What Hair Color Suits Me? (+Quiz)

What Hair Color Suits Me? (+Quiz) - Cosmetic World

When choosing color for your hair, there are many factors to consider. So if you want clean and natural color, you need to consider things like eye color, skin tone, natural hair color, dressing style, and more. Wondering what hair color suits you also leads you to the question of how bold is your style.

If you are more daring in your look, you can choose colors like green, blue, and purple, otherwise you can go for plain colors like dark blonde, auburn, or black. But whatever you decide to do, remember that the right hair color depends on lots of factors. Above all, the right direction is to be reasonable and to determine your goals in advance. Whether you want to do just gray coverage or highlight the warm tones of your skin, or a complete change of your hair color. With so many color options, sometimes it's hard to decide what to choose.

This article aims to help you choose a color for your hair based on various factors such as eye color, skin tone, and personal style.

Hair color trends for

First, let's talk about the trending colors during this year.

Bold colors

We all know that bold colors aren't for everyone. In short, they are suitable for two main types of people. Firstly - the ones that are self-confident and feel great in any style. Secondly -  those who want to stand out from the rest in some way. On the other hand, this year is a great example of more and more people not being afraid to show off their bold style, and this trend has been improving in recent years. Top picks for bold hair dye are the following hair colors:


Living Coral Hair Color

Vibrant Reds



      Classic colors

      The other option is to play it safe and choose a color that is standard or close to your natural hair color. This of course won't have as much of an impact on your overall look, but it will certainly bring a change. Although the colors are standard and don't change over the years, has a few major trends:

      Ginger Brunette

      Muted Beige Blonde

      Blended Blonde

      Golden Baby Blonde

      Smoky Brunette

      Caramel Melt Balayage


          Depending on what your natural hair color is, you can determine if you want a total change or just a highlight of your current shade.

          Hair color according to the eyes

          Eye color is extremely important when choosing hair dye. The result can be both positive and negative. In the table below, I have added what is suitable for different eye colors. Some of the colors will accentuate or enhance your contrast and radiance, others on the other hand are best to be avoided. They will not contribute to achieving that radiance but instead will prevent it.

          Hair color based on eyes color

          👀 Eyes color ✅ Hair color ⛔️ Avoid
          Blue Eyes
          Cool blond Aburn
          Champagne Bright blond
          Ivory Bright orange
          Rose-beige Yellow confetti
          Wine and burgundy
          Green Eyes
          Russet Black
          Amber Dark ash brown
          Coper Ivory
          Butterscotch White
          Chocolate brown Crimson
          Brown Eyes
          Ash Blond Dark brunette
          Silver White
          Light brown
          Butterscotch blonde
          Medium almond
          Amber Eyes
          Copper Black
          Red Burgundy
          Dark Golden Deep brown
          Golden Highlights
          Warm Tawny
          Hazel Eyes
          Auburn Super light
          Warm honey Super dark
          Dark blonde


          Hair color according to skin tone

          To determine what hair color suits best your skin tone, you have to understand your skin tone. Selecting the perfect shade and correct color is related not only to your eye colors but with your skin as well. However, determining your skin tone is a complex process, and if you want to find more about it, see "How to determine skin tone".

          Although bold is the "new normal", it's best to stick to natural hair colors with minor deviations. Certainly, it is genetically predisposed for people with lighter or darker skin to produce a certain amount of melanin. It dictates what the pigmentation of the eyes and skin will be. The amounts are proportional, in short - people with light skin often have lighter hair colors and vice versa.

          Of course, every rule has its exceptions, but it's a good idea to see if that color will look good on you in advance. For that, you can use a mobile app to change your hair color. I've added it further down in the article.

          Consider your skin tone

          👩🏻‍🦳👩🏼‍🦳👩🏽‍🦳 Skin tone ✅ Hair color ⛔️ Avoid
          👱🏻‍♀️ Fair Skin with Warm Undertones
          Honey blonde Dark brown
          Golden blonde Light brown
          Cool brown
          Warm brown
          Golden brown
          👩🏻 Fair Skin with Neutral Undertones
          Warmer shades Light blue
          Lighter shades
          👩🏻‍🦰 Fair Skin with Cool Undertones
          Ashy color Brass
          Icy color Yellow hues
          Shades of red Light Brown
          Deep purple
          Strawberry blonde
          👩🏼 Medium Skin with Warm Undertones
          Honey brown
          Caramel highlights
          👩🏼‍🦰 Medium Skin with Neutral Undertones
          👩🏼‍🦳 Medium Skin with Cool Undertones
          Dirty blonde Red
          Rich chocolate Purple
          👩🏽 Dark Skin with Warm Undertones
          Warm hair hues
          Gold balayage
          👱🏽‍♀️ Dark Skin with Neutral Undertones
          Keep close to the natural hair color
          👩🏽‍🦰 Dark Skin with Cool Undertones
          Cool Dark Brown
          Keep close to the natural hair color


          Hair color according to your style

          There's not much science in this. Above all, the combination of the dressing style with hair color is more of a subjective concept. Everyone finds their style in a different direction, and it can be both extravagant and simple.

          Contrasting the style

          If you want to contrast a plainer style, bold hair colors are a good way to do it. Moreover, this will shift the focus from your dressing style to your head. For example: If you have dark clothes, the easiest way to add contrast to your look is to dye your hair dark blonde and vice versa.

          Balance your style

          If your look is more extravagant, bringing balance with more simple hair color is a good practice. For example, if you have a sparkly red leather jacket, you might be better off going for dark hair color and dark trousers with dark boots. This will accentuate the jacket and create a good color combination of dark and warm colors (for example, red and black).

          Highlight your style

          Deciding what hair color suits your style depends on the clothes in your wardrobe. Furthermore, matching your hair color to your style is the surest and 100% successful strategy for achieving a highlighted style. It's a good idea to stick to one color temperature (either warm or cold).

          For example, clothes in warm colors match perfectly with hair in a warm color and vice versa. Avoid color matching if the color you are using is too vibrant, for example, electric green is not a suitable color to match your hair and clothing.

          However, the best part is that you can do the opposite as well. In other words, you can change your clothing if you want to achieve a different effect when combined with your hair color.

          Changing hair color app

          To find out what hair color suits you best, you might use a phone app. There are quite a few apps on the market with this feature, but for this purpose, I found one that is suitable for both makeup and hair. This gives you extra options to check how well a certain style would suit you. The good thing is that the app is available for both iOS and Android... so you won't be disadvantaged. The APP is called YouCam Makeup


          Advice with your hairdresser

          This article is not made to determine the best hair color in your case. Certainly, there is no perfect hair color that will fit everyone. Every person is different, moreover different factors affect the end result. When coloring your hair, it is best to consult your hairdresser and seek their opinion.

          Also check out my article if you want to learn more about "What Is My Hair Type and How to Style It Right!"

          Above all, this article is made to give you a guideline on what hair colors you can go for if you want to change your style. Before buying hair dye make sure what is your main goal. Whether you want to change your style, cover grey hairs or just enhance your natural shade. Also, don't forget to determine what kind of hair dye you want in terms of duration. In other words, you have to pick between permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color.

          Hair color Quiz

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