LIQUID KERATIN PROFESSIONAL 60 day straighter, smoother & longer treatment 120ml $74.99
Having revolutionized the home keratin treatment category, Liquid Keratin is excited to be launch a new and improved home treatment - New and improved 60 Day Straighter Smoother Stronger and Longer Treatment provides better and longer lasting results while being formaldehyde and aldehyde free.The new and improved Liquid Keratin at home treatment will be the first retail treatment with the ability to last 60 days and beyond. The exclusive new formaldehyde and aldehyde free smoothing system loosens curl, smoothes and softens hair, and eliminates frizz while repairing damage caused by other chemical processes. Liquid Keratin’s 60 Day Straighter Smoother Stronger and Longer Treatment leaves hair looking and feeling healthier than ever before. Treatment is washed out immediately, so no more waiting 48 - 72 hours! Typical results last 2 – 3 months. Liquid Keratin is a progressive treatment with results improving with continued use.One 4.2oz bottle of Liquid Keratin Treatment can be used for 1-2 applications averagely. One application can last up to 60 days. The results are very close to the professional treatments being used in salons. Features First safe, at home alternative to expensive salon treatments Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free Thio Free, Sodium Hydroxide Free, Guanidine Free, Scent Free, Urea Free Straightens and smoothes hair Penetrates hair to enhance strength and elasticity and revitalizes dry, damaged, frizzy, and hard to manage hair Enhances shine Nourishes and conditions hair to restore vibrancy and manageability Reduces volume and enhance luster for vibrant healthy hair Treatment is washed out immediately Results last 2 - 3 months
MACPAUL PROFESSIONAL Professional Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment from $79.99
Macpaul Professional Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment Macpaul Professional Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment - The thermal activated volume reducer which gradually straightens the hair for much longer. Macpaul Professional Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment prevents hair from fading and yellowing with a repairing action and hair cuticle sealing.Macpaul Professional Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment contains exclusive technology that combines a blend of amino acids with shine and hydration agents. Macpaul Professional Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment blends molecules and the heat of the flat iron are responsible for fixing the active ingredients into the hair. Macpaul Professional Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment realigns the cuticles, making the hair smooth reflecting light and shine. BENEFITS One-step product that offers up to three different in-salon services. Prevents yellowing and fading of the hair. 100% Formaldehyde-free. Easy to apply. Unbeatable shine. Results last for one to six months, depending on the service. High profitability. How to use? This step-by-step will guide the hairstylist to offer three different in-salon services. If hair is dirty and greasy, shampoo and dry the hair completely before starting the treatment Perform strand test before applying the product to check the hair resistance Apply the treatment on individual sections, leaving 1.4" (6mm) distance from the scalp Comb through to ensure even distribution Leave the product in for 60 minutes for thin and sensitive hair / 90 minutes for very curly, thick and resistant hair Rinse 70% of the product from the hair with water only For thick hair, rinse only 50% of the product for better result Blow-dry in small sections Flat iron around 15 times sections by sections Temperature should be set to 446°F / 230°C Strand test Choose a small section Perform all steps  Check for the results and any undesirable effect. STRAIGHT Process that realign the bonds in your hair shaft more permanently. Extended application time and heat is applied to restructure the bonds. Results last from 3 to 6 months. It reduces up to 4 levels of curl reduction. ​SMOOTHING Most people want a natural finish without their hair looking pin straight. A temporary treatment that locks your hair in a straight position. Results last from 1 to 3 months. It reduces up to 3 levels of curl reduction. FRIZZ REDUCTION Reducing up to 2 levels of curls, a smart solution for damaged, stringy hair and reducing frizz. Results last for a month. PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. The sale and use of this product is intended for licensed professionals only.  Cosmetic World will not be held responsible by anyone who buys and/or uses this product. Chemical products may cause allergic reactions, which in rare instances can be severe. Conduct sensitivity and allergic patch test 48 hours prior to each application. These products must not be used on eyelashes or eyebrows.
LIQUID KERATIN PROFESSIONAL Keratin Restorative Smoothing Treatment 976ml / 33oz $549.99
Liquid Keratin Keratin Restorative Smoothing Treatment Customizable, professional salon system, developed to promote hair straightening, smoothing, and relaxing waves, while repairing damage caused from other chemical processes.   Penetrate to the heart of hair fibre to provide more shine, conditioning, strength,  and resistance to hair fibres damaged by other chemical processes.   The only fragrance and scent free keratin treatment. Key features   Certified Formaldehyde and Aldehyde Free 
 Fragrance Free 
 No Burning  
 Smooths, straightens, loosens curls, or enhances wavy hair Penetrates hair to enhance strength and elasticity, and revitalizes dry, damaged, frizzy, and hard to manage hair
. Enhances shine as well as nourishes and conditions hair to restore vibrancy and manageability. Reduces excessive volume and enhances luster for vibrant healthy hair
 Treatment is washed out immediately after service. No waiting time. Hair can be colored the same day as service. Results last 10-16 weeks How to use? Cleanse hair well with Keratin Clarifying Shampoo Towel dry until slightly damp Apply treatment with gloves, from root to tip, starting from the nape of neck. Comb through from scalps to ends Apply just enough to coat hair but not oversaturating it Leave on for 10-20 minutes Dry hair with a blowdryer Flat iron at high heat (425°F-450°F) for around 4-7 passes Wait for 15 minutes Shampoo with Keratin De-frizz Shampoo and Keratin Deep De-frizz Conditioner Leave on for 3-5 minutes Rinse as usual
MINOA PROFESSIONAL Indian Fortifying Organic Protein 33.81oz. $199.00
Indian Health Source Power Invigorating Organic Protein Fortifying Organic Protein is an exclusive formula that combines Amla Oil, Tannin and Amazon essential oils. Provides restoration and elasticity, strength, softness and shine. It will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth.  
MINOA PROFESSIONAL Invigorating Organic Protein 33.81oz. $199.00
Collagen Healing Power Invigorating Organic Protein Invigorating Organic Protein is an exclusive formula that combines Collagen, Nanoliss, Para Brown Butter, Argan Oil, and Buriti Oil. Provides capillary reconstruction and elasticity, strength, softness and shine. It will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth.  


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