 days, and your hair will look and feel transformed…in fact, it will be THICK AGAIN.
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSiS+ Volume Up Volume Booster Spray 250ml / 192g $18.99
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Volume Up Volume Booster Spray OSiS+ Volume Up is a volume boosting styling spray for instant lift and texture. Formulated with breakthrough Flex Web Technology, Volume Up enwraps the hair in a weightless flexible Polymer web which provides long lasting volume without compromising on the natural feel and movement of the hair. The most convenient way to create strong volume and natural texture without blow drying, Volume Up boosts natural volume in all hair styles and leaves the hair with flexible movement and texture. Net weight: 250ml / 192g Directions Spray and work into dry hair from 30 cm distance. Use in short bursts
L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Techni.Art Full Volume 5 Extra Mousse 8.4oz $24.99
L'Oreal Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra Mousse (Force 5) L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra is an extra strong holding volumizing mousse perfect for creating big styles with extra oomph. Delivering maximum hold and unbeatable volume, this hair mousse is perfect for amplifying fine hair through lengths and ends to create big, bold bouncy hairstyles. Lightweight and no residue, this L’Oréal mousse adds volume and lift to hair without weighing it down. Benefits Strong hold mousse that adds volume to hair Create big, bouncy hairstyles Lightweight and no-residue formula Adds lift to hair without weighing it down  Force: 5 Directions-  Shake and hold upside down-  Before blowdry, squeeze a mandarin-size amount onto damp hair with fingers or comb
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SEBASTIAN Volumizer Finishing Spray 8.5 oz./250ml $10.99 $20.00
Sebastian Volumizer Finishing Spray WHAT YOU WEAR BEGINS WITH YOUR HAIR. What's on your body... a quilted vest. What's in your hair... Volumizer, the finishing spray that pumps up hair's volume, without weight. Raises the roots, effortlessly. Spray it on and watch body increase. Build it up. Reach new heights. You can really strut your stuff with Volumizer. Directions Spray onto the roots of damp hair. Comb through, blow dry for expanded body. Made in USA 
KEVIN MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY Defy gravity, and go bigger and even more beautiful with a burst of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY. Our lightweight, non-aerosol hair spray imparts a lush, oil-free shine to the hair, and will hold your style in place for longer. Features Non-aerosol hair spray Weightless formula that won’t weigh the hair down Adds oil-free shine Ideal for all hair types Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free Directions SPRAY. DEFINE. DRY. Apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to dry hair after styling. Ingredients A natural emollient, Manuka Honey (Mel) helps to seal in moisture and softens the hair for added flexibility. Organic Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Extract contains high levels of Vitamins C and E to provide beneficial repair to dry, damaged hair. Kevin's Tips: An essential part of our VOLUME regimen, ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY is the ideal, non-aerosol, spray to hold those seriously-smooth, glamour-girl looks in place. It helps reinforce and boost big, bouncy body and is super-lightweight, so it never weighs the hair down.
Kevin Murphy FULL.AGAIN 150ML/5.1 OZ. Fulfill all your fullness dreams with FULL.AGAIN – our hardworking thickening lotion that boosts body and bounce. Created with an abundance of tiny rayon particles that adhere to the hair shaft making it appear fuller, FULL.AGAIN creates naturally soft movement, leaving fine or thinning hair looking lush and beauty-FULL Benefits Add fullness without weighing down the hair Creates natural movement and body Helps to fortify and strengthen the hair Creates volume, while delivering softness and shine Ideal for fine and thinning hair Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free Directions APPLY. BOOST. STYLE – Apply from mid lengths through to the ends of damp hair before styling. Style as desired. Active Ingredients Known for its rejuvenating properties, Essence of Elemi helps treat damaged hair. Essence of Amyris is known for its anti-ageing and anti-stress properties. A natural wax, secreted by Honey Bees, Beeswax (Euphorbia Cerifera / (Cera Alba)) helps create definition and allows for the moulding and setting of the hair. Known to seal in moisture it also helps prevent hair breakage. A powerful essential oil, Sandalwood Oil moisturises dry hair and helps nourish the scalp. Rayon Particles are used to help surface hair appear thicker, and also to help finer hair act thicker than before. Kevin's Tips Create soft, natural-looking movement, body and bounce all from one handy product. FULL.AGAIN is our hard-working hair thickener, and a key element within the THICKENING regimen. Use on damp hair before styling, and run through the hair from the mid lengths through to the ends, ensuring you really work it into the ends to help them feel thicker and stronger. We created FULL.AGAIN with tiny rayon particles, made from fabric, that are designed to adhere to the natural keratin fibres on the hair, which makes fine hair act like thick hair and all hair type appear fuller.
DESIGN ME Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse from $9.99
Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse offers your the ultimate volume that we've all been dreaming about. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse delivers the incredible volume with a strong flexibility for styling and humidity resistance. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse keeps your fullness all day round the clock. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse builds volume while protecting your hair from heat and UV damage. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse is conditioning and lightweight that is also never sticky or stiff anytime. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Mousse works perfectly on all hair types, even in color-treated hair. Key features Builds volume, lift and movement Flexible hold Humidity guard UV & heat protection Conditioning Never stiff or sticky Safe on color-treated hair Vitamin E provides antioxidants How to use? Apply a palm size dollop on hands Work through damp hair from roots to ends Blow dry and style as usual
L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Volumetry Shampoo from $28.99
L'Oreal Volumetry Shampoo WHAT IS L'OREAL VOLUMETRY SHAMPOO? L'Oreal Volumetry Shampoo is the shampoo that creates anti-gravity volume effect on flat, fine hair. L'Oreal Volumetry Shampoo lifts the appearance of hair at the root. L'Oreal Volumetry Shampoo adds texture and volume without the weight while cleansing and purifying. L'Oreal Volumetry Shampoo is enriched with Intra-Cylane™, an ingredient that expertly supports the hair fibre to leave it volumised at the root. L'Oreal Volumetry Shampoo is formulated to be nourishing and volume-enhancing, the formula will leave flat, lifeless locks full of body and bounce. HOW DOES L'OREAL VOLUMETRY SHAMPOO BENEFIT YOU? For flat, fine, lifeless hair Boost volume from the roots Cleanse & purify Restore bounciness Prevent lipid buildup HOW TO USE L'OREAL VOLUMETRY SHAMPOO? STEP 1 Apply evenly on wet hair STEP 2 Lather STEP 3 Rinse thoroughly STEP 4 Follow with Volumetry Texturizing Spray for all day volume effect
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JOICO Hi-Rise Hair Volume Booster 300g $7.99 $16.00
Joico Hi-Rise Hair Volume Booster Hi-Rise Hair Volume Booster creates long-lasting lift and fullness. Adds shine and styling control to all hair types. A must for fine hair. Hi-Rise Hair's Triamine Complex contains exclusive blends of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins that make up your hair's structure. Molecular weights and sizes (MWS) ranging from 150-2500 nourish and protect hair from thermal or mechanical styling damage. Alcohol free.  Directions Shake well. Apply to clean, towel-dried hair. Style as usual. 
KMS Add Volume Root & Body Lift Spray 196g / 6.9oz $17.99
KMS Add Volume Root & Body Lift Spray  Offers additional fullness and body from the root of your hair. 70% more volume, lasting for more than 72 hours. Innovative shaping formula takes care of all your styling needs. Sturdy root support for round-the-clock body. Equalise your hair structure for better combability. KMS signature formula with Eucalyptus & Cinnamon giving your hair energy and volume. What is so special? Infused with Eucalyptus and Cinnamon  Multi-benefit: Volume, combability & support 72 hours fullness Volumise from the root of your hair Heat protection Healthier & Fuller hair How to use? Spray onto damp hair Blow dry with brushes Style as desired Note The item cannot be shipped outside of the United States and Canada.
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSIS+ Refresh Dust Texture Bodyfying Dry Shampoo from $18.99 $25.00
Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Refresh Dust Bodifying Dry Shampoo Style refreshing in between shampoos. Great for greasy scalps. Spray-able powder to refresh your style in between shampoos, incredible volume, helps hair stay fresher longer. Light control and separation re-bodifies greasy hair. Dry shampoo spray Provides volume Offers texture Directions  Apply to dry hair. Shake very well before use. Use in short bursts. Spray onto hair from 20 cm.
KEVIN MURPHY BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT 150ml / 5.1oz $45.99
Kevin Murphy BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT 150ml / 5.1oz Activated by the heat of your blow dryer, this lightweight spray creates smooth volume and lift for a blow dry that is soft to the touch. Helps lock out humidity for a longer lasting finish. Benefits: • Anti-Frizz• Humidity Resistant• Creates Smoothness• Style Extender• Sulphate Free• Paraben Free• Cruelty FreeDirections Apply after shampooing and conditioning to towel dried hair. Separate hair into sections and spray liberally. Blow dry each section with the brush of your choice to activate the smoothing technology and increase bounce and longevity of style. You can also use a hot tool to further enhance the shape of your style. Ingredients Heat-Activated polymers (known as Long Chain Polymers) self organise on the hair shaft to lockin condition, volume and style.EVER.BOUNCE is known for its Phyto-Nutrient Complex, Silver Linden that is found in Turkey andis a powerful plant extract that helps form a protective layer and helps the hair achieve its bounce. Inconjunction with Waratah Flower Extract which is potent with phyto-actives together helps target thecondition of hair and offer protection and resilience to increase hair volume and hold. KEVINS TIPS Inspired by the Long Chain Polymers also found in EVER.SMOOTH, we decided to expand our BLOW.DRY regimen. If you crave soft volume EVER.LIFT with our potent Zen Complex creates smooth volume and lift for a blow dry that is soft to the touch. Helps lock out humidity for a longer lasting finish. Pump up the finish with our BEACH.WAVE Elevation for lift that lasts.
DESIGN ME Puff.Me Volumizing Powder 9.1g / 0.32oz $19.99
Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder instantly lift your roots in just a puff Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder powers up your roots with volume for lasting hours. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder offers the incredible volume, fullness and hold for all kinds of styles. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder precisely release the perfect amount for an accurate and clean styling with versatile control. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder is odor free and mess free while lightweight which will never wear your hair down. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder is perfect for braids, updo, ponytails and so much more styles that you love. Net weight: 9.1g / 0.32oz Key features Lasting hold Volumizing Precise and clean application For all kinds of styles, braid, updo, ponytails and more Lightweight Mess free For normal to thick hair Talc-free How to use? Spray 2-4 inches from hair, focusing on the roots Style for instant volume


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