COSMETIC WORLD Professional Hair Tint Brush 5.5cm wide $1.99
Professional Hair Color Brush Designed for hair coloring, retouching, painting, balayage and blending techniques. We consulted with industry leading hair stylists to manufacture our high performance tools. This hair color application brush was created for precision, easy maneuvering, exact application, durability and great value. Individually wrapped for sanitary protection. Hair color brush and bowl sets are also available for professional use. Our tools are designed to help you create the perfect style with ease. Features and benefits The bristles are tapered and feathered for superior color application. The textured handles enable superior grip, precise angle coloring, and easy maneuvering. The contoured handle design tapers from 5.5cm to 0.3cm for maximum comfort, whether you hold it in your right or left hand. The brush weighs approximately 22.6 grams. It is perfectly balanced in your hand with an ideal placement of the "sweet spot" close to the countour of the handle. The soft, flexible and chemical-resistant hair color brush is made of low density polyethylene. Weight: 22.6 grams. Dimensions: the brush measures 22.5cm/8.85" long, and the contoured handle tapers from 5.5cm/2.16" to 0.3cm/0.11". The bristles measure approximately 5cm/1.96" wide and 3cm/1.18" long. Where to buy hair color brush? We offer the best quality hair color brushes at an affordable price. They are easy to use and durable, perfect for both professionals and beginners. Shop with us and get the best value for your money. Check also other cosmetic supplies and enjoy fast shipping when you shop with us. Our customer service team is always ready to help with your questions and concerns. Try our products now and experience the best hair coloring experience.
COSMETIC WORLD Hair Color Tool Set 10pcs $12.99
Cosmetic World Professional Hair Color Tool Set  All-in-one hair coloring tool set. Includes all the essential tools for a perfect hair coloring experience. Allows for precise and accurate application of dye on the hair. Ideal for both professionals and home users. Hair color set includes 10 pieces of essential hair color tools ready to use: Professional wide color hair brush for dye application, retouching, highlighting and balayage techniques. Durable dark grey color mixing bowl with measurement scales. Measuring cup with ounce and millimeter scales. A pair of disposable gloves 6 professional alligator hair clips  This hair color tool kit would be an excellent choice if you want to refresh your hairstyle. Use a color mixing bowl, a cup and a tint brush for dye and bleach application. Gloves protect your hands. And what color tool is used to comb and part the hair? Alligator clips of course! Set content Tint brush (large) x 1 Mixing bowl x 1 Measuring cup x 1 Clear vinyl gloves x 2 Alligator clips x 6
MOON COLLECTION Hair Color Tool Set 19pcs $12.99
Hair Color Tool Set Contains everything you need to dye your hair. With 19 pieces of hair color tools and a clear travel bag, this color kit gets you ready for dyeing wherever you are. All the tools you need for a great hair coloring experience in one place. Allows for precise and accurate dye application. A great choice for professionals and home users alike. Easy to use and clean, this hair dye kit is sure to meet all your hair coloring needs. The bag is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for travel. Durable and reliable, it is an excellent choice for both professional and home use. Features & Benefits All-in-one hair coloring tool set Include 19 pieces of essential coloring tools ready to use Color mixing bowl and durable dark grey tint brush will give you perfect dyeing results Reusable and environmental Set content Tint brush (small) x 2 Tint brush (large) x 2 Mixing bowl x 2 Ear protective piece x4 Black vinyl gloves x 2 Headband x 2 Jaw clips x 4 Transparent travel bag x 1
BABYLISSPRO Babyliss Silicone Tint brushes 3 pieces $12.99
Babyliss Silicone Tint brushes Features & Benefits Firm yet flexible brush heads for fast and precise color application with less waste compared to traditional bristles Can also be used to apply relaxers & hair treatments, and as a mixing tool Pointed handle with convenient sectioning tip Easy to clean and reuse 3 DIFFERENT SHAPES for various uses including detail or color blocking and bleach work, or easy root color application: Narrow Wide, sawcut straight, Narrow angled
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SCHWARZKOPF Balayage applicator brush $6.99 $15.00
The Schwarzkopf Balayage applicator brush is a specialized brush designed for applying hair color to hair. Apply hair color with precision. The Applicator Brush allows you to control where you want to apply the color for smooth and even distribution for professional results. This tool makes highlighting and selective hair coloring easier then ever. Whether you are dying all of your hair or doing multiple colors or shades in complex patterns this brush gives you the control you need to get the job done. Made in Germany.
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BEAUMAX Small Tint Brush Black 21cm long, 3.5cm wide $1.99
Professional small tint brush made with durable black, plastic nylon. 21cm long, 3.5 cm wide
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REDKEN Pink Tint brush $8.99
Redken 5th Ave NYC signature line Tint Brush are a salon essential for accurate and complete application of haircolor. Redken Tint brush to accurately and completely apply Redken haircolor such as Shades EQ, Chromatics, Color Fusion, Flashlift bleach, Color Gels, Pro-Oxide, Chromatics oil in cream developer. Visit our superstore to consult with our true to colour Redken colour swatch books. Features & Benefits Long tapered handle for easy application Durable plastic nylon Approximate weight 16 grams Approximate width  5 cm Approximate length 21 cm
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REDKEN Extra-Wide Colour / Tint brush $10.99
Redken extra-wide colour application brush. Made for use with all Redken haircolour products.


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