AG_Curl Thrive Hydrating Conditioner_Cosmetic World
AG Curl Thrive Hydrating Conditioner from $19.99
Curl Thrive Hydrating Conditioner by AG Hair Care This conditioner is a part of AG's Curl category that is specifically formulated to enhance curls with bounce and definition, providing intense moisture and frizz-controlling nutrients. It is a luxurious and hydrating formula that fights frizz and helps define curls. Key ingredients such as quinoa protein, pea peptides, and silk amino acids help moisturize and strengthen the hair cuticle, while hyper-rich shea butter and lightweight sunflower oil help smooth, calming split ends and frizz. AG's exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3) ensures curls stay aligned and defined. Curl Creating Complex (C3): Bio-fermented tomato fruit extract – shrinks the hair cuticle and encourages curl. Rice amino acids – hydrate and improve hair strength, promote curl, and help fight frizz. Organic shea butter – super rich and creamy, helps smooth and condition the hair. Sunflower oil – conditions hair and helps seal in moisture, protecting hair from free radicals and UV degradation. Hydrolyzed quinoa – helps hair look and feel smoother and silkier by forming a protective barrier, sealing in moisture, nourishing the hair cuticle and helping repair damage. Directions of Use: Massage the conditioner into clean, wet hair and leave on for 1-3 minutes. Gently comb through and rinse. Ingredients: The product includes Aqua (Water/Eau), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Behentrimonium Chloride, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Stearalkonium Chloride, Cetyl Alcohol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, among others. Features: The product is gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free. Real Beauty Believes In Better: The company focuses on formulating high-performance products and continuously implements advancements in ingredients to meet or exceed regulatory requirements. This conditioner is specifically designed to hydrate, define curls and fight frizz, making it an ideal choice for individuals with curly hair.
KEVIN MURPHY_KILLER.CURLS RINSE Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Conditioner_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY KILLER.CURLS RINSE Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Conditioner from $10.99
Kevin Murphy KILLER.CURLS RINSE Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Conditioner  Hydrate and Strengthen Your Beautiful Curls Indulge your curls with the KILLER.CURLS RINSE, a deeply hydrating and strengthening oat milk conditioner designed to transform your hair care routine. Its unique formula penetrates each strand, providing nourishment from root to tip, reducing the risk of breakage, and keeping your curls looking their best. Benefits You'll Love: Hydration and Nourishment: Specially crafted with the goodness of oat milk, this conditioner delivers essential hydration, leaving your curls feeling soft, supple, and deeply nourished. Texture Refinement: Embrace the beauty of refined texture as this conditioner smoothens and enhances your natural curls, giving them a more defined and polished appearance. Brilliant Shine: Prepare to shine like never before! The KILLER.CURLS RINSE boosts your hair's luster, leaving your curls with a radiant, head-turning shine. Ideal for All Curl Types: Whether you embrace your natural curls or enjoy the elegance of permed hair, this conditioner suits all curl types and adapts to your unique styling needs. Strengthening Power: Fortified with strengthening properties, Kevin Murphy conditioner helps build resilience within your curls, protecting them from daily wear and tear. Color-Safe: Preserve your vibrant hair color! The KILLER.CURLS RINSE is color-safe, ensuring your beautiful curls stay as captivating as ever. Eco-Conscious Beauty: Embrace guilt-free beauty with this vegan-friendly product, made with love and care for both your curls and the environment. Kevin’s Tip: ''KILLER.CURLS RINSE is a perfect conditioner for co-washing. It tends to be thicker to more curly and coily hair that benefits from co-washing. If you have fine hair that needs pumping up, co-washing may not be for you, we suggest the use of KILLER.CURLS WASH & RINSE.'' Check out Kevin Murphy KILLER.CURLS WASH Nourishing Curl Oat Milk Shampoo
WELLA - NUTRICURLS_Nutricurls Waves & Curls Cleansing Conditioner 250ml_Cosmetic World
WELLA - NUTRICURLS Nutricurls Waves & Curls Cleansing Conditioner 250ml $18.99
Wella Nutricurls Waves & Curls Cleansing Conditioner 250ml The NUTRICURLS Care collection provides your waves and curls with the right level of nourishment for beautiful, bouncy locks. Winner of the 2020 Glamour Beauty Awards for the best professional shampoo and conditioner for waves The Wella Professionals NUTRICURLS Waves & Curls Cleansing Conditioner is a low foaming cleansing conditioner that helps defining waves & curls. Formulated without silicones. NUTRICURLS care is designed to provide the right level of nourishment for your waves or curls.Features With NOURISH-IN COMPLEX of Wheat Bran Extract and Jojoba Oil Helps to give curls and waves definition, anti-frizz effect, better manageability, luscious softness, and bounciness Nourishment level - 2 Formulated without silicones Directions Apply to clean, damp hair and distribute evenly. Use with every wash or alternative with shampoo and treatment.
RENE FURTERER_Sublime Curl activating detangling conditioner 5.0 oz_Cosmetic World
RENE FURTERER Sublime Curl activating detangling conditioner 5.0 oz $33.99
Sublime Curl, an unbeatable ritual to nourish and gently shape your curls. The combination of acanthus extract, with its patented curl-enhancing properties, and evening primrose oil, a real elixir for curls, gives long-lasting frizz control for beautiful curly and wavy hair. Features:Enriched with natural acanthus extract, a key ingredient with patented* curl-enhancing properties, this curl activating detangling conditioner softens, redefines and shapes curls. With evening primrose oil, the conditioner coats and nourishes curls, reducing frizz all day long and leaving hair easier to style. Silicone-free. Results: hair is smooth and silky soft with enhanced and redefined curls. Facts: European patent.Defined curls: 86%*Reshaped curls: 83%*Enhanced curls: 84%*% satisfaction, results after 15 days of application. Consumer test on 66 women for 2 weeks. Directions:After shampooing, apply a quarter-sized amount of the product all over towel-dried hair. Leave in for 1 to 2 minutes. Comb through and rinse thoroughly. Ingredients:WATER (AQUA). CETEARYL ALCOHOL. DICAPRYLYL CARBONATE. CETYL ALCOHOL. BEHENAMIDOPROPYL DIMETHYLAMINE. HYDROXYPROPYL STARCH PHOSPHATE. CETEARYL GLUCOSIDE. POLYQUATERNIUM-68. PROPYLENE GLYCOL. ACANTHUS MOLLIS LEAF EXTRACT. ALPHA-ISOMETHYL IONONE. BUTYLPHENYL METHYLPROPIONAL. ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN. FRAGRANCE (PARFUM). GUAR HYDROXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE. HEXYL CINNAMAL. LACTIC ACID. LIMONENE. LINALOOL. MALTODEXTRIN. OENOTHERA BIENNIS (EVENING PRIMROSE) OIL (OENOTHERA BIENNIS OIL). PHENOXYETHANOL. SALICYLIC ACID. SORBIC ACID. TOCOPHEROL. TRISODIUM ETHYLENEDIAMINEDISUCCINATE. "
TIGI - BEDHEAD_Foxy Curls Frizz-Fighting Moisturelicious Conditioner_Cosmetic World
TIGI - BEDHEAD Foxy Curls Frizz-Fighting Moisturelicious Conditioner from $14.99
TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Frizz-Fighting Moisturelicious Conditioner Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Frizz-Fighting Moisturelicious Conditioner is a must-have for those with curly hair. This product is specially formulated to tackle the challenges that come with curly hair, such as humidity, tangles, and frizz. The conditioner contains a unique blend of sunflower seed extracts and glycerin, which work together to fight against humidity, leaving your curls defined and bouncy. Additionally, the Moisturelicious formula helps to detangle your hair, making it easier to comb and style. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to beautiful, defined curls with Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Frizz-Fighting Moisturelicious Conditioner. Features Frizz-Fighting Formula: This conditioner contains a blend of sunflower seed extracts and glycerin to help fight against humidity, keeping your curls defined and frizz-free. Detangling: The Moisturelicious formula helps to detangle your hair, making it easier to comb and style. Moisturizing: The conditioner is designed to provide your hair with the moisture it needs to stay healthy and bouncy. Curl Definition: This conditioner is formulated to enhance the natural definition of your curls, leaving them bouncy and full of life. Sulfate-Free: The conditioner is sulfate-free, making it gentle on your hair and scalp. Versatile: This product is suitable for all curl types, from tight ringlets to loose waves, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Frizz-Fighting Moisturelicious Conditioner. How to use? Wash your hair with Tigi Bed Head Foxy Curls Shampoo, or any other suitable shampoo for your hair type. Squeeze out any excess water from your hair. Take a generous amount of the conditioner in your palms and apply it evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the ends. Leave the conditioner in for 2-3 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Style your hair as desired.
R+CO_CASSETTE Curl Defining Conditioner 8.5oz_Cosmetic World
R+CO CASSETTE Curl Defining Conditioner 8.5oz $35.99
R+Co CASSETTE Curl Defining Conditioner 8.5oz Take the next step in curl definition with CASSETTE, a moisturizing daily conditioner that makes curls softer, smoother and more defined. Features and Benefits Curl-defining: The conditioner is formulated to enhance and define curls, helping to create bouncy, well-defined curls. Moisturizing: The conditioner provides nourishment and moisture to the hair, helping to hydrate and soften dry, damaged curls. Safe for all hair types: The conditioner is safe for use on all hair types, including color-treated hair. Scented:  RELATIVE PARADISE - A bright, earthy composition. Sicilian Lemon, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Tree Moss, Crisp Amber. Vegan, Cruelty + Gluten Free, Paraben + Sulfate Free (SLS or SLES), Petrolatum + Mineral Oil Free. Good For: Tames frizz and adds optimal nourishment and shine without creating weight. How to Use Start with clean, damp hair. Squeeze a small amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand. The amount you need will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. Rub your palms together to evenly distribute the conditioner. Starting at the ends of your hair, work the conditioner through your hair, using your fingers to detangle any knots or tangles. Once the conditioner is evenly distributed through your hair, leave it on for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate and nourish your hair. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair thoroughly. Note: If you have very dry or damaged hair, you may want to leave the conditioner on for longer before rinsing it out. You can also use a wide-tooth comb to help evenly distribute the conditioner through your hair and detangle any knots or tangles. Ingredients Flax Seed Extract (Superseed Oil Complex), adds moisture and shine without leaving hair greasy. Chia Seed Extract (Superseed Oil Complex) conditions and adds shine. Nourishes hair and scalp. Aloe Leaf Extract, delivers ultimate conditioning benefits. Adds strength and luster to hair. Rice Protein, locks in moisture and helps prevent breakage. Improves shine, strength and flexibility of hair. Red Algae Extract, provides strength, vitality and reduces frizz. Hydrogenated Castor Oil, prevents dry scalp and deeply conditions. Adds fullness and shine to hair; stops frizziness and improves hair health.
CREAM OF NATURE_Hydrating Curl Detangler Leave-in Conditioner 150ml / 5.1oz_Cosmetic World
CREAM OF NATURE Hydrating Curl Detangler Leave-in Conditioner 150ml / 5.1oz $12.99
Creme of Nature Hydrating Curl Detangler Leave-in Conditioner – Gently remove tangles while moisturizing thick curls for soft and touchable texture. Blend of Argan Oil smoothens curl while adding natural shine. Control frizz giving you a silky smooth curls. Sulfate / Mineral Oil / Petrolatum free, care for you and the environment.    Directions 1.     Apply generously onto wet hair 2.     Comb from root to ends 3.     Focus on troubled area to refresh moisture
REDKEN_All Soft Mega Curls Conditioner_Cosmetic World
REDKEN All Soft Mega Curls Conditioner $32.99
Redken All Soft Mega Curls Conditioner Size : 300ml / 10.1oz Redken All Soft Mega Hair Conditioner gently detangles and deeply moisturizes severely dry, medium to thick hair. This moisturizing conditioner improves the manageability of extremely dry hair and leaves hair with a silky soft and shiny finish. All Soft Mega Hair Conditioner has Redken's Nourish Complex which is infused with Aloe Vera to hydrate, strengthen, and to lock in moisture and smoothness all day long. Features Hydrating conditioner for severely dry hair Moisturizes, strengthens, and locks in moisture Adds softness and shine Improves manageability
VERB_Curl Leave-in Conditioner 177ml / 6oz_Cosmetic World
VERB Curl Leave-in Conditioner 177ml / 6oz $21.99
Verb Curl Leave-in Conditioner Introducing Verb Curl Leave-in Conditioner, the perfect solution for achieving hydrated, bouncy curls. Our weightless formula is designed to moisturize, detangle, and prevent breakage, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthy and nourished. Formulated with sunflower seed extract, our leave-in conditioner provides natural UV protection, guarding against dryness and color fading. This nourishing formula deeply penetrates your hair strands to prevent breakage, making it easier to style and manage. Our leave-in conditioner is perfect for all hair types, especially those with waves, curls, and coils. It intensely hydrates your hair, defining your natural curls and leaving them looking beautiful and easy to style. Easy to use and apply, Verb Curl Leave-in Conditioner is the perfect addition to your hair care routine. Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair and hello to beautiful, bouncy curls with our nourishing leave-in conditioner. Try it today and experience the transformative power of natural hair care! Features Weightless formula for easy application Moisturizes hair to prevent breakage and improve hydration Detangles hair, making it easier to manage and style Provides natural UV protection to guard against dryness and color fading Suitable for all hair types, especially waves, curls, and coils Defines natural curls, leaving them looking bouncy and beautiful Easy to use and apply as a leave-in conditioner. How to use? Apply evenly throughout wet or damp hair, scrunching in an upward motion. Gently detangle damp curls with fingers and follow with Curl Cream.
DEVA CURL_Curlbond Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner_Cosmetic World
DEVA CURL Curlbond Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner from $39.99
DevaCurl CURLBOND Re-Coiling cream conditioner - 236ml or 355ml or 946ml BOND WITH REPAIR Fight damage. This creamy conditioner with the Patented CurlBond Complex re-coils damaged curls, softens, detangles, and works from the inside out to help re-link broken bonds, improve strength, seal split ends and protect from future damage. Leaves curls healthy-looking and defined with frizz control and shine. Directions   After using CurlBond Re-Coiling Mild Lather Cleanser, apply to wet curls. Use your fingers to gently detangle and glide through the ends to thoroughly moisturize. Rinse. For a deep cleanse, use Buildup Buster.
UNITE_Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner 236ml / 8oz_Cosmetic World
UNITE Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner 236ml / 8oz $34.99
Unite Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner Introducing the Unite Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner, your ultimate companion for achieving beautifully defined curls. This lightweight and potent spray is specifically designed to enhance and nourish your curls, leaving them hydrated, shiny, and free from frizz. BOING Curl Leave-In works its magic on wet hair, effortlessly detangling and protecting your curly locks. Infused with moisture-retaining proteins and plant sourced ProV vitamins, this leave-in conditioner deeply penetrates your hair roots, delivering essential nutrients that keep your curls healthy and vibrant. Say goodbye to dry and dull curls! With BOING Curl Leave-In, your hair receives the hydration it craves, resulting in luscious, bouncy curls that demand attention. Experience the joy of touchably soft hair that shines with vitality. Not only is this leave-in conditioner perfect for wet hair, but it also works wonders on dry hair. Use it to refresh and re-boing your curls throughout the day. Bring your curls back to life with a quick application, revitalizing their shape and bounce effortlessly. Don't let frizz steal the spotlight from your gorgeous curls. BOING Curl Leave-In's carefully formulated blend tames frizz, leaving your hair smooth and manageable. Embrace frizz-free curls that exude confidence and radiance. Experience the power of Unite Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner and unlock the true potential of your curls. Prepare the way for beautifully defined curls that are hydrated, shiny, and free from frizz. Embrace your natural curls and let them take center stage with this transformative leave-in conditioner. Features Moisture-Retaining Proteins and ProV Vitamins: The Unite Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner is enriched with moisture-retaining proteins and plant sourced ProV vitamins. These ingredients work together to deeply penetrate your hair roots, providing essential nutrients that keep your curls hydrated and healthy. Detangles and Protects: This lightweight spray effortlessly detangles your curly hair, making it easier to manage and style. Additionally, it offers protection against damage, helping to maintain the integrity of your curls. Hydrates and Adds Shine: Say goodbye to dry and lackluster curls. The Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner delivers deep hydration to your hair, leaving it nourished and radiant. Experience the joy of touchably soft curls that shine with vitality. Frizz-Free Formula: Tame frizz and flyaways with ease. The carefully formulated blend of the Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner helps to control frizz, leaving your curls smooth, defined, and manageable. Enjoy the freedom of frizz-free curls that exude confidence. Versatile Application: This leave-in conditioner offers versatile application options. Apply it to wet hair for detangling, protection, and intense hydration. You can also use it on dry hair to refresh and revitalize your curls, bringing them back to life throughout the day. How to use? Cleanse and condition with BOING Curl Shampoo and Conditioner and towel dry. Spray BOING Leave-In on damp hair and gently comb to distribute through to ends. Do not rinse. Finish with BOING styling products. Leave-In can also be used on dry hair to re-BOING and refresh curls.
DESIGN ME_Bounce.Me Curl Conditioner_Cosmetic World
DESIGN ME Bounce.Me Curl Conditioner from $27.99
DesignMe Bounce.Me Curl Conditioner  A rich, creamy formula that moisturizes hair follicles, providing added bounce and shine. This curl conditioner works to protect color while offering anti-static benefits. Nourish, define, and defrizz dry, hard-to-tame textured hair. Features Curl Enhancing Detangling Moisturizing Reconstructing Smoothing
SEBASTIAN_Twisted conditioner elastic detangler for curls_Cosmetic World
SEBASTIAN Twisted conditioner elastic detangler for curls from $14.99
ELASTIC DETANGLER FOR STRONGER, LONG LASTING BOUNCE. With Sebastian’s groundbreaking Twisted line, we introduce the tools to create and enhance gorgeous curls for everyone. Transform straight hair into waved or curled styles; Enhance natural waves, and give existing curls and coils striking definition. Whether Twisted by nature or Twisted by tools–bouncy, flexible, long-lasting curls are easy to achieve with Sebastian. Its unique blend of Carrageenan extract, Red Seaweed, elastic polymer, and glycerin form an elastic coating around each individual hair strand to result in 70% more elastic flexibility, bounciness, moisture, anti-frizz and definition for up to 48 hours. Twisted Elastic Daily detangler locks-in moisture and boosts elasticity for easier styling and touchable, flexible curls all day long. Infused with Flexi ALG™ Complex, it locks-in moisture and boosts elasticity for easier styling and touchable, flexible curls all day long. Directions After using Twisted Elastic Cleanser, remove excess of water and distribute through hair. Focus on the ends and distribute evenly through hair. For daily use.
ALTERNA_Life Solutions Curls Conditioner_Cosmetic World
ALTERNA Life Solutions Curls Conditioner $24.99
Alterna Life Solutions Curls Conditioner is infused with Enzyme therapy and Eastern Extracts which helps enhances the manageability and conditions the curls by repairing weak hair. It helps provide extra mositure to the curls allowing them to dry frizz-free. HOW TO USE IT It is recommend applying an ample amount onto hair and leaving in for a couple of minutes. Rinse well.


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