BABYLISS PRO_Black Reusable Latex Gloves (10pcs) (3 sizes)_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Black Reusable Latex Gloves (10pcs) (3 sizes) $11.99
Babyliss Pro Black Reusable Latex Gloves Stain does not show Powder-free latex Will not snag hair Washable Non-direction which fits either hand Durable and resist nail punctures Rolled cuff for easy removal Attention: These gloves contain natural latex rubber which may cause allergic reactions to individuals.
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Cosmetic World_Hair Color Brushes_Cosmetic World
Cosmetic World Hair Color Brushes $6.99 $15.00
Hair color brush set (2pcs) The wide and detail brushes designed specifically for hair coloring are essential tools to achieve precise and professional results. Whether you're a hairstylist working in a salon or someone doing hair coloring at home, these brushes can help you achieve the desired look without worrying about streaks or color application mistakes. Set includes 1xWide Brush and 1xDetail Brush. Perfect for balayage, root touch up, highlights and other hair coloring techniques.
DANNYCO_Flairspray Decadance Fine Mist Spray Bottle 11oz_Cosmetic World
DANNYCO Flairspray Decadance Fine Mist Spray Bottle 11oz $14.99
Flairspray Decadance Fine Mist Spray Bottle – 11oz consistent aerosol-quality powerful spray with no propellant. Multiple pulls will dispense a continuous spray. Professional choice with ergonomic trigger design. 10", 25cm tall
COSMETIC WORLD_Cutting cape Black - Adjustable neck_Cosmetic World
COSMETIC WORLD Cutting cape Black - Adjustable neck $19.99
Hair Cutting Cape The hair cutting cape is an essential tool for hairstylists. It helps to protect clothes from hair clippings and water spray. It is made from a lightweight, water-resistant material. A specialized version of the hair cutting cape is designed for children. Child hair cutting cape is made from softer, more comfortable material and features playful designs to keep the young client entertained and still, allowing the hairstylist to work more efficiently. Features & Benefits Water-resistant and hair-repellent. Hair slides off cape easily due to its smooth surface. No itching or sweating! A polyester material that is exceptionally breathable for the client. Easy-to-use snap neckline for clients of all ages and sizes. You can machine wash it in cold water and air dry it. Where to buy hair cutting cape Online ordering is quick and easy, or you can visit us at 623 Yonge Street, Toronto. Do you need more hair cutting tools? This is the right place for you! There are hundreds of high quality products available at very reasonable prices on!
JOICO_Cutting Cape_Cosmetic World
JOICO Cutting Cape $12.99
Joico Cutting Cape Elastic adjustable neck collar. Thick durable fabric. Dust, water, hair repellent.
WAHL PROFESSIONAL_Clipper Oil 118.3ml / 4oz_Cosmetic World
WAHL PROFESSIONAL Clipper Oil 118.3ml / 4oz $9.99
Wahl Clipper Oil Created for Wahl clippers and trimmers, this oil, made from 100% white mineral oil, lubricates blades and allows smooth and efficient cuts.
DANNYCO_Silicone Detangling Comb - SIl53C_Cosmetic World
DANNYCO Silicone Detangling Comb - SIl53C $9.99
Dannyco Silicone Detangling Comb SIl53C Benefits & Features Experience the epitome of hair care with the Dannyco Silicone Detangling Comb SIl53C. Crafted to perfection, this comb offers unparalleled benefits: Silicone Additive: Infused with a special silicone additive, this comb glides through your hair effortlessly, rendering it soft to the touch and delivering remarkable smoothness with each stroke. Polished Teeth: The comb features meticulously polished teeth with rounded tips, ensuring that your hair is safeguarded from being pulled or broken during combing sessions. Heat and Chemical Resistant: Built to withstand heat and chemicals, this comb promises durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion in your hair care routine. Static Electricity Elimination: Bid farewell to pesky static electricity as this comb helps eliminate it, leaving your hair smooth and manageable. Individually Wrapped: Each comb is individually wrapped in a clear package designed for hanging, ensuring hygiene and convenience.
MOON COLLECTION_E-Z Dryer Bonnet (Hooded Dryer)_Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION E-Z Dryer Bonnet (Hooded Dryer) $12.99
E-Z Dryer Bonnet: Your Ultimate At-Home Salon Experience Introducing the E-Z Dryer Bonnet, an exceptional alternative to traditional hooded dryers that delivers salon-quality results in the comfort and privacy of your own home. With its groundbreaking Soft Bonnet technology, the E-Z Dryer Bonnet ensures even heat distribution, thus eliminating hot spots and minimizing the risk of heat damage. This game-changing product is specifically designed to cater to all hair types, including curly, wavy, and straight. Key Features Soft Bonnet Design: Made with a high-quality, soft, flexible material that comfortably fits over your head, fully encapsulating your hair for even and effective drying. Universal Fit: Engineered to fit most hand-held hair dryers, allowing you to turn any dryer into a professional hair treatment tool. Gentle Yet Powerful: Achieves perfect warmth levels to adequately dry and style your hair without risking damage from excessive heat. Versatile: Ideal for various hair treatments, including deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, and more. User-Friendly: Simple to use with clear instructions provided. Simply attach to your hand-held dryer, adjust the bonnet to fit, and enjoy a spa-like hair treatment at home. Comparative Table: E-Z Dryer Bonnet vs Traditional Hooded Dryers Feature E-Z Dryer Bonnet Traditional Hooded Dryer Portability Highly portable; easy to store Bulky; limited portability Ease of Use User-friendly; simple set-up Requires more elaborate setup Heat Distribution Even heat; minimizes hot spots Can have inconsistent heat areas Risk of Heat Damage Lower; more controlled heating Higher; direct and concentrated Versatility Adaptable for various treatments Primarily for drying Price More affordable Generally more expensive Fit for Hand-held Dryers Universal fit Not applicable Why Choose This Hooded Dryer Alternative? Portability: The E-Z Dryer Bonnet is lightweight and easily storable, making it ideal for travel or compact living spaces. Cost-Effective: Compared to expensive salon visits and high-priced hooded dryers, this is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. Universal Compatibility: Its universal fit means you don’t have to invest in a separate dryer, making it a one-time, valuable purchase. Elevate your at-home haircare routine with the unparalleled convenience and performance of the E-Z Dryer Bonnet. Your hair deserves the best, and now it's effortlessly achievable.
SUNLIGHTS_The Balay Paddle_Cosmetic World
SUNLIGHTS The Balay Paddle $6.99
Sunlights The Balay Paddle Perfect hair color palette for professional hair artists. Lightweight design with textured surface for grip and ergonomic handle. By placing a reservoir of product on the paddle, it creates the perfect position to paint energy to the ends. Fits all hair types and conditions. Features ·         21 cm (l) x 10.5 cm (w) ·         1 mm thick
BABYLISS PRO_Neck Duster 7
BABYLISS PRO Neck Duster 7" x 2.5" $19.99
Babyliss Pro Neck Duster 7" x 2.5" Introducing the Babyliss Pro Neck Duster—a game-changer for professional hairstylists and barbers seeking perfection in every cut. Effortless Precision Crafted with natural bristles, this duster skillfully sweeps away pesky dead hair from the neck, ears, and face. Its extra-fine, elongated bristles are engineered to reach and conquer even the trickiest spots, leaving your clients feeling impeccably groomed. Superior Styling, Zero Irritation Revolutionize your hairstyling and cutting experience! Say goodbye to the annoyance of residual hair, as this duster ensures a seamless finish without a trace of irritation. Your customers will revel in the smooth, irritation-free sensation post-cut. Hygienic Innovation Beyond functionality, the self-standing design exudes sophistication while maintaining hygiene standards. Keep your workspace pristine and exude professionalism with this chic addition to your desk. Specifications: Size: 18cm x 6.5cm | 7" x 2.5" Elevate your grooming standards with the Babyliss Pro Neck Duster—where precision meets sophistication. Crafted to redefine perfection in every grooming session, this tool guarantees a flawless finish, leaving both you and your clients delighted. Now also available in smaller size :  Babyliss Pro Neck Duster 5" x 2.5" Make every grooming session exceptional. Invest in the Babyliss Pro Neck Duster today!
-54% sale
KECO_Neck Duster_Cosmetic World
KECO Neck Duster $6.99 $15.00
Neck Duster Self-standing Neck Duster: the essential tool for professional hairstylists and barbers. With its ergonomic design and high-quality materials, this neck duster offers unparalleled comfort and efficiency. The plush, soft bristles are specifically engineered to brush off hair easily, while remaining gentle on the skin. The Neck Duster is perfectly sized for removing hair from the neck, nape, and face areas. Its compact dimensions of approximately 12 cm / 4.7" make it convenient to handle and store. Whether you're giving a precise haircut or a quick touch-up, this duster ensures a clean and polished look every time. Designed with the needs of professionals in mind, this neck duster guarantees durability and longevity. Its self-standing feature allows it to stand upright on your workstation, ensuring easy accessibility and preventing contamination from other surfaces.
MOON COLLECTION_Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment (Foldable)_Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION Hair Dryer Diffuser Attachment (Foldable) $12.99
Foldable Blow Dryer Diffuser This Hair Diffuser provides gentle and even air flow to your hair, while helping to retain moisture and condition. It's great for use with blow dryers and comes with an easily-attachable nozzle. This helpful tool will leave your hair looking smooth and healthy. Features and Benefits Collapsible design 1" finger nubs for added volume and curl activation Heat-resistant Fits most blow dryers due to the flexible nozzle and grooves Great value How to use a hair diffuser Diffuser attachments are great for enhancing and defining the natural texture of your hair, particularly if you have curly, wavy, or coily hair. It promotes beautiful, voluminous curls by distributing airflow evenly. Using a hair diffuser attachment is easy with this step-by-step guide: Freshly washed and conditioned hair is the best place to start. To enhance your curl formation and protect your hair from heat damage, use a curl-enhancing product or heat protectant spray. Dry your hair gently with a towel to remove excess moisture. To avoid frizz, don't rub your hair vigorously with the towel. Attach the diffuser to the blow dryer. Your blow dryer should be set to a low or medium heat setting. When diffusing, it's best to use a lower setting to avoid damaging the hair and creating frizz. Turn your hair upside down, allowing your curls to hang towards the floor. As a result, your roots will appear more volumized and lifted. Make sure the curls rest in the diffuser's bowl when placing it near your scalp. If you want to create lift and volume, move the diffuser gently toward the roots in circular motions. The diffuser should be moved section by section throughout your hair. The diffuser should be placed over the curls, allowing them to rest for a few seconds before releasing. For frizz-free curls, avoid touching or disturbing them too much. Then use a cool or low heat setting to set the curls and reduce any residual frizz in your hair. Your hair should not be overdried. To avoid frizz and dryness, keep your hair slightly damp. To further enhance the shape and definition of your curls, gently scrunch them with your fingers. Reduce frizz and add shine by applying a little curl-enhancing cream or serum. Adapt your settings based on your hair type and desired results when experimenting with different techniques. With practice and patience, you can achieve the best results with your hair diffuser attachment.
BABYLISS PRO_Continuous Mist Sprayer 355ml / 12oz_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Continuous Mist Sprayer $12.99
Babyliss Pro Continuous Mist Sprayer 355ml / 12oz Dispenses consistent and powerful fine mist spray Multiple trigger pulls will dispense a continuous spray Pre-compression technology allows for spray with no drips 355 mL / 12oz
HERCULES SAGEMANN_Roll-Ka Anti-Splicing Roller Comb_Cosmetic World
HERCULES SAGEMANN Roll-Ka Anti-Splicing Roller Comb $49.99
Hercules Sagemann Roll-Ka Anti-Splicing Roller Comb Anti-Splicing Roller Comb Large rake comb great for detangling and distributing treatments. Detangling applicator comb with widely spaced teeth. Hair moves gently through the integrated roller, making it perfect to distribute colours, toners, masks, conditioners etc. Design helps prevent damage to the hair (split ends). Removable roller for easier cleaning.
MOON COLLECTION_Hair Cutting Cape_Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION Hair Cutting Cape $12.99
Hair Cutting Cape Our Hair Cutting Cape is designed to make cutting hair quicker and easier. Its strong fabric prevents snips and slippage for accurate, precise results. The lightweight, comfortable design makes it easy to wear and move around during your styling session. Easily attach the collar with our adjustable clip. Can be adjusted to fit any neck size. Explore our extensive selection of professional salon tools! With amazing options, you won't be disappointed. 
BABYLISS PRO_Silicone Heat Mat 7-7/16
BABYLISS PRO Silicone Heat Mat 7-7/16" x 7-7/16" from $7.99
BaByliss Silicone Heat Mat –   Protects surfaces from damage by thermal tools such as flat irons. Resist temperature up to 500F. Non-slip relief surface prevents tools from slipping. Ideal for use in salon and at home.   Key Features ·         Dimension: 7-716” x 7-7/16” // 19cm x 19cm


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