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TAKIGAWA - CREATE ION_Hair Remake Shampoo_Cosmetic World
TAKIGAWA - CREATE ION Hair Remake Shampoo $39.99 $60.00
Takigawa Create Ion Hair Remake Shampoo 500ml
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FRAMESI_Exfoliate Morphosis Hair Treatment line_Cosmetic World
FRAMESI Exfoliate Morphosis Hair Treatment line $9.99 $22.00
Framesi Exfoliate Morphosis Hair Treatment line 150ml / 5.1 oz Rejuvenate your scalp and revitalize your hair with the Framesi Exfoliate Morphosis Hair Treatment line. Designed for those seeking a holistic approach to hair and scalp health, this line offers a comprehensive solution to remove impurities and promote a clean, healthy scalp environment. Ideal for anyone dealing with dandruff, buildup, or an oily scalp, these treatments provide gentle yet effective exfoliation to restore balance and vitality to your hair and scalp. The Framesi Exfoliate Morphosis line features a blend of natural ingredients and advanced technology to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the scalp, removing dead skin cells and impurities. By promoting a healthier scalp, it encourages better hair growth and improves overall hair health. Experience a refreshing, clean sensation with each use, and enjoy hair that feels lighter, softer, and more manageable. KEY FEATURES Gentle Exfoliation: Removes dead skin cells and impurities, promoting a healthy scalp. Balances Scalp Oil: Helps regulate sebum production, reducing oiliness and buildup. Promotes Hair Health: Encourages better hair growth and improves overall hair vitality. Natural Ingredients: Enriched with botanical extracts to soothe and nourish the scalp. Refreshes and Revitalizes: Leaves scalp feeling clean, refreshed, and invigorated.
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FRAMESI_Refine Morphosis Hair Treatment line_Cosmetic World
FRAMESI Refine Morphosis Hair Treatment line $9.99 $22.00
Framesi Refine Morphosis Hair Treatment line 150ml / 5.1 oz Transform your hair with the Framesi Refine Morphosis Hair Treatment line, designed for those who seek exceptional hair care with a touch of luxury. This premium treatment line is perfect for individuals looking to address specific hair concerns, such as frizz, lack of shine, and overall manageability. With a focus on refining hair texture and enhancing natural beauty, Framesi Refine Morphosis delivers visible results that leave your hair looking and feeling its best. The Framesi Refine Morphosis line combines cutting-edge technology with nourishing ingredients to provide targeted solutions for a variety of hair types and concerns. Whether you’re dealing with dry, unruly hair or seeking to enhance your hair’s natural smoothness and shine, this treatment line offers the perfect balance of hydration, nourishment, and protection. Elevate your hair care routine with Framesi Refine Morphosis and enjoy salon-quality results at home. KEY FEATURES Smooths and Refines: Improves hair texture, reducing frizz and enhancing smoothness. Enhances Shine: Adds a radiant, glossy finish to your hair, making it look healthier and more vibrant. Deep Nourishment: Provides intense hydration and nourishment, leaving hair soft and manageable. Targeted Solutions: Addresses specific hair concerns, from dryness to lack of luster. Advanced Technology: Utilizes the latest in hair care innovation for maximum effectiveness.
JOICO_K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo_Cosmetic World
JOICO K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo $19.99
Joico K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo  Your knight in shining armor for distressed locks. A potent blend of Bio-Advanced Peptide and Quadramine complexes meticulously repairs and fortifies weakened strands. Crafted to combat thermal or chemical hair damage, it indulges your mane with Keratin Silicone complex and Vitamin E, quenching its thirst for nourishment and hydration. Embrace resilient, vibrant hair while reclaiming elasticity, strength, and luminosity. The Enchantment of K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo A dynamic formula featuring Bio-Advanced Peptide and Quadramine complexes Tailored to address thermal or chemical hair damage Infused with Keratin Silicone complex and Vitamin E for deep restoration Safeguards hair color integrity while enhancing resilience and shine Unraveling the Uniqueness Precision rejuvenation: Targets weakened strands with scientific precision Versatility at its peak: Suitable for all hair types, regardless of damage source Nourishing elixir: Enriched with Keratin Silicone complex and Vitamin E for profound hydration and revitalization Guardian of vibrancy: Preserves hair color vibrancy while elevating strength and flexibility Unlock the Mysteries Bid farewell to hair woes as Joico K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo comes to your rescue. Whether your locks are plagued by the rigors of styling tools or chemical treatments, this elixir promises a transformative experience. Say hello to lustrous, resilient tresses that exude vitality and radiance. Specifications Sizes: 300ml / 10.1Oz (Also Available in 1L) Compatibility: Suitable for all hair types and conditions Usage: Regular application recommended for optimal results Eager to embark on your hair transformation journey? Acquire Joico K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo today and witness the resurrection of your locks! 
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AMERICAN CREW_Tea Tree Shampoo 250ml / 8.45oz_Cosmetic World
AMERICAN CREW Tea Tree Shampoo $5.99 $16.00
American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo 250ml / 8.45oz Elevate your hair care routine with the American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo, a premium blend of herbs and natural oils meticulously crafted to cleanse, moisturize, and restore your hair in a single wash. Crafted with precision and care, this shampoo offers a refreshing Tea Tree scent that invigorates your senses, keeping you energized throughout the day. Say goodbye to unwanted oil as gentle cleansing properties leave your hair feeling stronger, conditioned, and revitalized. Benefits & Features Deep Cleansing: Harnessing the power of nature's best, this shampoo deeply cleanses your hair, eliminating impurities and excess oil without stripping away essential moisture. Moisturizing Formula: Infused with natural oils, it provides intense hydration, leaving your hair soft, smooth, and nourished. Restorative Properties: Restore your hair's vitality and strength with every wash, promoting healthier-looking hair from root to tip. Invigorating Scent: Enjoy the refreshing aroma of Tea Tree oil that uplifts your mood and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. The Aura of Distinction Premium Ingredients: Our formula is meticulously crafted using only the finest herbs and natural oils, ensuring superior quality and performance. Proven Results: Backed by extensive research and testing, American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo delivers noticeable results, setting it apart as a trusted choice among discerning customers. Trusted Brand: With a legacy of excellence in hair care, American Crew is synonymous with innovation, reliability, and uncompromising quality. Unlock the Secret to Lustrous Locks Are you tired of dull, lifeless hair? Look no further! American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo is here to rescue your locks. Whether you're battling excess oil, dryness, or lackluster hair, our invigorating formula provides the solution you've been searching for. Transform your hair care routine into a luxurious experience and embrace hair that looks and feels revitalized. Specifications Volume: Available in various sizes to suit your needs. Usage: Suitable for all hair types. Directions: Apply to wet hair, lather, rinse thoroughly, and follow with American Crew Daily Conditioner for optimal results. Ready to experience the difference? Add the American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo to your cart now and elevate your hair care routine to new heights!
PUREOLOGY_Smooth Perfection Shampoo_Cosmetic World
PUREOLOGY Smooth Perfection Shampoo from $44.99
Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo Indulge in the luxurious experience of Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo, designed to elevate your hair care routine to new heights. Crafted with precision and care, this shampoo promises to transform your locks into a vision of smoothness and vitality. Benefits & Features Unveil the secrets of Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo and discover the wonders it can do for your hair: Tame Frizz: Say goodbye to unruly hair days as this rich formula works tirelessly to tame frizz, leaving your mane effortlessly smooth. Extend Color Retention: Preserve the vibrancy of your hair color with every wash, thanks to the innovative Antifade Complex. Shield Against Environmental Effects: Infused with Sunflower Seed, a UV Filter, and Vitamin E, this shampoo provides a protective shield against color-depleting environmental factors. Signature Aromatherapy Blend: Immerse yourself in the delightful scent of Cocoa, Marshmallow Accord, and Woody notes, creating a sensorial experience like no other. ZeroSulfate, 100% Vegan Formula: Embrace a guilt-free hair care routine with our cruelty-free and environmentally conscious formula. Rise Above the Ordinary Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo stands head and shoulders above the rest due to its unrivaled blend of quality ingredients and dedication to hair health. Here's why it shines: Exceptional Performance: Experience salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home with our professional-grade formula. Commitment to Sustainability: Join us in our mission to protect the planet with our eco-friendly and vegan-friendly formulation. Proven Results: Backed by years of research and development, our shampoo delivers on its promises, leaving you with hair that's beautifully transformed. Your Solution Awaits Are you tired of battling with frizzy, lackluster hair? Do you dream of locks that exude radiance and vitality? Look no further than Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo. Our carefully crafted formula addresses common hair concerns, providing a solution that's as effective as it is indulgent. Say hello to effortlessly beautiful hair every day. Specifications Volume: 266ml / 1000ml Ingredients: Formulated with premium ingredients for optimal results. Directions: Wet hair thoroughly, apply a dime-sized amount, lather, rinse, followed by Smooth Perfect Conditioner Elevate your hair care routine with Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo today. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to hair that's as smooth as silk. Shop now and embark on a journey to hair perfection!
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REDKEN - SHADES EQ_Shades EQ Brown Color Enhancing shampoo 16.9 fl oz. (1 PT, 0.9 oz) 500ml_Cosmetic World
REDKEN - SHADES EQ Shades EQ Brown Color Enhancing shampoo 16.9 fl oz. (1 PT, 0.9 oz) 500ml $12.99 $25.00
Redken Shades EQ Brown Color Enhancing shampoo Shades EQ Color enhancing shampoo refreshes tinted hair between salon visits and adds a hint of color to natural hair. "Brown" imparts "cool" chestnut tones to brunette hair as it eliminates unwanted brassiness. It's gentle system cleanses thoroughly , leaving hair full of body and shine.  
KERASTASE_Bain Age Recharge Lipo-replenishing shampoo 250ml_Cosmetic World
KERASTASE Bain Age Recharge Lipo-replenishing shampoo 250ml $34.99
Bain Age Recharge Lipo-Replenishing Shampoo Kérastase Bain Age Recharge is an anti-ageing hair bath for dehydrated, tight scalps and hair that has lost its vitality. Its moisturising formula leaves the scalp supple and hydrated and hair regains strength, leaving it with improved health and shine. Kérastase Bain Age Recharge is formulated with Vita-Refill Complexe + Glycerol Vita-Ciment which gives hair internal strength; Mophofill, restores shine and softness to the hair surface; and Glycerol hydrates and softens the scalp. Hair will benefit from restored strength, leaving it feeling recharged and re-energised, whilst dehydrated scalps will be relieved of that tight, uncomfortable feeling. Directions Wet hair thoroughly, apply product and massage with the flats of the hands. Complete the gentle massage technique. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Blot-dry and repeat.
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SEBASTIAN_Performance Active Shampoo & treatment 8.5oz_Cosmetic World
SEBASTIAN Performance Active Shampoo & Treatment $9.99 $19.00
Sebastian Performance Active Shampoo & Treatment 8.5oz Indulge in the luxurious experience of Sebastian Performance Active Shampoo & Treatment 8.5oz, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate your hair from root to tip. Our premium formula boasts a blend of exotic rainforest extracts and Pacific sea kelp, delivering a transformative cleansing experience that surpasses all expectations. Benefits & Features Thick, Rich Lather: Dive into a sea of velvety bubbles that effortlessly wash away dulling build-up, leaving your hair feeling refreshingly clean and revitalized. Natural Ingredients: Enriched with nourishing rainforest extracts and Pacific sea kelp, our formula enhances combability, imparts surface conditioning, and banishes static electricity for hair that exudes natural radiance. Lustrous Shine: Experience the ultimate transformation as our active shampoo and treatment infuse your locks with a radiant shine, leaving them looking and feeling fuller and more vibrant than ever before. A Fusion of Luxury and Performance Sebastian Performance Active Shampoo & Treatment 8.5oz stands out from the crowd with its unparalleled blend of premium ingredients and performance-driven formula. Unlike ordinary shampoos, our product harnesses the power of nature to deliver visible results, making every wash a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. Elevate Your Haircare Ritual Say goodbye to lackluster hair days and hello to a newfound radiance with Sebastian Performance Active Shampoo & Treatment 8.5oz. Whether you're battling dullness, dryness, or frizz, our expertly crafted formula addresses all your hair concerns, leaving you with hair that feels cleaner, looks shinier, and exudes confidence with every swish. Specifications Size: 8.5oz Ingredients: Rainforest extracts, Pacific sea kelp Usage: Apply to wet hair, lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary. Ready to elevate your haircare routine? Purchase Sebastian Performance Active Shampoo & Treatment 8.5oz today and experience the difference for yourself!
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PHYTO_Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo 200ml / 6.7oz_Cosmetic World
PHYTO Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo 200ml / 6.7oz $15.99 $27.00
Phyto Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo The Phyto Phytonectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo is a high-quality hair care product designed to provide intense hydration and nourishment to dry and damaged hair. Its creamy formula is enriched with moisturizing and revitalizing soybean amino acids, which work together to rehydrate even the thirstiest strands, leaving them feeling soft, supple, and beautifully shiny. Experience Intense Hydration and Revitalization This nourishing shampoo goes beyond basic cleansing by also offering protection against everyday external stresses that can further damage the hair. By incorporating Phytonectar into your hair care routine, you can help your dry and damaged hair regain its strength, suppleness, and natural shine. The creamy consistency of the shampoo ensures easy application and thorough coverage. It is suitable for all hair types, making it a versatile choice for anyone who needs deep hydration and revitalization. The Phyto shampoo is free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial colorants, making it a gentle and safe option for your hair. Its nourishing ingredients and protective properties make it a valuable addition to any hair care regimen.
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SEBASTIAN_Color Ignite highlighted and multi-color protection shampoo_Cosmetic World
SEBASTIAN Color Ignite highlighted and multi-color protection shampoo $10.99 $20.00
Sebastian Color Ignite highlighted and multi-color protection shampoo The Color Ignite Multi Shampoo from Sebastian Professional is a colour protection shampoo from their FOUNDATION range that works to nurture, moisturise and revitalise multi-tonal and lightened hair. Its smart colour moisture complex effectively hydrates colour treated strands whilst deeply penetrating to restructure fibres for hair that's strong, smooth and up to 25% more vibrant. Directions Apply to wet hair Massage and rinse thoroughly Repeat if necessary For further colour protection, follow with Color Ignite Multi Conditioner
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ABBA_Color Protection Shampoo 1L_Cosmetic World
ABBA Color Protection Shampoo 1L $19.99 $35.00
ABBA Color Protection Shampoo 1L/33.8FL.Oz Abba Color Protect Shampoo contains a sulfate- and paraben-free formula enriched with coconut and sage, capable of moisturizing and safeguarding your chemically-treated hair. Abba's signature ProQuinoa Complex helps to maintain your hair's vibrancy while also dealing with damage. Suitable for all hair types, this shampoo is especially ideal for those with both colored hair and a sensitive scalp. Active ingredients Coconut (to add moisture and nourish hair)Sage (to help preserve colour and add shine)ProQuinoa Complex (combination of quinoa, barley and soy to strengthen and repair hair, while improving manageability) Free of: Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten pH 2.5-3. 100% Vegan, Sulfate Free, Plant derived botanicals, Free of synthetic color additives.
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FOCUS 21_Sea Plasma Shampoo 236ml_Cosmetic World
FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma Shampoo $7.99 $15.99
FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma Shampoo 236ml Unveil the magic of FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma Shampoo 236ml, a masterpiece curated by the esteemed Dr. Michael Nealeigh. Crafted to cater to the needs of dynamic individuals, this shampoo is a game-changer in the realm of hair care. Infused with groundbreaking Chelex technology, it effectively purges hair pollution, bidding adieu to salt, hard water residues, chlorine, and stubborn styling product build-up. Immerse yourself in its moisture-binding embrace, leaving your locks impeccably cleansed and luxuriously conditioned. Benefits & Features Chelex Technology: Wage war against hair pollutants for a revitalized and refreshed mane. Hydration at its Finest: Delve into a world of hydration and nourishment, leaving your hair soft and manageable. Expert Formulation: With Dr. Michael Nealeigh at the helm, expect nothing short of excellence. Proudly American: Crafted with precision in San Diego, embodying the spirit of American ingenuity. Rise Above the Rest FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma Shampoo shines bright with its revolutionary Chelex technology, designed to tackle hair pollution head-on. Gone are the days of lackluster cleansing; this shampoo goes the extra mile, infusing your hair with essential moisture for a truly transformative experience. Crafted under the meticulous eye of Dr. Michael Nealeigh, it epitomizes innovation and quality, setting a new standard in hair care. Solving Hair Woes, One Wash at a Time Bid farewell to hair pollutants and embrace a new era of hair care with FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma Shampoo. Whether you're battling chlorine residues or seeking a solution for stubborn styling product build-up, this shampoo is your knight in shining armor. Its unique formula caters to the needs of active individuals, ensuring your hair remains healthy, vibrant, and ready to conquer any challenge. Specifications Product: FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma Shampoo Volume: 236ml Ingredients: Harnessing the power of Chelex technology for unparalleled cleansing Origin: Proudly crafted in San Diego, USA Ready to embark on a journey to hair nirvana? Elevate your hair care routine with FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma Shampoo. Embrace the transformation and seize the day with confidence!
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FOCUS 21_Jojoba shampoo 8 oz._Cosmetic World
FOCUS 21 Jojoba Shampoo $6.99 $15.99
Focus 21 Jojoba Shampoo 8 oz. Limited availability Jojoba Shampoo For Fine and Thin Hair. It helps thicken all hair textures and even brings maximum control to full-bodied hair. Water soluble. Extensive research has produced one of the best shampoos for naturally adding texture and control. Sebum emulsifying Jojoba Shampoo has pure Jojoba, biotin, mucopolysaccharides, herbs, fruits, and coconut extract to balance natural oils. Directions Apply jojoba shampoo to wet hair. Work into lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary, or if you are not shampooing daily. We recommend Focus 21 Reconditioning formula for maximum hair and scalp support. Formulated and manufactured in San Diego, USA Net 8 fl oz. 236 ml
AMERICAN CREW_Daily Shampoo 250ml / 8.4oz_Cosmetic World
AMERICAN CREW Daily Shampoo 250ml / 8.4oz $7.99
American Crew Daily Shampoo – Gently washes away unwanted excess oil on hair and scalp. Ideal for everyday haircare routine. Enriched with Vitamins with silicon-free formula moisturize your hair and scalp, leaving them non-drying, healthy, soft. Energize with Citrus Mint with refreshing fragrance. Vegan formula perfect for men with normal to oily hair.   Key Benefits ·         Washes away excess oil on hair and scalp. ·         Vitamin B5 gives moisture promoting healthy looking hair. ·         Formulated with 91% naturally derived ingredients. ·         Packaging made with a minimum of 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic     Directions 1.             Wet hair thoroughly 2.             Massage with small amount into hair and scalp 3.             Rinse thoroughly   Available in 2 other sizes ·         100ml / 3.3oz – $2.99 ·         1L / 33.8oz – $24.99  
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KMS_Curl Up Shampoo_Cosmetic World
KMS Curl Up Shampoo $9.99 $18.00
KMS Curl Up Shampoo 300ml Get ready to bounce with KMS CURL UP SHAMPOO! Our invigorating orange and mint formula is specially designed to support curls and improve elasticity, while delivering intense hydration to keep your curls looking their best. With advanced IOPS technology, this shampoo is formulated to keep curls bouncy, defined, and full of life. Say goodbye to dry, lifeless curls and hello to hair that's full of body and movement. Try KMS CURL UP SHAMPOO today and get ready to rock your curls with confidence! Features & Benefits Supports the natural curl pattern of hair Enhances the volume and body of curls Provides long-lasting moisture to prevent dryness and frizz Promotes elasticity to prevent breakage and damage to hair Leaves hair feeling clean, fresh, and revitalized Provides a luxurious sensory experience with its refreshing fragrance Ideal for those with curly or wavy hair who want to enhance and define their curls for a beautiful, healthy-looking finish. Directions Work shampoo into palms, massage into wet hair and lather. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


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