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L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL_Serioxyl Denser Hair 90ml_Cosmetic World
L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Serioxyl Denser Hair 90ml $64.99
L'Oreal Serioxyl Denser Hair –  Daily scalp solution for denser looking hair. Innovative treatment serum stimulates your scalp and hair growth. Visible results as soon as 3 weeks. With persistent daily use in a 3 month treatment, denser hair with 1,600+ more hair at the end. Clinically tested and proven to effectively densify thin hair. Resveratrol formula protects and strengthens hair fibre. Grow and protect your hair from further damage. Key Benefits Daily densifying treatment Stimulate hair growth 3 month treatment for visible improvement Clinically proven Desnify, protect, strengthen. All in one. Directions Divide hair into 4 equal sections Apply 1 pipette to the scalp evenly throughout each section Massage products into the scalp Leave in until dry **Do not rinse**
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L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL_Serioxyl Advanced Denser Hair Serum 90ml / 3.04oz_Cosmetic World
L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Serioxyl Advanced Denser Hair Serum 90ml / 3.04oz $64.99
L'Oreal Serioxyl Advanced Density Activator Daily scalp solution for denser looking hair. Innovative treatment serum stimulates your scalp and hair growth. Visible results as soon as 3 weeks. With persistent daily use in a 3 month treatment, denser hair with 1,600+ more hair at the end. Clinically tested and proven to effectively densify thin hair. Resveratrol formula protects and strengthens hair fibre. Grow and protect your hair from further damage. Key Benefits Daily densifying treatment Stimulate hair growth 3 month treatment for visible improvement Clinically proven Densify, protect, strengthen. All in one. Directions Divide hair into 4 equal sections Apply 1 pipette to the scalp evenly throughout each section Massage products into the scalp Leave in until dry **Do not rinse**
KEVIN MURPHY_THICK.AGAIN Leave-In Thickening Treatment 100ml/3.4 oz._Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY THICK.AGAIN Leave-In Thickening Treatment 100ml/3.4 oz. $64.99
Kevin Murphy THICK.AGAIN Leave-In Thickening Treatment Boost Your Confidence If you desire thicker, fuller, and more luscious locks, THICK.AGAIN is here to deliver that extra oomph your hair craves. Specifically crafted for men with fine or thinning hair, this leave-in treatment is enriched with essential ingredients that work wonders to thicken your hair and prevent breakage. Infused with antioxidant-rich and nourishing ingredients, THICK.AGAIN strengthens and fortifies your hair from root to tip, effectively reducing breakage for healthier, more resilient strands. Benefits You'll Love: Strengthens and Fortifies: THICK.AGAIN is your ally in promoting stronger and fortified hair. It penetrates deep, nourishing your hair to its core, resulting in increased resilience and reduced vulnerability to breakage. Amplifies Thickness: Experience a significant boost in hair thickness, resulting in increased body and bounce that will have you feeling more confident than ever. Enhances Scalp Microcirculation: By enhancing microcirculation to the scalp, this treatment creates an optimal environment for healthy hair growth and revitalization. Heat Protection: Safeguard your hair from heat styling damage with THICK.AGAIN. It offers reliable heat protection up to 420°F / 216°C, ensuring your hair stays healthy and protected. Ideal for All Hair Types: No matter your hair type, THICK.AGAIN is specially formulated to suit everyone's needs. It's particularly beneficial for those with fine, aging, or thinning hair, providing targeted care for your unique concerns. Free From Harmful Chemicals: KEVIN.MURPHY products are safe for both your hair and the environment. Rest assured, THICK.AGAIN is sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free. Kevin’s Tip: ''It’s inevitable that over time hair will start to thin! To help the guys combat thinning hair, we looked to our highly-successful women’s product BODY.MASS with its scientifically proven eyelash plumping technology, and created a product exclusively engineered for men, but with all the same body-building benefits. THICK.AGAIN delivers thicker, fuller-looking hair, and thanks to its powerhouse of strengthening ingredients, will help improve micro-circulation to the scalp. To receive the full benefits of STIMULATE-ME and THICK.AGAIN, use the trio for 14 days, and your hair will look and feel transformed…in fact, it will be THICK AGAIN.'' Check out Kevin Murphy STIMULATE-ME.WASH Stimulating and Refreshing Shampoo Check out Kevin Murphy STIMULATE-ME.RINSE Stimulating and Refreshing Conditioner
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NIOXIN_Nioxin 2 Starter Kit - Natural Hair Progressed thinning_Cosmetic World
NIOXIN Nioxin 2 Starter Kit - Natural Hair Progressed thinning $44.99
Nioxin System 2 Starter Kit Nioxin System 2 Cleanser helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, and environmental residues from the scalp and hair. Cleanses to provide thicker-looking hair. Derma-purifying shampoo with ACTIV-RENEWAL technology that helps to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from scalp and hair. For complete derma, density and diameter results us 3 part system.  For natural hair, progressed thinning. Nioxin System 2 Scalp Therapy is a lightweight conditioner that helps provide hair resilience and moisture balance control for normal to thin-looking hair. Density-protexting conditioner with BIOAMP technology that helps to provide hair resilience and control moisture balance. For complete derma, density and diameter results use 3-part system. Nioxin System 2 Scalp Treatment for noticeably thinning, fine natural hair, a volumizing leave-on treatment containing antioxidants and botanicals providing a refreshed scalp environment. With SPF 15 sunscreen, helps protect the exposed scalp from the sun. For natural hair, progressed thinning HOW TO USE Apply shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage into scalp and hair. Lather for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly. After cleansing, distribute conditioner onto scalp and throughout the hair. Leave on 1-3 minutes. Rinse well. We recommend not using hot water when washing
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RENE FURTERER_Triphasic Progressive Thinning hair ritual concentrated serum_Cosmetic World
RENE FURTERER Triphasic Progressive Thinning hair ritual concentrated serum $154.99
N°1 FOR ANTI-HAIR LOSS IN FRANCE*To fight against hair loss and extend the life of the hair, Triphasic Progressive is incomparable. This ritual acts directly in the heart of the follicular papilla to slow down hair loss and preserve the hair capital by targeting each factor responsible for progressive, hereditary and hormonal hair loss.   Features: QuintilesIMS - Pharmatrend - market for cosmetic anti hair loss treatments, excluding oral supplements, in pharmacies, in France - year 2016 - in value""Indication: Progressive thinning hair from hormonal or hereditary origin. New: Triphasic Progressive addresses the 3 factors responsible for progressive thinning hair. This complete action formula helps preserve existing hair and visibly redensifies thin, sparse hair. Innovative ingredient: Biotrinine, botanical complex, plays a specific role at each phase of a hair's life cycle**. Development phase: Biotrinine provides nutrients to support natural hair growth. Growth phase: 1-ATP, an essential source of energy, helps to strengthen the hair follicles. Its activity helps boots Biotrinine's action (patent pending), for strong and healthy looking hair**. 2-Natural Pfaffia extract, combined with the massaging action of essential oils of orange and lavender, helps to maximize the supply of nutrients and energy to the scalp. Maturing phase: 1-Curbicia extract, combined with Biotrinine, helps to remove excess oils which can be harmful to the hair bulb. 2-Licorice extract soothes the scalp surrounding the hair bulb** creating a healthy environment for hair growth and the HMC*** prevents stiffening of the fibers** surrounding the hair follicle. this creates an environment that promotes strong hair growth. Results: From the first month, the hair's density increases, leaving it healthier and full of volume. Facts: In a 3-month clinical study with 112 participants, 97% indicated positive results.Tested in vitro.Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Citrus aurantium derivative.Limits hair loss: 88%*More resilient hair: 90%*Denser hair: 82%*Non-greasy: 82%*% satisfaction. Consumer test conducted during 3 months on 112 men. Directions: Apply twice a week Before applying, shampoo with Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo and towel dry. Prepare one bottle for use (see directions on inside of carton) and apply the entire contents of one bottle, section by section, to clean and moist scalp. Massage in. Do not rinse hair after application. Rinse reusable applicator tip after application. **Suitable for Sensitive scalps.   [Custom Product Tab] WATER (AQUA). ALCOHOL (ALCOHOL DENAT). C9-12 ALKANE. GLYCERIN. COCO-CAPRYLATE/CAPRATE. BHT. CITRAL. CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS (ORANGE) OIL (CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS OIL). CUCURBITA PEPO (PUMPKIN) SEED OIL (CUCURBITA PEPO SEED OIL). CYCLODEXTRIN. DISODIUM ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE. GREEN 3 (CI 42053). HESPERIDIN METHYL CHALCONE. LACTOSE. LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA (LAVENDER) OIL (LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA OIL). LAVANDULA HYBRIDA OIL.LIMONENE. LINALOOL. NASTURTIUM OFFICINALE EXTRACT. NIACINAMIDE. PFAFFIA PANICULATA ROOT EXTRACT. PYRIDOXINE HCL. SILICA. SODIUM COCOYL GLUTAMATE. SORBIC ACID. STEARYL GLYCYRRHETINATE. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE. TROPAEOLUM MAJUS EXTRACT. YELLOW 11 (CI 47000). YELLOW 5 (CI 19140). [/Custom Product Tab]
RENE FURTERER_Complexe 5 Energizing Plant Concentrate 50ml / 1.6oz_Cosmetic World
RENE FURTERER Complexe 5 Energizing Plant Concentrate $59.99
Rene Furterer Complexe 5 Energizing Plant Concentrate 50ml / 1.6oz Rene Furterer Complexe 5 is the essential first step for optimal scalp and hair health, this pre-shampoo warming concentrate formulated with orange and lavender essential oils deeply cleanses and purifies the scalp helping to restore balance to the scalp while revealing naturally beautiful hair from roots to ends. This premium glass bottle delivers precise dosage for application and features an exclusive targeted scalp massager tip to help increase microcirculation and boost the penetration of active ingredients for complementary Rene Furterer products Benefits & Features Pre-shampoo treatment detoxes the scalp to improve overall hair health Cleanses, purifies and energizes the scalp while removing impurities without stripping the hair Orange essential oil provides soothing, invigorating and purifying benefits Lavender essential oil gently cleanses The essential first step to any René Furterer Thinning Hair Ritual Features an exclusive targeted scalp massager tip to help increase microcirculation Premium glass bottle delivers precise dosage for application Silicone-free Paraben-free Directions Apply section by section, once or twice a week over the whole scalp Massage and leave in for 5 to 10 minutes Shampoo twice May cause a warm sensation on the scalp. Do not use on a sensitive scalp. Avoid use for 2 days before and 2 days after in-salon chemical services. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.
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NIOXIN_Follicle Booster 30ml_Cosmetic World
NIOXIN Follicle Booster 30ml from $19.99 $40.00
Nioxin Follicle Booster Follicle Booster with Scalp Respiratory Complex (S.R.C.) is intended for excessively thin-looking hair and low density hair lines. Formulated with vitamins. Energizes and provides moisturizing nourishment for the scalp. Helps to create an optimal scalp environment. It protect against DHT and the drying effects of the sun. Contains antioxidants and helps repair damage caused by the environment.
NIOXIN_Nioxin 2 Scalp & Hair Treatment_Cosmetic World
NIOXIN Nioxin 2 Scalp & Hair Treatment from $19.99
Nioxin System 2 Scalp Treatment Nioxin System 2 Scalp Treatment is your go-to solution for noticeably thinning, fine natural hair. This volumizing leave-on treatment is packed with antioxidants and botanicals, creating a refreshed scalp environment that promotes hair health. With added SPF 15 sunscreen, it also offers protection for your scalp from the sun's harmful rays. Benefits & Features Scalp Access Delivery System: Formulated with vitamins, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen, and purifying agents, this system helps to clean away follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residues while providing sun protection for your scalp. BioAMP Technology: Enriched with cystine amino acids and lightweight conditioning and treatment ingredients, BioAMP helps to thicken each hair strand, reducing hair loss and strengthening against damage and breakage. Activ-Renewal: Infused with white tea extract, peppermint oil, and cleansing agents, Activ-Renewal helps to cleanse the scalp, providing a refreshed environment and healthy shine to natural hair. Revitalize Your Scalp for Thicker, Healthier Hair Nioxin System 2 Scalp Treatment stands out due to its comprehensive approach to scalp health and hair rejuvenation. Unlike other treatments, it combines advanced technologies with natural botanicals to address the root causes of thinning hair, offering a unique blend of protection, nourishment, and revitalization. Struggling With Thinning Hair Or a Lackluster Scalp The Nioxin System 2 Scalp Treatment provides a targeted solution. Promoting a healthier scalp environment and strengthening hair from the roots, it helps to combat thinning and enhance the appearance of natural hair. With regular use, users can expect to see thicker, fuller hair and a revitalized scalp. Specifications Size: 40ml / 1.35oz, 100ml / 3.38oz and 200ml / 6.76oz Hair Type: Noticeably thinning, fine natural hair Key Ingredients: Antioxidants, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen, cystine amino acids, white tea extract, peppermint oil Usage: Apply directly to entire scalp, massage gently, do not rinse, use daily Potential Side Effect: May cause temporary redness to the scalp after application Ready to say goodbye to thinning hair and hello to a revitalized scalp? Try Nioxin System 2 Scalp Treatment today and experience the difference for yourself! Click below to purchase and unlock the secret to healthier, thicker hair.
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NIOXIN_Intensive Therapy Night Density Rescue with Nioxydine 2.4oz_Cosmetic World
NIOXIN Intensive Therapy Night Density Rescue with Nioxydine 2.4oz $39.99
Intensive Therapy Night Density Rescue with Nioxydine 2.4oz Revitalize Your Hair While You Sleep! Experience a revolutionary overnight treatment that transforms your hair from lackluster to lush. The Nioxin Night Density Rescue Treatment is your secret weapon for promoting hair thickness and vitality. Benefits: Say Goodbye to Hair Fall: This leave-on night-time scalp treatment is designed to significantly reduce hair fall, giving you the confidence of fuller, denser locks. Powerful Antioxidant Blend: Infused with a potent blend of antioxidants, it combats scalp oxidation, a leading cause of hair loss. Watch as your hair regains its strength and resilience. Clinically Proven Results: In conjunction with the Nioxin 3 Step System Kit, an astounding 81% of users reported hair that felt stronger, looked thicker, and was more manageable day after day. Your journey to luscious locks starts here!* How it Works: While you sleep, the Nioxydine formula works tirelessly, replenishing and fortifying your scalp. Wake up to hair that not only looks healthier but feels it too. Say hello to a newfound confidence in every strand. Elevate your hair game with the Nioxin Night Density Rescue Treatment. Experience the transformation for yourself! Don't miss out - Act now and wake up to the hair you've always dreamed of.
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ZENAGEN_Thickening Hair Serum_Cosmetic World
ZENAGEN Thickening Hair Serum $48.99
Zenagen Thickening Hair Serum  The Zen Restorative Complex utilizes the natural healing power of plants to create a blend of non-toxic, natural ingredients that work to neutralize free radicals and offer a wide array of health benefits. This powerful anti-aging hair serum soothes scalp inflammation and targets hair loss at the source to grow thicker, fuller hair.  When plant-based ingredients are harvested from plants, typically most of the potency is compromised during the process, and the effectiveness of the product is weakened. Adaptipure ingredients are extracted using a high-quality, cold-pressed system resulting in the ingredients being in the top 1% for potency, quality and effectiveness. Our hair serum is formulated exclusively with 100% adaptipure ingredients and is clinically proven to help stimulate faster and denser hair growth within 3 months.  This is a lightweight, residue-free serum with a smooth-watery consistency. When applied, the serum is quick to dry and will absorb into the skin without leaving behind an oily or greasy residue. Directions Fill dropper and apply directly to the scalp, focusing on areas of concern and the hair part. Massage into the scalp. Use on dry or towel-dried hair once per day, morning or night. Do not rinse. Apply daily for best results. 
NIOXIN_Nioxin 4 Scalp and Hair Treatment_Cosmetic World
NIOXIN Nioxin 4 Scalp and Hair Treatment from $19.99
Nioxin System 4 Scalp & Hair Treatment Nioxin System 4 Scalp & Hair Treatment, noticeably thinning, fine chemically treated hair. Volumizing leave-on treatment with antioxidants & botanicals, provides a refreshed scalp environment. SPF 15 sunscreen to help protect the exposed scalp from the sun. Technologies Scalp Access Delivery System with vitamins, botanicals, SPF 15 sunscreen, and purifying agents to help clean away follicle-clogging sebum and environmental residues from the scalp, while helping provide sun protection for the scalp. BioAMP with cystine amino acids, and lightweight conditioning and treatment ingredients; helps provide thicker-looking hair by increasing the fullness of each hair strand, and reducing hair loss through strengthening against damage and breakage. Glyco-Shield for chemically-treated hair and scalp with white tea extract, humectants, peppermint oil, and protective conditioning agents that deliver a dual shield technology to help provide protection and moisture balance to color-treated hair, while leaving the scalp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Directions Apply directly to entire scalp. Gently massage into scalp. Do not rinse. Use daily. May cause temporary redness to scalp after application.
KEVIN MURPHY_BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender $49.99
Kevin Murphy BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender  Your Frizz-Free Glamour 150ml / 5.1oz Unleash the power of voluminous, envy-worthy hair with KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.THICKEN, the ultimate thickening heat-activated style extender. Activated by the gentle warmth of your blow dryer, this weightless spray boasts the prowess of Long Chain Polymers and a volumizing Cotton Sprout Complex, instantly amping up your hair's thickness and fullness. Say hello to a long-lasting, frizz-free finish that embodies sophistication and charm. Benefits You'll Love: Anti-Frizz: Tame unruly strands and enjoy a sleek, smooth finish that exudes elegance. Humidity Resistant: Defend your style against humidity's relentless grasp, maintaining your flawless look. Creates Thickness: Elevate your hair's thickness factor with EVER.THICKEN powerful volumizing complex. Style Extender: Enjoy a longer-lasting blowout that keeps you chic and confident throughout the day. Sulphate, Paraben, Cruelty Free: Embrace a haircare solution that puts your hair's health and beauty first. Kevin’s Tip: ''It’s the long Chain Polymers and Cotton Sprout Complex that helps EVER.THICKEN create thicker fuller hair, that lasts. As with all of the EVERS it helps to lock out humidity to seal in a longer lasting blow dry, pair with our EVER.THICKEN signature dry to lock in the style with heat.''
KEVIN MURPHY_ANGEL.MASQUE Strengthening & Thickening Masque_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY ANGEL.MASQUE Strengthening & Thickening Masque from $59.99
Kevin Murphy ANGEL.MASQUE Strengthening & Thickening Masque Ultimate Care for Fine Coloured Hair This heavenly masque is an at-home treatment designed to revive fine, coloured hair, providing deep conditioning, strength, and essential repair. Say goodbye to damaged, fragile locks as ANGEL.MASQUE works its magic, leaving your hair visibly healthier, shinier, and thicker. Packed with nourishing ingredients, this intensive treatment protects against future damage, prevents breakage, and repairs split ends. Features & Benefits Much-Needed Salvation: Answer your hair's prayers with ANGEL.MASQUE. It rescues fine, colour-treated, and damaged hair, infusing it with strength and vitality. Intensive Repair: Essential Amino Acids deeply repair and protect against damage, ensuring your hair's health is restored from within. Antioxidant-Rich Nourishment: Bamboo Extract offers antioxidant-rich nourishment, providing strength and protection for your precious tresses. Volume & Shine Boost: Sacred Lotus Flower Extract adds volume and shine, allowing your hair to exude confidence and radiance. Colour-Safe & Gentle: ANGEL.MASQUE is gentle enough for all hair types and colour-safe, catering to diverse needs without compromising on results. Eco-Conscious Beauty: ANGEL.MASQUE is sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free. Kevin’s Tip: ''Used together as part of our VOLUME regimen, ANGEL.WASH, RINSE AND MASQUE are your go-to team of gentle, yet highly effective saviours for stressed-out, flat or fine hair. Damage happens easily – from over-processing, colour changes and daily heat styling – and sometimes you just need to give your hair a break by strengthening it with the essential goodness of our VOLUME regimen. It will restore volume and fullness to the hair in no time. If you need intensive care and repair, alternate your RINSE with the ANGEL.MASQUE for an intensive conditioning treatment that’s designed to provide optimal conditioning and restorative benefits.'' Check out Kevin Murphy ANGEL.RINSE Restorative Conditioner For Fine Coloured Hair Check out Kevin Murphy ANGEL.WASH Restorative Shampoo For Fine Coloured Hair
NIOXIN_Diamax Advanced Hair Thickening Treatment_Cosmetic World
NIOXIN Diamax Advanced Hair Thickening Treatment $44.99
Nioxin Diamax Advanced Hair Thickening Treatment 3.4oz Nioxin Diamax Advanced Xtrafusion Treatment increases the hair thickness of each strand, leaving the hair instantly fuller-looking. With just one use, the hair becomes more manageable, fuller, and noticeably thicker. Using HTX technology that contains ingredients like caffeine and niacinamide. Diamax Advanced contains 25% more active ingredients than Diamax to thicken the hair at the roots, whilst also protecting against breakage. Try this treatment, or any of our other hair-thickening products daily with your 3-Part Nioxin System Kit.  Benefits Diameter boosting & hair breakage protection, for thicker, fuller hair. Boost your existing hair diameter instantly. Penetrates hair and makes it fuller and more manageable. Thicken existing hair at the roots. Protects hair against breakage, allowing it to grow longer* (*with daily use). Hair thickening treatment for thinning hair. Compliment your Nioxin Night Density Rescue with 3-part Nioxin System Kits and other hair thickening products. Nioxin is the No.1 Salon Brand for thicker and fuller hair, with more than 30 years expertise in thinning hair. Directions Apply evenly throughout the scalp. Massage gently at the roots and comb through. Do not rinse off. For exceptional results use daily on wet or dry hair.
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L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL_Serioxyl Intra-cylane Thicker hair 90ml_Cosmetic World
L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL Serioxyl Intra-cylane Thicker hair 90ml $47.99
Serioxyl Intra-cylane Thicker hair serum L'Oréal Professionnel Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum is part of L’Oreal’s thickening range that helps hair look denser and thicker. Helping to improve the look and feel of the fibre density of the hair, this range is ideal for use on fine and noticeably thinning hair. This hair serum is enriched with the formula Intra-Cylane, which helps give thinning hair an instant thickening effect. Results can be noticeable within hours. Benefits:-  Improves fibre density of hair-  Instant thickening effects-  Hair appears denser and thicker-  Results can be noticeable within hoursHow To Use:-  Wash and towel dry hair-  Apply L'Oréal Professionel Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum 90ml to the lengths and ends- Dry and style as usual


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