BABYLISS PRO Measuring Cylinder 125ml / 4oz $6.99
BaByliss Pro Measuring Cylinder Transparent measuring cylinder up to 125 ml or 4 oz. Two side design, i.e. one size up to 125ml; the other side up to 4oz. Convenient handle and spout for measuring and pouring. Lightweight and clear measurement marking. Perfect daily tools for professional stylists or coloring at home.
BABYLISS PRO Disposable Vinyl Gloves Black Box of 100 $24.99
Disposable, black vinyl gloves Powder free 100 pieces per box Available in Small, Medium and Large
BABYLISS PRO Processing Caps Plastic with elastic band 30pcs $12.99
Processing Caps Plastic with elastic band Processing Caps are designed to fit all clients, and to be used for bleaching, coloring, perms, and various other chemical treatments. Disposable. Made of clear plastic.   Quantity 30 caps
BABYLISS PRO Reusable Latex Gloves 4 pcs $5.99
BaByliss Pro Reusable Latex Gloves Black powder-free latex gloves. Prevent stain from hair color products. Will not stick to hair, Resist nail puncture. Features  ·         Powder-free latext ·         Washable and reusable ·         Fit either hand ·         Rolled cuff ·         4 pcs per box ·         Black ·         Available in small & medium size as well Directions for longer lasting use 1.     Remove jewelry before use 2.     Roll gloves off from cuff 3.     Use different gloves for different chemicals or color
BABYLISS PRO Black Reusable Latex Gloves (10pcs) (3 sizes) $11.99
Babyliss Pro Black Reusable Latex Gloves Stain does not show Powder-free latex Will not snag hair Washable Non-direction which fits either hand Durable and resist nail punctures Rolled cuff for easy removal Attention: These gloves contain natural latex rubber which may cause allergic reactions to individuals.
BABYLISS PRO Sectioning Clips with Silicone Band $11.99
BaBylissPRO Sectioning Clips with Silicone Band Model # BESPRO60UCC Features & Benefits Integrated silicone band offers excellent tension Holds hair firmly in place without slipping Does not leave marks on hair Ideal for all lengths and thicknesses of hair 4.5" (11 cm) length
BABYLISS PRO Disposable Vinyl Gloves White (100 pcs) $19.99
Babyliss Pro Disposable Vinyl Gloves White Babyliss Pro, the trusted brand. Disposable vinyl gloves, powder free. Box of 100 pieces. Sizes Small, Medium and Large.
BABYLISS PRO No-Crease Clips 4 pcs - 3" (7.6 cm) $9.99
Babyliss Pro No-Crease Clips 3" (7.6 cm) 4 pcs. 4 Black Smooth, wide surface to hold hair without leaving any marks, while setting styles and during make up application.
BABYLISS PRO Ceramix Xtreme 1-1/4" Ceramic Hot Air Styler $59.99
Babyliss PRO Ceramic Professional Hot Air Styler 1-1/4" is the perfect tool for easy blowouts at home! Equipped with a ceramic barrel, this styler curls and dries hair at the same time for an effortless look. It provides gentle, frizz-free, damage-free styling for radiantly shiny hair that lasts for days! Features & Benefits Hot and powerful Smooth non-stick ceramic barrel provides maximum heat transfer  Multiple air vents circulate the hot air for faster drying Nylon bristles grasp hair smoothly Soft grip, contoured handle is ergonomic for continuous use  3 position switch (high/low/off) Cool tip Barrel diameter 32mm / 1-1/4" Extra long of 390mm / 15" Model: BAB21000NC / BAB21000C
BABYLISS PRO Pop-ups 100 pcs $12.99
Babyliss Pro Pop-Ups BaByliss Pro pop-ups disposable clear plastic processing caps are designed to fit all clients and are designed to be used when bleaching, coloring, using perms, and many other various other chemical treatments.   Features & Benefits Disposable Made of clear plastic Pack of 100 pieces
BABYLISS PRO Traceless Hair Ring 3pcs $2.99
BaByliss Pro Traceless Hair Ring Strong grip with only 2 to 3 twists. Smooth surface for easy removal and minimize breakage. Leaves no marks or crease on hair after use. Water resistant and durable.   Key Features ·         3 rings of the same color in one box
BABYLISS PRO No Crease Clips 6pcs (2.25” / 5.7cm) $9.99
BaByliss Pro No Crease Clips Smooth, wide surface to hold hair without leaving any marks. Perfect for setting styles and during make-up application. Flat wide surface to firmly hold hair strands from falling back. Key Features ·         Dimension: 2.25” (l) // 5.7cm (l) ·         6 clips / pack ·         3 red, 3 black
BABYLISS PRO Digital Scale $34.99
Babyliss Pro Digital Scale Tampered glass weighing surface that is easy to clean and durable. LCD display with measurement accurate to nearest gram / 0.04 oz. Auto zero & auto shut off. Tare function at anytime for easy measurement. Max load of 5 kg / 176oz, perfect for everyday professional use. Precise measurement for color, chemical solutions, developers and more.
BABYLISS PRO Expandable sectioning clips Large 4 pack $9.99
Babyliss Pro Expandable Sectioning Clips (Large) Black durable clips for sectioning during hair styling, coloring, hair cut. Professional choice with strong clipping power. Wide expandable open for clipping large hair strands. Lightweight design tightly hold the hair without extra burden. 4 pieces in a pack.
BABYLISS PRO Aluminum Coloring Foil Roll Embossed / 1lb / Heavy / 295 ft (90m) $19.99
BaByliss PRO Embossed Aluminum Coloring Foil Heavy gauge 1lbs has a built-in foil cutter that allows the user to  cut foil to the exact desired length. 295 feet / 90 meters
BABYLISS PRO BaByliss Short Balayage Coloring board $8.99
BaByliss Pro - Coloring board For balayage and other coloring techniques With teeth for thorough color comb through 


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