ECO MED Red Tipped Blue Metal Tail Comb $2.99
This professional quality tailcomb comb is a hair styling essential! It meets all of your styling needs. It’s made from high-quality materials with a strong stainless steel metal tail, making it very durable. VERSATILE & MULTIPURPOSE: This tail tail comb is perfect for teasing, parting, styling, dying, braiding and so much more! It’s great for the salon, barber and cosmetology supply kits. Suitable for all hair types and lengths. The tail is tipped in red for scalp protection. STRONG AND FLEXIBLE: Smooth through strands effortlessly. This fine tooth comb glides through strands making hair more manageable for styling and other treatments. With a strong stainless steel pintail, it is very durable.  
WAHL PROFESSIONAL Clipper Oil 118.3ml / 4oz $8.99
Wahl Clipper Oil Created for Wahl clippers and trimmers, this oil, made from 100% white mineral oil, lubricates blades and allows smooth and efficient cuts.
BABYLISS PRO Barberology Cleaning Brush $4.99
Babyliss Pro Barberology Cleaning Brush Barber's must have for cleaning clippers, combs, trimmers. Strong bristles sweep away dust, hair, particles easily. Extra long bristle clean deep hiding hair that may deficient your tools. Handy small size that fits perfectly in your everyday tool box.
BABYLISS PRO Oval Palm Brush $12.99
BaByliss Pro Oval Palm Brush 9-row professional palm designed for hairstylists. Reinforced boar bristles with varnished wood handle. Minimizes snag on hair. Classic, professional barber tool.
ANDIS Cool Care Plus 5-in-1 for Clipper Blades 439g / 15.5oz $14.99
Andis Cool Care Plus 5-in-1 - Formulated clipper care must-have for professionals, barbers and salons. Coolant, Disinfectant, Lubricant, Cleaner, Rust Preventative in One. Leaves a light lubricating film on the clipper blades. Prolongs your clipper's effective life. Reduce friction & smooth the clipping. Cool hair clipper during use. Aerosol sprays away dust, dandruff and hair. Key features Disinfect blades from bacteria and virus Lubricate for smooth clipping Cool down clipper occasionally during use Clean blades from dust and hair Prevent rusting How to clean? Keep the surface wet for 10 minutes Spray Cool Care Plus 5-in-1 from 6-8 inches away Do not wipe and wait for 10 minutes Gently wipe out residual moisture Care tips Oil the blades after every use for the best care and effectiveness.  
BABYLISS PRO Neck Duster $15.99
Babyliss Pro Neck Duster The Neck Duster from Babyliss Pro is the must-have tool of professional hairstylists and barbers. The natural bristle on the neck duster gently sweep away dead hair on neck, ears and face. Extra fine and long bristle reaches the areas that are hard to reach. Offers your customers a decent hairstyling and cutting experience without leaving any dead irritating hair. Self standing design keeps your duster clean and hygienic while adding class to your working desk. Dimension: 18cm x 6.5cm | 7" x 2.5"
BABYLISS PRO Two-Sided Mini Club Brush $12.99
Babyliss Pro Two-Sided Mini Club Brush BESCLBMINUCC The BaBylissPro Two-Sided Club Brush is the perfect brush for minimizing snags and detangling hair. With 100% soft natural boar bristles on one side and extra firm reinforced boar bristles on the other side, this brush is an excellent professional styling tool. Equipped with 8 rows of high quality bristles and a varnished wood handle, the club brush is an excellent styling choice.  Benefits -  8 rows of high quality bristles-  100% soft natural boar bristles on one side-  Extra firm reinforced boar bristles on other side-  Varnished wood handle
BABYLISS PRO Vibe FX Cord/Cordless Massager $139.99
Babyliss Pro VIBE FX FXSSM1 Cord/Cordless Massager The VIBEFX is the perfect cordless massager for barbers and stylists to enhance the customer experience by providing a calming massage service to the neck, back, head, and face. The perfect hand massager for you. Features and Benefits of VIBE FX cordless massager Stainless steel housing Brushless motor with long life Dual offset weights Twice the massaging efficiency of other brands Flexible coil straps Lithium battery/1 hour runtime 2 speeds (Hi/Lo) Cord/cordless Limited 2-year warranty Model number FXSSM1
FEATHER Nape & Body Razor $69.99
Feather's Nape and Body Razor Kit includes one Nape and Body Razor, 10 Nape blades and Blade Glide with a 2oz. bottle of hair cutting and shaving lotion.  This set is ideal for barbers that seek precision while detailing. The bottle of Blade Glide Plus makes an exceptional combination with the razor and blades that facilitate blade movement that's easy on the client and the barber alike. An great pairing made in Japan. 
BABYLISS PRO Beard Brush $12.99
Babyliss Pro Beard Brush This round palm brush is the barber must have tool for creating the smooth and shiny beard. It features firm nylon bristles, empowering the detangling ability. Palm size with grips on the side. Round palm brush Firm nylon bristle Detangles Softens Smoothens
SCHWARZKOPF - TBH tbh Color & Cutting Cape $19.99
Schwarzkopf tbh Color and Cutting Cape Offers your clients with the exclusive luxury coloring and cutting service at your salon. The official color and cutting accessories by Schwarzkopf tbh. Waterproof silky smooth texture in durable fabric offers the prestige experience to your customer. Simplistic grey color with two hidden holes on the side allows the maximum flexibility to the customers.
BABYLISS PRO SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer FX797 $319.99
Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer FX797 Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer is equipped with a high-torque, brushless engine. Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer is the perfect tool for cutting all hair textures with power, speed and precision. Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer features a NEW snap in/snap out dual battery system. Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer is built with full metal housing with the signature diamond pattern grip. Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer equips the exclusive Babyliss Pro Black DLC Deep-Tooth 360° Exposed T-Blade (Zero gap adjustable blade FX707BD2). Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer is powered by the NEW high-torque 7200 RPM motor. Babyliss Pro SnapFX Dual Lithium Battery Metal Trimmer features the latest Babyliss Pro 3 patent pending technologies and designs that is designed for professional hairstylists and barbers. KEY BENEFITS Unlimited cordless use – constant speed & torque technology Dual battery charging stand – charge both batteries simultaneously or quick-charge one battery while the other is in use Dual lithium battery - Snap on/Snap off design. Quick and easy battery change. Magnetic hair pocket cover - Snap on/Snap off and self-aligning for quick & easy cleaning (no tools needed) Black DLC (Diamond-like-carbon) Deep-tooth T-Blade 7200 high torque brushless motor 5-detent taper control All-metal housing with knurled barbell grip Zero gap tool included Hanging hook 8 premium cutting guides included (.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
BABYLISS PRO Limited FX Double & Single Foil Shaver Set (Gold) $199.99
Babyliss Pro Limited FX Double & Single Foil Shaver Set - FXFSHOLPK2GB Babyliss Pro Limited FX Double & Single Foil Shaver Set - The duo set with Metal Double Foil Shaver (FXFS2GB) and Metal Single Foil Shaver (FXFS1GB).  Babyliss Pro Limited FX Double & Single Foil Shaver Set caters to professional hairstylists and barbers everyday styling needs. Babyliss Pro Limited FX Double & Single Foil Shaver Set is casted in a gold luxurious metal housing, durable while classy.  Kit contains 1. Babyliss Pro Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver (FXFS2GB)  Babyliss Pro Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver features hypoallergenic black titanium foils in a offset double-foil system. Babyliss Pro Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver powered by a powerful rotary motor, running cord/cordless up to to 3 hours per charge. Babyliss Pro Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver enables auto cover shutoff for the best battery performance and safety. Babyliss Pro Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver includes a storage pouch for better maintenance and organisation. Babyliss Pro Cordless Metal Double Foil Shaver is perfect for everyday barber shop and salon work. Key features Hypoallergenic Black Titanium Foils/Offset Double-Foil System All-Metal Housing Powerful Rotary Motor Cordless/Up to 3 Hours of Runtime Auto Cover/Shutoff Includes Storage Pouch Limited 2. Babyliss Pro Metal Double Foil Shaver (FXFS1GB)  Babyliss Pro Metal Double Foil Shaver features hypoallergenic black titanium single foil. Babyliss Pro Metal Double Foil Shaver powered cordlessly with batteries and up to 5 hours runtime. Babyliss Pro Metal Double Foil Shaver enables auto cover shutoff for the best battery performance and safety. Babyliss Pro Metal Double Foil Shaver includes a storage pouch for better maintenance and organisation. Babyliss Pro Metal Double Foil Shaver is perfect for travel and fine work around upper lips, ears and jaw lines. Key features Metal Housing Hypoallergenic Black Titanium Single-Foil System Powerful Rotary Motor Auto Cover/Shutoff Cordless/Up to 5 Hours of Runtime (AA Batteries included) Includes pouch
BABYLISS PRO Lithium FX Cord/Cordless Ergonomic Clipper $149.99
The LithiumFX FX673N is built for the modern day barber. Designed for all-around fading, the Babylisspro Lithiumfx fx673N clipper is precision engineered with hardened Japanese steel blades for smooth and easy cutting. The Ergonomic-Grip Housing is designed to form perfectly to your grip for all day comfort. A long life ball bearing motor running at 6500 RPMs generates the torque you need to power through any hair texture. The high capacity Lithium-Ion battery provides 2 hours of cordless runtime. The LithiumFX FX673N is a top choice with its ergonomics, long lasting battery, and impressive cutting performance. Visit our superstore and feel the difference! Use it corded or cordless-the lithium-ion battery supplies sustained power and function at all charge levels. An entire charge is 3 hours for almost 120 mins of use and a snappy charge is 30 mins for almost 30 mins of use. Features & Benefits It’s absolute best for all hair varieties, too. Cuts all hair varieties Designed for all-around fading Precision engineered, hardened Japanese steel blades Lithium-ion technology Sizes 1- 8 comb attachments 5-Detent Taper Control Long-Life Ball Bearing DC Motor – 6500 RPM Gold Titanium Wedge Blade (Replacement blade FX603G) Lithium Ion Battery, 120 min run time LED Low Battery Indicator Ergonomic Grip Housing Cord/Cordless Limited 2-year warranty
WAHL PROFESSIONAL cordless Designer $159.99
Wahl cordless Designer Cut the cord with the Wahl Cordless Designer clipper! Designed for professional use in the barbershop and salon, the Cordless Designer is equipped with a powerful rotary motor to cut through hair wet or dry. Ergonomically designed with the busy artist in mind, this lightweight clipper (10.2oz!) fits secure in the palm of your hand. The Cordless Designer is powered by a lithium-ion battery and has a 100 minute run time. Cord/cordless convenience allows the user to plug in their tool and use with a cord if charge is low. Feel untethered freedom of one of the best cordless clippers in the industry!Features & Benefits Lithium-Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper 90+ minute run time 1005 Standard Blade Fits All Wahl Guards Lightweight with Sleek Ergonomic Design Equipped With Taper Lever For Easy Fading and Blending   Specifications MOTOR: Cord/cordless lithium ion UNIT WEIGHT: 10.2 oz. UNIT LENGTH: 6.25" BLADE: 1005, also fits 1005-100, 1026-001 BATTERY: Lithium-ion ACCESSORIES: 8 attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, & red blade guard 120V-60HZ Model 8591
BABYLISS PRO SnapFX Clipper FX890 $399.00
BabylissPRO SnapFX Clipper FX890  Introducing the new BaBylissPRO® SNAPFX, a revolutionary cordless hair cutting tool that gives you the power of unlimited runtime. With its patent-pending, industry-first dual battery system, you can effortlessly snap in and snap out high-capacity battery cartridges while you work. This means you can charge one cartridge while using the other, enabling you to cut for as long as you want, client after client. The BaBylissPRO® SNAPFX is a game-changer for stylists, barbers, and anyone who needs a reliable and powerful hair cutting tool. Its cordless design allows for maximum flexibility, and the dual battery system ensures that you never have to stop your work mid-cut due to a dead battery. This new BaBylissPRO® SNAPFX is the revolutionary power system that keeps going as long as you do. It provides you with the freedom to move around the salon and client's home, it is also easy to clean and maintain. With its powerful motor, you can be sure that the BaBylissPRO® SNAPFX will deliver precise, smooth, and effortless cuts every time. Features NEW Higher Speed, Higher Torque Brushless Motor – 6800 RPM NEW DLC Fade Blade (Replacement blade FX8010D) NEW Diamond-Textured Rubber Handle NEW Over 2-Hour Runtime 5-Detent Taper Control All-Metal Housing Cord/cordless & Dual Voltage Detent Hanging Hook Includes 8 Comb Attachments Limited 2-year warranty


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