Roots of Resilience

The Moon's in 1967 from South Korea to Coanada

In the winter of 1967, newly-arrived immigrants Mr. and Mrs. Moon carried with them, all the way from South Korea to Toronto, not only their hopes and dreams but also their entrepreneurial spirit. The burgeoning beauty landscape of their native land had gifted them a business idea, one they believed could bloom in the soils of their newfound home. Thus began their journey, with the birth of their first enterprise, importing beauty essentials from South Korea.

Early Trials

Munja and David 1973

The onset was not without tribulation. The business climate of Canada, significantly different from their homeland, posed daunting challenges. Their journey embarked from a humble store nestled in the humble streets of Cabbagetown, a locale not heavily populated with Koreans. The demand for their offerings was a mere trickle, turning profits into a far-off mirage. The Moons, however, clung to their guiding principles: honesty, diligence, and offering sound value to their patrons.

Growth Through Grit

Years passed by, each adding layers of strength and resolve to their venture. Their focus was unflinching – to provide high-quality, affordable Korean beauty products to Toronto's residents. Slowly but surely, word spread about the small beauty supply shop that offered stellar products and unmatched value for money. Their relentless hard work began to bear fruit, and they managed to relocate to a prime location in the bustling Yonge and Bloor area, right at the heart of Toronto's retail universe.

Epitome of Success

Mr. and Mrs. Moon's commitment to their beliefs started to resonate within the community. The increasing appreciation for Korean beauty products and the Moon's insistence on honest business practices helped them win the trust of their patrons. Their philosophy remained simple - "work hard, provide excellent value, and everything else will follow". This became the guiding beacon for the family-owned business.

A Living Legacy

As they mark their 56th year in business, the Moon family continues to prosper and expand, staying true to their roots and ethos. What started as a seed of a dream in the frigid winter of 1967 has blossomed into a thriving beauty enterprise that serves not just the Korean community but all who appreciate quality and value. The Moons' legacy serves as a testament to their resilience and the enduring power of belief in one's principles and hard work. Their story continues to inspire and light the path for future generations of entrepreneurs.


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