DURI Rejuvacote 0.61 oz - Cosmetic World
DURI Rejuvacote 0.61 oz $19.99
Duri Rejuvacote We discovered this nail treatment years ago in NYC.  We discovered that it works to extend the life of a manicure, while warding off dryness and encouraging strong, healthy nail growth. The intensive strengthening formula contains keratin and calcium to mend split, weak, brittle, peeling and cracked nails. The proprietary ingredients work with the body’s natural chemistry to stimulate nail growth, leaving nails more flexible and pliable with added protection against breakage and damage.   -Only 2 3 weeks to see dramatic improvement
SUPERNAIL Nail Polish Thinner - Cosmetic World
SUPERNAIL Nail Polish Thinner $9.99
SuperNail Nail Polish Thinner Unlock the Secret to Effortless Nail Elegance Are you tired of struggling with thickened nail polish that just won't glide on smoothly? The SuperNail Nail Polish Thinner is here to rescue your nail polish woes. Specially designed to restore your nail polish to its original velvety consistency, this product guarantees a seamless application every time. Crafted with precision for nail technicians and professional salons, the SuperNail Nail Polish Thinner is an essential tool in your beauty arsenal. Say goodbye to clumps, streaks, and uneven coats that can tarnish the perfection of your nail art. With just a few drops of this miraculous thinner, watch as your nail polish transforms into a dreamy texture that effortlessly coats your clients' nails. Why choose SuperNail Nail Polish Thinner? Smoother Application: Bid farewell to the frustration of uneven application. SuperNail thinner ensures your nail polish glides on like silk, giving your clients a flawless finish that speaks of professionalism. Professional-Grade: Crafted to meet the high standards of nail technicians and salons, this product guarantees salon-quality results. Impress your clients with manicures that showcase your skill and attention to detail. Time-Saving: Don't let thickened nail polish eat into your precious time. A few drops of SuperNail nail polish thinner can bring your polish back to life, saving you valuable moments during your nail sessions. Versatile: Compatible with a wide range of nail polish brands, the SuperNail Nail Polish Thinner is your go-to solution, no matter your preferred product. Keep your collection of colors vibrant and ready to use at any moment. Economical: Don't let dried-out nail polish force you to discard your favorites. With SuperNail, you can extend the life of your nail polish collection, saving you money in the long run. Join the ranks of satisfied nail technicians who have experienced the magic of the SuperNail Nail Polish Thinner. Elevate your nail art game and create manicures that leave a lasting impression. Embrace smooth, even, and impeccable nail application – order your SuperNail Nail Polish Thinner today and unlock a new level of nail perfection!
DASHING DIVA Top Seal - Cosmetic World
DASHING DIVA Top Seal $9.99
Dashing Diva Top Seal 14 ml / 05 oz. Achieve gorgeous nails in less than 3 minutes with Top Seal! Its specially-formulated accelerant and protective top coat smooth away uneven applications and lend a stunning, high-gloss shine. Plus, its free from formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP - safe, beautiful finish!  


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