Hair color made of Botanic and herbs!? (Here is a company that is already doing it!)

Hair color made of Botanic and herbs!? (Here is a company that is already doing it!) - Cosmetic World

Whether you're dyeing your gray hair, you want to get a different look, or you just like to change up your style, you've probably faced a lot of questions when it comes to hair color, such as:

  • What hair color suits me?
  • Can hair color cause hair loss?
  • Are hair color safe?
  • How does hair color work?
  • When hair color doesn't take?
  • Is there an organic hair color that is not harming your hair?

This article is dedicated to the last question, or more precisely, we will go into depth to find out more about hair dyes with organic ingredients, what natural ingredients they are based on, how they work, and what we can offer as a product tested by our customers.

What is hair dyeing?

Dyeing is a tough experience for your hair. The chemicals contained in hair dyes often can damage it. In the short term, you may get the results you want, but in a long term, over time the hair becomes shabby looking and requires more care.
And here comes the question, has no one thought of making a hair dye that includes organic ingredients? Well as a matter of fact there is such a hair color, and it is manufactured by a company with over 80 years of experience. Tocco Magico is an Italian manufacturer of hair dyes that are based on a state-of-the-art permanent color system with eco-certified herbal tea extract and hyaluronic acid.

Is hair dyeing harmful?

When you dye your hair, the hair dye you apply comes into contact with the hair follicle and the hair itself. The hair follicles produce melanin (the substance that causes pigmentation), which is the substance that determines the natural color of the hair. Most hair dyes remove this pigment from the hair follicle to add a new color to your hair. At the same time, these hair dyes contain substances such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that can permanently damage the hair follicle. In rare cases, side effects such as itching, redness or even skin inflammation also occur. It is therefore extremely important to make sure of the safety of the hair dye you use. The safest product is the one that contains organic ingredients.

Does eco-certified hair dye cover as well as a regular hair dye?

Yes! To most people's surprise, natural hair dyes based on non-toxic ingredients such as tea tree oil, green tea, licorice, chamomile, Centella, etc. have just as good an effect in terms of luminous and dimensional results. In this case, the reason for this lies in the technology that Tocco Magico uses in their Multi Complex permanent hair color series. Furthermore, their natural hair dye is based on herbs and hyaluronic acid, and instead of harming, it rejuvenates it.

Multi Complex series features

  • Exclusive “RAP” System for Reconstruction, Anti-Aging, and Protection and provides a warm, reflective finish for more healthy hair look.
  • Their eco-certified hair dye contains Organic Tea Tree Oil and eco-certified extracts including Green Tea, Licorice, Chamomile, and Centella.
  • Multi-Complex 3D network releases ingredient blend inside the hair cuticle to revitalize, rejuvenate and restore your hair growth.
  • Hyaluronic Acid promotes anti-aging and prepares the hair for an intense, long-lasting permanent hair color result
  • 70 Shades of hair color with eco-certified & organic ingredients
  • Larger, more economical tube 3.4 oz.
  • Mixing Ratio 1:1.5

Tocco Magico "Multi Complex" hair dye - Color Palette

Tocco Magico - Hair Color Palette

Check out Tocco Magico's hair dye products.

Cosmetic World provides the opportunity to explore these innovative hair dye products for permanent hair color, either choosing from our website the specific color shown on the picture of the product or coming to visit our store in Toronto downtown. You can buy it quickly online and get yourself free shipping if your order exceeds $49 or come and see our samples in-store. Either way, you will get an eco-certified, great-quality hair dye with a rejuvenating effect. 

 Top Sellers

Tocco Magico Multi Complex - 9.3 Very Light Golden Blond

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Tocco Magico Multi Complex - 9.0 Very Light Blond


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Changing your hair color is a process that should be taken into account and not overlooked as unimportant, especially when we are talking about permanent hair color. There are dyes that contain harmful chemicals and can harm your hair. Chemical-free dyes are safe as compared to those based on ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. When coloring your hair, use organic hair dye because it protects the hair follicles and makes the hair look younger and more vibrant. The results of natural hair dyes are just as good as regular hair dyes. No matter what hair color you choose, always read the manufacturer's instructions to achieve evenness and good coverage.

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