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L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL_Tecni.Art Pli Thermo-modelling Spray 6.4oz_Cosmetic World
L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Tecni.Art Pli Thermo-modelling Spray 6.4oz $29.99 $34.99
Tecni.Art Pli Thermo-modelling Spray L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art PLI Shaper is a heat activated setting spray that gives instant volume to thick hair. This setting spray works to add volume, texture and hold to curly and bouncy hair styles. When blow-drying or heat-styling, this thermo-modeling spray can be used as a styling primer for perfect curls and waves. Natural in feel and suitable for all hair types, this multitasking L’Oreal setting spray helps you achieve salon-worthy hair styles while adding lift and shape to hair.Benefits  Instant volume for thick hair  Adds texture, lift and shape to curly hairstyles  Can be used as a styling primer  Salon-worthy volume  Directions   Hold at roughly arms length away from your hair, and spray thoroughly over your finished style  Allow 30 seconds to dry
KEVIN MURPHY_EASY.RIDER Defining Anti-Frizz Crème_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY EASY.RIDER Defining Anti-Frizz Crème $45.99
Kevin Murphy EASY.RIDER Defining Anti-Frizz Crème  Sleek, Smooth, and Stunning 100g / 3.5oz Tame frizz and achieve effortlessly beautiful hair with EASY.RIDER, the defining anti-frizz crème that pampers your locks while creating stunning styles. Specially formulated for all hair types, this luxurious crème treats your hair to the nourishing power of a treatment, leaving it sleeker, smoother, and full of life. Features & Benefits: Frizz Control & Curl Activation: EASY.RIDER works its magic to combat frizz, leaving your hair flawlessly smooth and irresistibly soft. Activate those curls and let them shine with enviable brilliance. Flexible Hold: Embrace a modern look with soft, separated curls held in place with a flexible hold. Say goodbye to stiff and lifeless hairdos! Moisture & Elasticity Boost: Infused with antioxidants from Green Tea, this crème quenches your hair's thirst, improving its moisture and elasticity. Prepare for hair that feels revitalized and effortlessly manageable. Suitable for All Hair Types: No matter your hair type, EASY.RIDER is your ultimate styling companion. It works wonders for fine hair by adding volume, while also taming and softening thick hair for a luscious feel. Sulphate, Paraben, and Cruelty-Free. Kevin’s Tip: ''One of the first products I developed, EASY.RIDER is a must-have for loose, soft waves. Run through the hair, and over the hair – then twist, twist and twist again…keep twisting until you feel the product absorbing into your hands, then comb through for big, beautiful, bouncy waves.'' Order your EASY.RIDER now and unlock the secret to gorgeous, frizz-free hair every day!
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SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ SESSION LABEL_Session Label The Powder_Cosmetic World
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ SESSION LABEL Session Label The Powder $19.99 $26.00
Schwarzkopf Session Label The Powder 8g / 0.28oz  Schwarzkopf Session Label The Powder - Premium Hair Styling Powder for Targeted Volume and Flexible Texture Elevate your hairstyling game with Schwarzkopf Session Label The Powder, a revolutionary dry-texture styling powder crafted for the modern individual. Our innovative formula ensures fine dispersion, allowing for precise application that targets specific areas needing a volume boost. Perfect for all hair types, this powder is a game-changer for those seeking an instant grip without compromising on flexibility. Features and Benefits Targeted Volume Boost: Our advanced powder technology provides a noticeable lift and volume where you need it most, making it ideal for fine or limp hair. Flexible Texture: Achieve a naturally textured look with the flexibility to reshape and restyle throughout the day. The Session Label The Powder allows for effortless reworking without any stiffness. Instant Grip: Experience immediate control and manageability, as this powder adheres to hair strands for a secure hold that lasts. Fine Dispersion: The ultra-fine powder ensures an even and lightweight application, avoiding any heavy or greasy feel. Versatile Use: Suitable for all hair lengths and types, this styling powder is a versatile addition to any hair care routine, from casual daily styles to more elaborate evening looks. Enhance your styling experience with Schwarzkopf Session Label The Powder - your solution for long-lasting, voluminous, and textured hair. PRO TIPS Add liberally to the base of a ponytail or braid for a plumped-up, thicker feeling base that defies gravity. NET WEIGHT: 8g / 0.28oz
KEVIN MURPHY_DOO.OVER Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY DOO.OVER Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray from $28.99
Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray Ultimate 'Hair-Do' Transformation Experience the magic of hair transformation with Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray. Unveil a 'doo' that strikes the perfect balance between voluminous hold and an irresistibly soft touch. This innovative hair solution is more than just a hairspray – it's your personal stylist in a can! Benefits You'll Love: A 'Hair-Do' Transformation: Elevate your hair game effortlessly with DOO.OVER, your key to achieving a flawless 'hair-do' that lasts. Versatile Elegance: From professional photoshoots to everyday styles, DOO.OVER has your back. This expert formulation offers the dual power of reliable hold and the freedom to sculpt, shape, and mold your hair as you desire. Gentle Nourishment: As part of Kevin Murphy commitment to the environment, DOO.OVER is sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free, ensuring your hair receives only the best. Clean Confidence: Bid farewell to excess oils and product residue. DOO.OVER takes care of your hair's health while providing the ideal level of hold that stands the test of time. All-Hair Harmony: No matter your hair type or length, DOO.OVER caters to your needs, delivering a unique blend of volume, texture, and softness. Kevin’s Tip: ''Another favourite from my personal session kit, and my secret weapon for hold. From a photo studio to real life, we all know that lasting volume can be elusive. I created DOO.OVER as part of our THICKENING regimen, to give the hair a light, airy texture through to the ends – it’s like a dry shampoo powder morphed into a finishing spray so the end result is always soft, with the coveted ‘lived-in’ look. Try it for yourself and give your ‘doo’ a DOO.OVER.''
KEVIN MURPHY_SHIMMER.SHINE Repairing Shine Mist_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY SHIMMER.SHINE Repairing Shine Mist $47.99
Kevin Murphy SHIMMER.SHINE Repairing Shine Mist  Your Secret to Radiant Hair 100ml/3.4 oz Transform your hair into a shimmering masterpiece with Kevin Murphy SHIMMER.SHINE Repairing Shine Mist. Indulge in the captivating aroma while this lightweight treatment spray works its magic, adding brilliant shine without any oily residue or extra weight. Derived from the lush Australian Rainforest, SHIMMER.SHINE boasts a unique blend of handpicked ingredients, renowned for their resilience in harsh environments. This potent formula infuses your tresses with elasticity and breathes life into lackluster locks, leaving you with a mesmerizing shine that catches everyone's eye. Nature's Nourishment for Your Hair Enriched with the goodness of Vitamins C and E, Baobab, Immortelle, and Bamboo, SHIMMER.SHINE Mist is a burst of shimmering goodness that brings out the best in your hair. The meticulously chosen blend of Australian Fruit Extracts ensures your hair receives the nourishment it deserves, while the hydrophilic properties of Australian citrus and Kakadu plum extracts work their magic to add vitality and shine.   Benefits You'll Love: Instant Radiance: Watch as SHIMMER.SHINE Mist weaves a luminous spell, adding instant shine and highlights to all hair types, leaving you with hair that gleams like never before. Repair and Strengthen: Infused with Baobab seed oil, this wonder product works tirelessly to repair, strengthen, and moisturize dry and damaged hair, restoring its natural beauty. Sublime Scent: Experience the joy of a captivating scent that lingers in your hair, adding a touch of elegance to your every move. Vibrant Colors: Not just for light shades, SHIMMER.SHINE helps counteract dullness and flatness, even on dark tones, making every color pop with vibrancy. All Hair Types Welcome: Embrace the versatility of SHIMMER.SHINE as it harmonizes perfectly with all hair types, making every strand feel loved. Kevin’s Tip: ''As a session stylist I am always under harsh lights – either on set, or on location in extreme conditions, yet I always need to create a finished look that captures the light and boasts magnificent shine. The answer for me was to create my own, a product that would enhance the shine on any hair colour, add a lightweight healthy shimmer to the hair, and provide women with the tools to do the same at home. Shine-on with SHIMMER.SHINE, an essential part of our HYDRATE regimen. '
KEVIN MURPHY_TOUCHABLE Spray Wax Finishing Hairspray_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY TOUCHABLE Spray Wax Finishing Hairspray $49.99
Kevin Murphy TOUCHABLE Spray Wax Finishing Hairspray Sculpt, Hold, Shine 250ml / 8.5oz Experience the best of both worlds with TOUCHABLE, a revolutionary spray wax finishing hairspray that combines the texture-enhancing effects of wax with the feather-light touch of a spray. This innovative formula is designed to keep your hair looking and feeling flawless, without any sticky residue. TOUCHABLE isn't just about style; it's about hair health too. Enriched with a potent Antioxidant Blend, featuring Hibiscus Flower Extract, Milk Thistle, Sea Lavender, and Carrot Seed Oil, this unique hairspray shields your strands from external aggressors while delivering nourishing benefits. Revel in the protection and conditioning KEVIN.MURPHY TOUCHABLE provides, leaving your hair with a luxurious satin sheen that catches the light just right. Benefits You'll Love: Flexible Hold: Enjoy a hold that adapts to your style, keeping it effortlessly in place. Pliable with a Satin Sheen: Sculpt and reshape your hair while enjoying a beautiful satin finish. Weightless: Embrace the freedom of movement as Kevin Murphy’s spray wax won't weigh your hair down. Clean and Compassionate: TOUCHABLE is free from sulfates and parabens. Plus, it's cruelty-free, reflecting Kevin Murphy's commitment to both you and the environment. Kevin’s Tip: ''Regardless of your hair type or length, TOUCHABLE will deliver that coveted texture finish with a flexible hold.''
KEVIN MURPHY_ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser $45.99
Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser Defy Gravity, Elevate Style 150ml / 5.1oz Unleash the power of weightless volume and captivating texture with KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY lotion. Craft hairstyles that are truly out-of-this-world, showcasing bigger and thicker-looking hair in an instant. This versatile volumiser and texturiser is your ultimate tool to effortlessly create and maintain stunning styles, whether your hair is long, short, curly, or elegantly blown-out. Benefits You'll Love: Amplify Volume: Witness your hair's transformation as volume reaches new heights, leaving you with a breathtaking presence. Weightless Hold: Revel in a hold that endures, defying gravity's attempts to compromise your style. Flyaway Control: Bid farewell to unruly strands that disrupt your desired look, and embrace flawlessness. Unrestricted Compatibility: Regardless of your hair type or style, ANTI.GRAVITY welcomes you to explore boundless creativity. Pure Luxury: Experience the lavishness of a shine that's free from oiliness, captivating attention wherever you go. Kind to the Earth: ANTI.GRAVITY proudly carries the badge of being sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free, in alignment with KEVIN.MURPHY values of ethical beauty. Kevin’s Tip:  ‘’ANTI.GRAVITY is one of the signature products within our VOLUME regimen and is great for all hair types and styles. Apply wet and dry as desired, or spritz with H2O and dry-in when using hot tools. We use a lot of ANTI.GRAVITY backstage, and my creative team and I use a technique called ‘Sandblasting’ – try it for yourself, the results are amazing. Simply spritz the hair to lightly dampen, and then apply ANTI.GRAVITY from roots to tips. Blast in with a dryer to create a ‘thatchy’ texture, and then style with hot tongs as desired. Repeat the process up to three times, depending on the volume of the style you are creating – remember, the more you ‘sandblast’, the more volume and longevity you give the style.'' Check out Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser
KEVIN MURPHY_HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY Beach Look Hairspray_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY Beach Look Hairspray $45.99
Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY Beach Look Hairspray  Get That Beachy Vibe 150ml / 5.1 oz Surf's up! Imagine your hair enjoying a sun-soaked day by the sea with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY. Unleash the iconic, sexy beach hair that Kevin Murphy is famed for. This super-cool hairspray captures the essence of a carefree beach day, infusing your locks with a touch of that irresistible surfer charm. The secret? A revitalizing blend of zesty citrus oils that not only mimic the refreshing ocean breeze but also elevate your style game to new heights. Whether you're catching waves or simply catching eyes, this spray has you covered. Benefits You'll Love: Weightless Wonder: Bid adieu to heavy, weighed-down hair. HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY lets your hair sway with natural movement, creating a beach-inspired bounce that's as light as the ocean breeze. Aerosol-Free Advantage: Say hello to a non-aerosol beach-hair spray that's as eco-conscious as it is hair-conscious. Achieve your desired look without compromising the environment or your style. Effortless Hold: Experience the magic of soft, natural-looking hold. Your hair maintains its grace, allowing you to rock that beachy texture with confidence. Tailored for You: Ideal for those with fine and longer hair lengths, KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY is designed to enhance your unique beauty, bringing out the best in your locks. Clean Beauty: Bid farewell to sulfates, parabens, and cruelty. HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY is your guilt-free ticket to incredible hair. Kevin’s Tip: ''Recreating my sexy beach-hair editorial look has never been easier thanks to HAIR.RESORT, it’s sexy, summer, salty, surfer-spray in a bottle, and an essential part of our TEXTURE regimen.'' Check out Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT Beach Texturiser
KEVIN MURPHY_ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY Weightless Hairspray_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY Weightless Hairspray $45.99
Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY Weightless Hairspray  Your Ticket to Gravity-Defying Volume and Effortless Shine 150ml / 5.1oz Unleash the power of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and embark on a journey to hair nirvana. This exceptional non-aerosol hairspray defies the laws of gravity, elevating your style to new heights while bestowing an oil-free, lustrous shine that's sure to turn heads.Enriched with the elixirs of Manuka Honey and vitamin-infused Grapefruit Extract, ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY pampers your locks with a lavish shine that exudes radiance. The Manuka Honey nurtures your hair, promoting vitality and resilience, while Grapefruit Extract contributes a touch of nature's bounty, enhancing the luminosity of your tresses.  Benefits You'll Love: Gravity-Defying Volume: Achieve big, bouncy volume that defies gravity, elevating your style to new heights. Lustrous Shine: Experience an oil-free, luscious shine that adds radiance and vitality to your hair. Lasting Hold: Enjoy styles that stay put throughout the day, maintaining their allure from sunrise to sunset. Weightless Formula: ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY holds your style without weighing down your hair. Suitable for All Hair Types: Ideal for all hair types, ensuring everyone can achieve voluminous, shiny hair. Limitless Possibilities: With this hairspray, your styling possibilities are limitless, allowing you to explore new looks with ease. Sulfate, Paraben, and Cruelty-Free. Kevin’s Tip: ''An essential part of our VOLUME regimen, ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY is the ideal, non-aerosol, spray to hold those seriously-smooth, glamour-girl looks in place. It helps reinforce and boost big, bouncy body and is super-lightweight, so it never weighs the hair down.'' Check out Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser  
AMERICAN CREW_Boost Powder 10g_Cosmetic World
AMERICAN CREW Boost Powder 10g $19.99
American Crew Boost Powder Anti-gravity volume powder with matte finish. Give hair lift, thickness and a matte finish with American Crew Boost Powder. This weightless powder adds grit for dramatic, gravity-defying texture. And, it can be layered with virtually any other American Crew styling product. Propylene Glycol: Retains natural moisture and softens hair. Silica Silylate: Provides flexible hold and thickens hair. Citric Acid: Revitalizes and restores hair. Directions Tap the container a few times to loosen Boost Powder and then pour a small amount into your hand. Sprinkle it lightly and evenly on dry hair, making sure the product falls to the root for maximum lift and separation. Combine with Fiber Cream or other American Crew styling products for enhanced volume and styling options.
KEVIN MURPHY_BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT Volumising Heat-Activated Style Extender_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT Volumising Heat-Activated Style Extender $49.99
Kevin Murphy BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT Volumising Heat-Activated Style Extender  Your Secret to Effortlessly Voluminous Hair 150ml / 5.1oz Imagine having the secret to picture-perfect hair, every single time you pick up your blow dryer. With KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.LIFT, that dream becomes your reality. Crafted with precision, EVER.LIFT is not just a styling product; it's a transformation. This weightless spray combines the prowess of Long Chain Polymers and the magic of our Zen Complex to infuse your locks with lasting volume and lift. The moment your blow dryer's heat kisses your hair, EVER.LIFT activates, orchestrating a symphony of style and grace. But that's not all – it's your armor against humidity's unwelcome embrace. EVER.LIFT stands strong, locking out humidity and gifting you with a finish that's not just long-lasting, but also defiantly frizz-free. Benefits You'll Love: Anti-Frizz: Bid farewell to frizz and embrace the sleekness of your voluminous masterpiece.  Humidity Resistant: Everlasting protection against humidity ensures your hair remains enchantingly elegant.  Creates Volume: Elevate your hair game with voluminous locks that turn heads and capture hearts.  Style Extender: Your blowout's new best friend – prolong your style and revel in the beauty that lasts.  Sulphate, Paraben, Cruelty Free: Embrace a haircare solution that puts your hair's health and beauty first. Kevin’s Tip: ''Inspired by the Long Chain Polymers also found in EVER.SMOOTH, we decided to expand our BLOW.DRY regimen. If you crave soft volume EVER.LIFT with our potent Zen Complex creates smooth volume and lift for a blow dry that is soft to the touch. Helps lock out humidity for a longer lasting finish. Pump up the finish with our BEACH.WAVE Elevation for lift that lasts.''
KEVIN MURPHY_HAIR.RESORT Beach Texturiser_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY HAIR.RESORT Beach Texturiser $45.99
Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT Beach Texturiser Experience the Beauty. Embrace the Texture 150ml / 5.1 oz Achieve the effortlessly chic beach hair you've always dreamed of with Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT Beach Texturiser and Curl Enhancer. Unveil the iconic look that Kevin Murphy is celebrated for – those stunningly messy beach waves that exude confidence and style. Indulge in a transformative experience as HAIR.RESORT effortlessly enhances your hair's natural curls and defines its texture. With just a few scrunches and squishes, you'll witness the incredible ability of this product to shape your hair into that coveted messy, beachy style. Achieve the perfect level of texture and volume that radiates confidence and allure. Benefits You'll Love: Iconic Beach Look: Embrace the signature beach hair look that Kevin Murphy is revered for. Radiate elegance and confidence with hair that seems kissed by the sun and sea. Enhanced Curls: Revive your hair's natural curl pattern while adding a touch of definition. Transform dull locks into vibrant, dynamic waves. Unwavering Hold: Experience long-lasting, super-strong hold that keeps your beach-inspired style intact throughout the day. Efficiency in Seconds: With HAIR.RESORT, achieving stunning beach hair is a breeze. Apply, scrunch, and play with your hair to find the exact look you desire. Universal Appeal: Regardless of your hair type, HAIR.RESORT is your ticket to fabulous beach-inspired hair that captures attention. Commitment to Quality: Enjoy the confidence of using a product that is sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free. Kevin Murphy is dedicated to both your hair and the environment. Kevin’s Tip: ''HAIR.RESORT is always a go-to styler for me on set. It’s part of our TEXTURE regimen, really great for hair that’s hard to style, and allows you to create full-on volume and texture – although it’s not for the style-shy. To achieve a strong, messy, beach-hair look, apply to damp, almost dry hair and work through the roots, mid lengths and ends – then blast dry, scrunching into the hair as you go. Finish by scrunching a little more HAIR.RESORT into the hair for long-lasting hold.'' Check out Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY Beach Look Hairspray 
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+_OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray_Cosmetic World
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray $17.99
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray 200ml / 6.75oz Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray stands out amidst the competition due to its exceptional blend of lightweight conditioning and styling prowess. Unlike ordinary sprays, it perfectly balances volume enhancement and hair smoothening, offering you the best of both worlds. Its anti-static properties ensure a sleek finish, setting it apart as the ultimate choice for those seeking a flawless hairstyle without the heavy, greasy feel. Benefits & Features Unveil the secret to effortless, bouncy hairstyles with Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray. Crafted to perfection, this styling elixir offers a plethora of benefits: Extreme Lightness: Experience feather-light conditioning that adds volume without weighing down your locks. Natural Bounce: Achieve a lively, natural bounce to your hair, perfect for any occasion. Smooth, Anti-Static Finish: Say goodbye to frizz and flyaways as this spray smoothes the hair surface with its anti-static effect. Easy Styling: Enjoy light control for effortless styling and a tangle-free finish. Versatile Use: Suitable for various hair types, from sleek straight to curly locks, ensuring everyone can enjoy its benefits. Elevate Every Day Are you tired of battling limp, lifeless hair? Look no further. Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray is here to rescue your locks from dullness. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or a casual outing, this miracle spray infuses your hair with natural volume and bounce, elevating your style effortlessly. Say goodbye to styling struggles and hello to hair that exudes charm and vitality. Specifications Size: 200ml / 6.75oz Application: Spray on damp hair, then proceed to blow dry or air dry. Style as usual with other OSiS+ styling products. Ingredients: Formulated with advanced haircare technology to ensure optimal results without weighing down your hair. Compatibility: Suitable for all hair types, providing versatile styling options for everyone. Elevate your hairstyling game with Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Hairbody Prep-Spray. Embrace effortless charm and natural beauty with every spray. Try it now and unlock the secret to stunning hair transformations!
CURL KEEPER_Refresh with Hold Hairspray 240ml / 8oz_Cosmetic World
CURL KEEPER Refresh with Hold Hairspray 240ml / 8oz $19.99
Curl Keeper Refresh with Hold Hairspray Water-based curly style booster between washes. Instantly reactivate to first-day look. Clean and fresh scent keeps your style confident and refreshing. Energize the bounce while adding hold and support for flat areas. Great resistance to humidity. Lightweight and non-greasy, no burden for curls. Directions 1.     Hang hair over and spray liberally on wet or dry styled hair 2.     Gently scrunch upwards 3.     Allow air dry 4.     Repeat anytime to refresh style
KEVIN MURPHY_BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender $49.99
Kevin Murphy BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender  Your Frizz-Free Glamour 150ml / 5.1oz Unleash the power of voluminous, envy-worthy hair with KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.THICKEN, the ultimate thickening heat-activated style extender. Activated by the gentle warmth of your blow dryer, this weightless spray boasts the prowess of Long Chain Polymers and a volumizing Cotton Sprout Complex, instantly amping up your hair's thickness and fullness. Say hello to a long-lasting, frizz-free finish that embodies sophistication and charm. Benefits You'll Love: Anti-Frizz: Tame unruly strands and enjoy a sleek, smooth finish that exudes elegance. Humidity Resistant: Defend your style against humidity's relentless grasp, maintaining your flawless look. Creates Thickness: Elevate your hair's thickness factor with EVER.THICKEN powerful volumizing complex. Style Extender: Enjoy a longer-lasting blowout that keeps you chic and confident throughout the day. Sulphate, Paraben, Cruelty Free: Embrace a haircare solution that puts your hair's health and beauty first. Kevin’s Tip: ''It’s the long Chain Polymers and Cotton Sprout Complex that helps EVER.THICKEN create thicker fuller hair, that lasts. As with all of the EVERS it helps to lock out humidity to seal in a longer lasting blow dry, pair with our EVER.THICKEN signature dry to lock in the style with heat.''
KMS_Hair Play Liquid Wax_Cosmetic World
KMS Hair Play Liquid Wax $21.99
KMS Hair Play Liquid Wax 100ml / 3.3oz Crafted for those who crave versatility and control in their hairstyles, our KMS Hair Play Liquid Wax is more than just a styling product—it's a statement of confidence. This innovative hair solution combines the strength of a gel with the flexibility of a wax, offering you the perfect balance for shaping your style with flair. Benefits & Features Versatility Redefined: Embrace the power to create endless looks with a product that holds like a gel but styles like a wax, giving you the freedom to express yourself. Flexible Strength, Lasting Shine: Experience the best of both worlds as our formula provides flexible support with a radiant shine that lasts from sunrise to sunset. Crafted for Confidence: Our unique blend featuring VP/VA setting polymer and Polyquaternium-11 ensures your hairstyle stays put while allowing for natural movement and bounce. Nourishment in Every Drop: Infused with grape seed oil, our liquid wax locks in moisture and essential nutrients, keeping your hair healthy and vibrant. Revitalize and Protect: With the invigorating essence of peppermint, our formula not only styles but also shields your hair from environmental stressors, leaving it refreshed and revitalized. A Sensory Symphony: Indulge your senses with a delightful fusion of floral and fruity fragrances, transforming your styling routine into a luxurious experience. Vibrant Expression: Our product's vibrant colors mirror its dynamic spirit, adding a pop of joy to your daily grooming ritual. Specifications Size: 100ml / 3.3oz Ingredients: VP/VA setting polymer, Polyquaternium-11, grape seed oil, peppermint Usage: Work through towel-dried hair, blow-dry for malleable movement, re-apply to dry hair for a wax-like finish. Ready to elevate your hairstyling game? Try our KMS Hair Play Liquid Wax today and unleash your style potential with confidence!


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