KMS_Hair Play Molding Paste 150ml_Cosmetic World
KMS Hair Play Molding Paste $19.99
KMS Hair Play Molding Paste 150ml Tired of hair products that promise the world but fail to deliver? Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to confidence with KMS Hair Play Molding Paste. Whether you're looking to add texture, define your style, or enjoy lasting hold, this paste has got you covered. With its innovative formula and easy application, achieving your desired look has never been simpler. Benefits & Features Texturized Finish: Achieve a modern, natural look that turns heads. Flexible Hold: Shape your hair with ease while enjoying a natural shine. Control for All Hair Types: Whether you have medium or coarse hair, this paste provides ideal control. Innovative Formulation: Powered by PVP Setting Polymer for strong support and Carnauba Wax for lasting hold and texture. Versatile Usage: Perfect for creating texture on towel-dried hair or defining your style on dry hair. Specifications Size: 150ml Create art with your hair. Get KMS Hair Play Molding Paste now! Whether you're prepping for a casual day out or a special occasion, this versatile styling paste will be your go-to companion. Click below to add it to your cart and sculpt your style with confidence.
KEVIN MURPHY_FREE.HOLD Medium Hold Styling Paste_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY FREE.HOLD Medium Hold Styling Paste from $18.99
Kevin Murphy FREE.HOLD Medium Hold Styling Paste Your Ultimate Styling Solution Unleash your creativity and achieve the perfect hairstyle with Kevin Murphy FREE.HOLD, the medium-hold styling paste designed for ultimate flexibility and natural-looking shine. FREE.HOLD paste lets you create the hold you desire while nourishing and conditioning your hair with antioxidant and essential oil goodness. Features & Benefits:  Flexible, Medium Hold: Enjoy the freedom of movement while keeping your style intact throughout the day. Natural-Looking Shine: FREE.HOLD imparts a healthy shine to your hair, adding a touch of radiance to your look. Thicker, Fuller Hair: Kevin Murphy’s unique formula with Carnauba Wax enhances thickness, giving your hair a luscious, voluminous appearance. Nourishing and Conditioning: Experience the luxury of well-nourished and conditioned hair and scalp, thanks to the infusion of antioxidants and vitamins. Glossy Finish: Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair as FREE.HOLD delivers a glossy, salon-worthy finish. Suitable for All Hair Types: No matter your hair type, FREE.HOLD works wonders for everyone, making it your go-to styling companion. Environmentally Friendly: KEVIN.MURPHY takes pride in their evolving packaging initiative, demonstrating a strong commitment to the environment. Say hello to the perfect balance of hold, shine, and nourishment in one easy-to-use styling paste. FREE.HOLD offers you the confidence to experiment with your style, knowing it will stay put even in the hot sun. Embrace the freedom of creativity and create the hairstyle you've always dreamed of, while keeping your hair healthy and protected. Embrace the freedom. Embrace the hold. Embrace Kevin Murphy FREE.HOLD! Kevin’s Tip: ''FREE.HOLD is a hardworking part of our STYLE.CONTROL regimen thanks to its unique texture, and holding qualities. We added Carnuba Wax not only because it adds thickness, but because it also has a high melting point, which will give your style longevity and form – even in the hot sun! Apply a little onto long, choppy shapes to create texture and lasting separation.''
KEVIN MURPHY_NIGHT.RIDER Maximum Control Texture Paste_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY NIGHT.RIDER Maximum Control Texture Paste from $17.99
Kevin Murphy NIGHT.RIDER Maximum Control Texture Paste Buckle-Up for a Stylish Adventure NIGHT.RIDER Maximum Control Texture Paste by Kevin Murphy – your ultimate companion for achieving rough, matte texture and strong hold in your short or choppy hairstyles. Buckle up for a tough ride as this hardworking moulding paste takes your hair to new heights. NIGHT.RIDER is a state-of-the-art matte, texture, and definition paste designed to enhance your hair's natural charm. Crafted with precision, this product seals in moisture, preventing hair breakage and leaving your locks looking healthier and shinier. Features & Benefits Strong Hold: NIGHT.RIDER provides maximum control, keeping your hair exactly how you want it. Rough, Matte Texture: Enjoy a stylishly rugged appearance that adds dimension to your short or choppy hair. Moisture Sealing: Say goodbye to hair breakage! This paste helps retain moisture for healthier-looking locks. Boosts Shine: Get ready to shine bright with enhanced hair radiance. Ideal for All Hair Types: Whether you desire texture or separation, NIGHT.RIDER is perfect for all hair types. Sulphate, Paraben, and Cruelty-Free: Feel good about using a product that's free from harmful chemicals and not tested on animals. Kevin’s Tip: ''You need to be quick with NIGHT.RIDER as it starts setting upon contact, giving you about 90-seconds to work it in. To help you make the most of NIGHT.RIDER, and all other moulding pastes from our STYLE/CONTROL regimen, we created easy-access packaging that makes it fast, efficient and easy to get the product from the pot onto the hair – with enough time to create amazing styles.''
KEVIN MURPHY_ROUGH.RIDER Moldable Styling Clay_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY ROUGH.RIDER Moldable Styling Clay from $17.99
Kevin Murphy ROUGH.RIDER Moldable Styling Clay  Serious Hold, Matte Finish Get ready to embrace a bold, edgy style with the incredible ROUGH.RIDER Moldable Styling Clay. This product offers a powerful hold that allows you to create a slick, matte look that lasts all day. Whether you have short or long hair, this clay is perfect for achieving a seriously strong hold that won't disappoint. What sets ROUGH.RIDER apart is its unique, oily, and gritty-like texture, which not only aids in defining your desired look but also imparts a nourishing goodness punch to your hair. Infused with antioxidants and essential extracts, this styling clay not only holds your style firmly but also provides your locks with the strength and nourishment they deserve. Features & Benefits: Strong Hold: No more worries about your style losing its shape. ROUGH.RIDER offers an impressive, long-lasting hold that keeps your hair looking on point all day.  Slick, Matte Look: Say goodbye to glossy finishes! This hair clay delivers a slick, matte appearance that adds an extra edge to your style.  Strengthens Hair: With Bamboo and Soya Bean Extracts, this styling clay provides your hair with the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and strong.  Seals Rough Ends: Tired of frayed ends ruining your style? ROUGH.RIDER comes to the rescue, sealing rough ends and leaving your hair with a polished finish.  Ideal for All Hair Types: No matter your hair type or length, ROUGH.RIDER adapts effortlessly to give you the perfect, well-defined look you desire.  Sulphate, Paraben, and Cruelty-Free: Rest assured, this product is formulated without harmful sulfates and parabens, and is never tested on animals. Take control of your style with KEVIN.MURPHY ROUGH.RIDER Moldable Styling Clay and rock that effortlessly cool, textured look. Order now and experience the difference in your hair styling routine! Kevin’s Tip: ''ROUGH.RIDER is a key product within our STYLE/CONTROL regimen, and is ideal for roughing and dirtying-up, soft clean hair. I love using it on a variety of hair lengths, and if you need to soften it down and re-mould at any stage, simply add some heat. You’ll see choppy shapes come to life in your hands with a little ROUGH handling.''
LAYRITE_Cement Clay_Cosmetic World
LAYRITE Cement Clay from $17.99
Layrite Cement Clay NEVER LETS HAIR GO OUT OF STYLE. Extreme high hold with a great matte finish. Water-based styling clay that delivers a clean matte finish that lasts all day. Washes out easily with water. All day incredible high hold without weighing hair down. Thickens & texturizes. Clean matte finish for dry or messy look. Doesn’t dry, never flakes. Reworkable (no water required). Signature mild cream soda scent. How to use? Rub between palms Apply onto dry hair Rework anytime desired
LAYRITE_Natural Matte Cream_Cosmetic World
LAYRITE Natural Matte Cream from $17.99
LayRite Natural Matte Cream Effortless Hold for Natural Styling Introducing LayRite Natural Matte Cream, the ultimate solution for effortlessly styled hair with a natural touch. Available in convenient 42g or 120g sizes, this lightweight, water-based shaping cream offers flexible hold and texture for a variety of styles. Say goodbye to stiff, unnatural hair products and hello to a clean, matte finish that leaves your hair looking and feeling its best. Benefits & Features of LayRite Natural Matte Cream: Effortless Hold: Achieve the perfect style without the fuss. LayRite's medium hold keeps your hair in place throughout the day. Natural Texture: Add depth and dimension to your hair with this lightweight formula that won't weigh it down. Clean Matte Finish: Say goodbye to greasy, shiny hair. LayRite leaves your locks looking naturally healthy. Soft & Smooth: Experience soft, touchable hair with a formula that distributes evenly and smoothly. Reworkable: Need to adjust your style? No problem! Simply rework without water for quick fixes. Signature Scent: Enjoy the subtle aroma of mild cream soda with every application. What Makes LayRite Natural Matte Cream Stand Out? Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of hair types and styles, LayRite Natural Matte Cream offers versatility that competitors struggle to match. Long-lasting Hold: Unlike many other styling products, LayRite keeps your hair looking great all day without the need for constant reapplication. Matte Finish: While some products leave your hair looking shiny or greasy, LayRite delivers a clean, matte finish for a natural appearance. Reworkability: With LayRite, you're not locked into one style. Adjust and restyle your hair throughout the day as needed. What Does The Natural Matte Cream Do? Are you tired of hair products that leave your hair feeling stiff, greasy, or unnatural? LayRite Natural Matte Cream is the solution you've been searching for. Whether you're styling for a casual day out or a special occasion, LayRite offers effortless hold and natural texture without the drawbacks of traditional styling products. Say hello to soft, touchable hair that looks as good as it feels. Specifications: Product Type: Hair Styling Cream Size Options: 42g or 120g Base: Water-based Hold: Medium Finish: Matte Scent: Mild Cream Soda
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SEBASTIAN_Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer_Cosmetic World
SEBASTIAN Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer $16.99 $22.00
Sebastian Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer 50g Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer is a revolutionary product designed to redefine hairstyling. With its innovative formula and versatility, it's the go-to choice for individuals seeking to express themselves through their hair. This 50g jar packs a powerful punch, offering endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. Benefits & Features Unique Remoldable Texture: Say goodbye to stiff hairstyles. Sebastian Craft Clay offers a flexible hold that allows you to remold and reshape your hair throughout the day. Handcrafted with Earth Minerals: Experience the power of nature in every application. Our formula is meticulously crafted with earth minerals to nourish your hair while providing exceptional texture and hold. Touchable Matte Finish: Achieve a natural, matte finish that looks and feels effortless. No greasy residue, just soft, touchable hair that stays in place. Versatile Styling: Whether you're aiming for a messy, bedhead look or a sleek, structured style, Sebastian Craft Clay adapts to your needs. Change texture, mold, or separate dry hair styles effortlessly. Ideal for Short to Medium Hair Lengths: From pixie cuts to layered bobs, Sebastian Craft Clay is perfect for those with short to medium-length hair looking to add texture and definition. Setting the Stage Sebastian Craft Clay stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique blend of craftsmanship and innovation. Unlike other texturizers on the market, our formula is handcrafted with earth minerals, ensuring superior quality and performance. Additionally, its remoldable nature sets it apart, giving you the freedom to experiment with your style without commitment. Sculpt Your Signature Style Are you tired of struggling with styling products that leave your hair stiff and unmanageable? Look no further. Sebastian Craft Clay offers the solution you've been searching for. Whether you're a homeowner looking to spice up your everyday look or a business owner wanting to make a statement with your appearance, our texturizer empowers you to unleash your creativity and express yourself with confidence. Specifications Product Type: Matte Texturizer Size: 50g Ideal Hair Length: Short to Medium Finish: Matte Application: Dry Hair Ingredients: Earth Minerals Ready to redefine your style? Experience the power of Sebastian Craft Clay Remoldable Matte Texturizer today!
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SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+_OSiS+ Thrill Fiber Gum 100ml / 3.38oz_Cosmetic World
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSiS+ Thrill Fiber Gum $19.99 $24.99
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Thrill Fiber Gum 100ml / 3.38oz Unleash your hair's potential with Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Thrill Fiber Gum. Crafted for those who crave style that lasts, this 100ml / 3.38oz jar packs a punch of mega elastic molding fiber, providing an unparalleled strong hold and texture. Whether you're aiming for a sleek professional look or an edgy, textured style, this fiber gum is your go-to solution. Benefits & Features Mega Elastic Molding Fiber: Achieve any style with ease, thanks to the high-quality elastic molding fiber that bends to your will. Strong Hold and Texture: Lock in your desired look all day long, without worrying about unruly hair or losing definition. Add Separation and Shine: Elevate your style with added separation and a touch of natural shine, perfect for standing out in any crowd. Super Flexible: Enjoy the freedom to mold and remold your hair anytime, anywhere, without stiffness or residue. Natural Style with Rich Texture and Luster: Embrace a natural-looking style that exudes richness and sophistication. Dare to Be Different Unrivaled Hold and Flexibility: Unlike other styling products, this fiber gum offers both a stronghold and exceptional flexibility, giving you total control over your hairstyle. Long-Lasting Results: Say goodbye to mid-day touch-ups – Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Thrill Fiber Gum keeps your style intact from morning until night. Versatile Application: Whether you have damp or dry hair, this fiber gum applies effortlessly, making it suitable for any hair type or texture. Professional-Grade Quality: Trusted by stylists and salons worldwide, this product delivers salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Embrace Hair Liberation Struggling to find a styling product that offers both hold and flexibility? Look no further. Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Thrill Fiber Gum is the answer to all your hairstyling woes. With its mega elastic molding fiber, stronghold, and natural finish, this product empowers you to create endless styles with confidence and ease. Say hello to effortless hair days and goodbye to styling frustration. Specifications: Product Type: Hair Styling Product Size: 100ml / 3.38oz Texture: Fiber Gum Hold: Strong Finish: Natural Shine Application: Damp or Dry Hair Elevate your hairstyling game with Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Thrill Fiber Gum. Embrace creativity, flexibility, and long-lasting hold with every application. Purchase yours today and unleash your hair's full potential!
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AMERICAN CREW_High Hold & Low Shine Fiber 85g / 3oz_Cosmetic World
AMERICAN CREW High Hold & Low Shine Fiber 85g / 3oz $17.95 $23.00
American Crew High Hold & Low Shine Fiber – Perfect for all hair types, especially short choppy cuts. Pliable fiber-like styling cream provide texture with thickness and matte finish. Strong, mouldable finish with low shine. Increase fullness on short hair. Condition and moisturize hair for smooth and light feeling. Shield moisture loss with Beeswax while offering excellent control.    Key Benefits ·         Lanolin: Humectant and emollient responsible for unsurpassed hold ·         Cetyl Palmitate: An emollient that provides a smooth after feel ·         Ceteareth-20: A fine conditioner and an excellent emulsifier ·         Beeswax: Protects against moisture loss while providing total control   Directions 1.     Rub small amount between hands 2.     Work evenly through damp or dry hair 3.     Style as desired   Available in smaller size (50g / 1.75oz).  
AMERICAN CREW_Medium Hold & Shine Forming Cream 50g / 1.75oz_Cosmetic World
AMERICAN CREW Medium Hold & Shine Forming Cream 50g / 1.75oz $9.99
American Crew Medium Hold & Shine Forming Cream – Perfect for all hair types. Easy to use styling cream offering moderate hold with excellent pliability and natural shine. Water based formula easily wash out with shampoos without residue. Condition and moisturize with Sucrose. Providing excellent styling power without compromising your hair health. Natural wax & Glycerin give natural luster, movable hold and thicker but soft hair shaft.    Key Benefits ·         Water Based: Shampoos out easily without residue ·         Lanolin Wax: Humectant that provides movable hold ·         Sucrose: Conditions and moisturizes hair ·         PVP Copolymer: A holding agent that encourages firmness, body and fullness to the hair ·         Glycerin: Softens and swells the hair shaft making hair appear thicker   Directions 1.     Rub small amount between hands 2.     Work evenly through damp or dry hair from back to front 3.     Style as desired 4.     Remold anytime as desired   Available in larger size (85g / 3oz).  
D:FI_D:STRUCT_Cosmetic World
D:FI D:STRUCT Molding Cream from $14.99
D:FI D:STRUCT Molding Cream Enhance your hair styling routine with d:fi d:struct Molding Cream, a versatile medium hold styling product designed to give your hair the perfect shape and texture. Unlike traditional gels that leave your hair feeling stiff and scalp dry, d:struct moulding cream offers a touchably soft finish without compromising on style. Suitable for all hair colors and styles, this low shine formula ensures you'll always look your best. Say goodbye to bad hair days with d:fi d:struct! Benefits & Features Medium Hold: Achieve your desired hairstyle with ease, thanks to the medium hold formula of d:fi d:struct. Touchable Softness: Enjoy hair that feels soft and natural to the touch, unlike the stiffness of conventional gels. Low Shine: Maintain a subtle and sophisticated look with this low shine styling cream. Versatile Styling: Whether you prefer a messy bedhead look or a sleek comb-through style, d:fi d:struct allows you to create your own unique look effortlessly. Moisturizing: Infused with cactus extract, this cream moisturizes your hair, keeping it flexible and soft. Retains Moisture: Natural sugarcane helps your hair absorb and retain moisture, promoting overall hair health. Strong Control: Lanolin provides your hair with strong, controllable style, ensuring your look lasts all day. What Sets It Apart d:fi d:struct stands out from the competition with its unique combination of medium hold, touchable softness, and low shine finish. Unlike other styling products that may leave your hair feeling stiff or looking greasy, d:struct offers a natural look and feel without compromising on style. Its moisturizing properties and strong control make it a favorite among homeowners and business owners alike, ensuring your hair looks great in any setting. Shape Your Hair, Define Your Style Are you tired of styling products that leave your hair feeling crunchy or looking overly shiny? Look no further than d:fi d:struct Molding Cream. Whether you're a homeowner looking to elevate your everyday hairstyle or a business owner wanting to ensure your staff looks professional and polished, d:struct offers the perfect solution. With its versatile styling capabilities and moisturizing properties, this cream will keep your hair looking and feeling its best, no matter the occasion. Specifications Size: Available in 75g or 150g (5.3 oz) options to suit your styling needs. Ingredients: Formulated with cactus extract, natural sugarcane, and lanolin for optimal hair health and style control. Usage: Take a dime-sized amount and spread between your hands. Apply to damp or dry hair, working from roots to tips for maximum hold. Style as desired. Ready to upgrade your hair styling routine? Purchase d:fi d:struct Molding Cream today and say hello to effortlessly styled hair!
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SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+_OSiS+ Mess Up Matte Paste 100ml / 3.38oz_Cosmetic World
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSiS+ Mess Up Matte Paste 100ml / 3.38oz $17.99 $19.99
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Mess Up Matte Paste Ideal for choppy and rough style. Perfect for out-of-bed looks with professional matte texture. Long lasting medium control with dry texture. Easy to work in and wash out.   Directions   1.     Apply small amount to dry hair 2.     Style as usual with fingers
AMERICAN CREW_Medium Hold & Shine Forming Cream 85g / 3oz_Cosmetic World
AMERICAN CREW Medium Hold & Shine Forming Cream 85g/3oz $18.99
American Crew Medium Hold & Shine Forming Cream  85g / 3oz Craft your perfect hairstyle effortlessly with the American Crew Medium Hold & Shine Forming Cream. Engineered for all hair types, this styling marvel offers more than just a hold—it's a blend of artistry and care. Benefits & Features Moderate Hold, Natural Shine: Achieve the ideal balance between a controlled hold and a natural, healthy sheen. Residue-Free Wash: The water-based formula rinses off easily with shampoos, leaving no buildup or residue. Hair Health Priority: Enriched with Sucrose for conditioning and moisturizing, ensuring your hair remains healthy despite styling. Natural Ingredients: Infused with natural wax and glycerin for a lustrous, soft, and pliable hair shaft. What Makes It Stand Out? This isn’t just a styling cream; it’s a lifestyle enhancer. While other products focus solely on hold, the American Crew Forming Cream prioritizes hair health. Its water-based formula ensures effortless removal without compromising on styling power. The blend of natural ingredients gives your hair a vibrancy that stands out. Available in a Smaller size (50g / 1.75oz).
GATSBY_Moving Rubber Wild Shake 80g_Cosmetic World
GATSBY Moving Rubber Wild Shake 80g $19.99
Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake  Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake hair wax is the second hardest wax of the Moving Rubber series. It adds a natural gloss to your hair creating a spiky, three-dimensional look and allowing you to achieve a wild look simply and easily. Recommended for very short to medium-short hair.  Don't apply too much wax or it will get heavy. Just apply a little bit at a time. Soft texture / Paraben-Free / Made in Japan About the brand Gatsby Moving Rubber hair wax series was developed in collaboration with Japan’s top hairstylists in 2006. This unique product was designed to create a maximum hold and moveable texture allowing you to reshape your style throughout the day.
GATSBY_Moving Rubber Spiky Edge 80g_Cosmetic World
GATSBY Moving Rubber Spiky Edge 80g $19.99
Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Wax is the hardest hair wax of the Moving Rubber series. It has an excellent holding power to keep hair spiked during all the day even when in movement. Gatsby Moving Rubber hair wax series was developed in collaboration with Japan’s top hairstylists in 2006. This unique product was designed to create a maximum hold and moveable texture allowing you to reshape your style throughout the day.   Who is this good for?   Recommended for very short to short hair. Soft texture / Paraben-Free
TIGI - BEDHEAD_Manipulator Texture Paste_Cosmetic World
TIGI - BEDHEAD Manipulator Texture Paste $15.99
TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste Unleash your hair's potential with TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste, a salon-quality product designed to give you the ultimate control over your style. This powerful paste is formulated to add definition, body, and texture, making it perfect for short to medium-length hair. With its unique blend of Ozokerite and Propylene Glycol, this product not only creates rich, flexible styles but also defends against humidity and frizz. Enjoy the refreshing tropical fruit fragrance as you sculpt your perfect look. Benefits & Features Strong Hold: Formulated to create a salon-style hold that lasts all day. Adds Definition and Body: Enhances hair texture for a bold, dynamic look. Humidity and Frizz Defense: Protects your style from environmental factors. Rich, Flexible Control: Thanks to Ozokerite, which builds texture between hair fibers. Moisture Retention: Propylene Glycol ensures your hair stays hydrated and smooth. Tropical Fruit Fragrance: Leaves your hair smelling refreshingly natural. Ideal for Short to Medium Hair: Perfect for versatile styling options. What Sets It Apart TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste stands out due to its unique formulation that combines strong hold with flexibility. Unlike other styling products, it doesn't make your hair stiff or crunchy. Instead, it offers a natural, touchable finish with a pleasant tropical scent. The addition of Ozokerite and Propylene Glycol ensures your hair not only looks great but also feels healthy and hydrated. Transform Your Hair Struggling with flat, lifeless hair? Battling frizz every day? TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste is here to solve these common hair woes. Its powerful formula gives your hair the lift, texture, and definition it needs, all while protecting against humidity and frizz. Whether you're aiming for a sleek, polished look or a more tousled, edgy style, this product has got you covered. Specifications Net Weight: 57g / 2oz Ingredients: Ozokerite, Propylene Glycol, and other essential styling compounds Fragrance: Tropical Fruit Ideal Hair Length: Short to Medium Usage: Work a small amount into damp or dry hair, blow-dry or air-dry as needed Directions Apply a Small Amount: Start with a small amount of paste. Work Through Hair: Apply to damp or dry hair, spreading evenly. Style as Desired: Blow-dry for volume or air-dry for a more natural look. Pro Tips: A little goes a long way. Start with a small amount and add more only if needed. Don't wait to elevate your hair styling routine. Order TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste today and enjoy the confidence of salon-style hair every day. Your perfect hair awaits!


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