CURLY HAIR SOLUTIONS Original Liquid Styler from $19.99
Curl Keep Original Liquid Styler 355ml/12oz or 1L/33.8oz. Curl Keeper Original enables you to become the master of those gorgeous frizz-free curls. Dryness causes out-of-control and frizzy hair. Curl Keeper Original contains the highest quality ingredients, provides frizz control and curl definition. Hanging your head over while bending forward helps to dry the roots and gives the curls more bounce. Curl Keeper Original is a water-based formula, which means you can use it every day without product buildup. Your curly hairstyle will last for days as its unique formula re-activates with water making Curl Keeper Original 100% effective in all weather conditions, especially humidity.  Benefits Controls all frizz, reactivates with water allowing for several days of great styling 100% effective in humid weather conditions, especially humidity Water-based and contains no silicones No product build up and rinses out clean pH 4.5  Directions Comb Curl Keeper Original through wet hair from roots to ends for an even application… FOR VERY FRIZZY HAIR, USE ADDITIONAL PRODUCT. The less movement that occurs during the first 15 minutes, the more control you will have over the frizz. Once your hair dries, you can easily soften your look by simply moving your hair around. The more you play with your hair the more volume you will achieve. Some people start appreciating their volume and curls once they have total control over the frizz. The Curl Keeper Original formula re-activates with water, so simply re-wetting frizzy areas with wet hands could get you many fantastic frizz-free days between shampoos.
CURL KEEPER Tweek - Hairspray in Creamy Form 240ml / 8oz $19.99
Curl Keeper Tweek - Hairspray in Creamy Form – Finishing hairspray in a creamy form for volume, hold and shine. Non-greasy formula that does not build up on hair. Fight frizz while lifting flat spot from the root. Non sticky with natural scent keep your curly style refreshing and clean round the clock. Perfect for restoring curls and finishing. Leave curls bouncy, smooth, lustrous whenever you need.   Directions 1.     Rub between palms 2.     Scrunch and mould your curls 3.     Focus on frizzy areas to control flyaway 4.     Refresh your look anytime as desired  
CURL KEEPER Leave-in Conditioner 355ml / 12oz $24.99
Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner Softens dry hair. Curl Keeper Leave-in Conditioner smoothes the rough cuticles that are responsible for frizzy flyaway hair. SOFTENS DRY HAIR WITH SILK PROTEINS. ALL-DAY LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURE FOR CURLS!  Penetrates the hair's cuticle with softening silk proteins. Use as much as is needed without worrying about product build-up. Water-based so curls stay frizz-free in humidity. » Water-Based | » Silicone Free |  » pH Balanced  Benefits Leaves hair shiny, soft and clean Does not leave curls crusty or hard, and there is no product build up Reactivates with water Effective in high humid weather conditions DIRECTIONS For use on wet hair.  Apply Leave-in Conditioner to clean, wet hair from roots to ends.  Style hair as usual and allow to dry.  For extra dry hair, use additional product.
CURL KEEPER Styling Cream 240ml / 8oz $19.99
Curl Keeper Styling Cream Easy manipulation for looser, well defined, frizz free curls. Ultimate softness and shine while resisting humidity. Effectively reactivate with water without any build-up Fight knots, twist outs and tangles. Keep your curly style defined all day long. Maintain healthy hair with pH balanced formula. Directions Spread evenly from roots to ends on wet hair Comb, brush or style with fingers Let hair air dry
CURL KEEPER Refresh with Hold Hairspray 240ml / 8oz $19.99
Curl Keeper Refresh with Hold Hairspray Water-based curly style booster between washes. Instantly reactivate to first-day look. Clean and fresh scent keeps your style confident and refreshing. Energize the bounce while adding hold and support for flat areas. Great resistance to humidity. Lightweight and non-greasy, no burden for curls. Directions 1.     Hang hair over and spray liberally on wet or dry styled hair 2.     Gently scrunch upwards 3.     Allow air dry 4.     Repeat anytime to refresh style
CURL KEEPER Curl Keeper Gel Ultimate Hold 240ml / 8oz $19.99
Curl Keeper Gel ULTIMATE HOLD & FRIZZ CONTROL WITHOUT FLAKING OR STRANDING The best Gel for curly hair! Curl Keeper® Gel is a water-based formula that supports any curly hairstyle for longer. Light-weight water based formula holds curls in place without weighing hair down. Frizz-free curls last several days in all weather conditions. Reactivates with water for easy restyling. Offers stronger hold than Curl Keeper®Original but can be used together for maximum hold and definition. WHY YOU WOULD LIKE THIS ULTIMATE HOLD CURL STYLING GEL? Ultimate hold that lasts all day with no product build up Does not leave curls crusty or hard Maintains shine and brightness of hair colour Effective in high humid weather conditions HOW TO STYLE WITH CURL KEEPER GEL? For use on wet or dry hair.  Distribute the Curl Keeper® Gel from roots to ends. Scrunch or style a desired.  Allow hair to dry.  To reactivate, simply spray hair with water and re-style.
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CURLY HAIR SOLUTIONS ReMane Straight 240ml / 8oz $16.99 $19.99
Clearance Sale!! $19.99 à $16.99 only While Stock Lasts!   Curly Hair Solutions ReMane Straight – Non-chemical hair relaxer for straightening and smoothing curls. Seal cuticles for thermal and stretch protection during blow drying and styling. Resist humidity and fight frizz, keeping hair styles long-lasting. Natural extracts nourish hair for healthier looking hair.   Directions 1.     Shake well before use 2.     Apply to wet hair evenly 3.     Comb from roots to ends 4.     Focus on very frizzy areas
CURL KEEPER Slip 30 Second Detangler 240ml / 8oz $19.99
Curl Keeper Slip 30 Second Detangler – Silicone non-greasy detangling leave-in conditioner loosen knots. Lock hair color and eliminate flyaway hair. Smoothen, brighten up your hair while adjusting pH balance for strong healthy hair. No build up or burden on curls while moisturizing as a part of your daily hair care routine.    Directions 1.     Shake well before use 2.     Spray on clean wet hair 3.     Leave in for 30 seconds 4.     Comb from roots to ends 5.     Blow dry or leave air dry  


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