ECO MED_Hair Colour applicator bottle with angle nozzle 200ml_Cosmetic World
ECO MED Hair Colour applicator bottle with angle nozzle 200ml $2.99
Hair Color Applicator Bottle Hair applicator bottles allow for precise and easy application of hair dye. They are designed to provide even coverage of color and prevent staining. They are an essential tool for any home hair dyeing process. Features & Benefits Capacity: 200 ml approximately Easily readable markings Durable plastic Hair dye applicator bottle benefits include also accuracy and control. They allow users to limit the amount of dye applied and to accurately target specific areas. Hair applicator bottles help to achieve a professional-looking result fast and easy.  You may also want to take a look at our collection of hair color brushes and bowls.
ECO MED_30 volume 9% Organic enzyme processor 120ml/4oz._Cosmetic World
ECO MED 30 volume 9% Organic enzyme processor 120ml/4oz. $2.99
30 volume 9% Organic enzyme processor  Previously known as Eco med, this enzyme processor contains organic, natural plant enzymes. In addition to protecting the hair and scalp, enzymes also enhance hair growth. There is up to 70% less damage. It works regardless of the color or bleach you use. It can be used in place of any peroxide developer. Features & Benefits Up to 70% less damage compared to conventional hydrogen peroxide Scalp irritation is minimized Any colour or bleach can be used Reduces colour fading Made in Canada Directions Note: Please follow each colour manufacturer's directions regarding the amounts and the volume to use with their hair colour or bleach products. Replace the volume and the amount of developer normally used with the same amount and volume of organic developer then mix them together with your hair colour or bleach. Allow the mixture to stand for one minute, then apply to your hair in your usual application method. Leave on the hair for the manufacturer's suggested processing time. After processing time check the results and once the desired result has been achieved, thoroughly rinse then shampoo and condition in your usual manner. Warning Avoid contact with eyes. Point away from face when opening. Keep closed when not in use. Shake bottle each time before using. Always wear disposable gloves. Store in a cool, dark area. Do not consume internally. Ingredients Aqua, Hydrogen peroxide, Plant enzyme, Polymer
ECO MED_Gloves - disposable clear powdered (1 pair)_Cosmetic World
ECO MED Gloves - disposable clear powdered (1 pair) $1.50
Disposable Clear Powdered Gloves Clear examination gloves are essential for hair coloring as they protect the hands from dye and chemicals, prevent staining of the skin, and allow for a better grip of the hair coloring tools. Disposable gloves are designed to be single-use and easily disposed after use. They are also lightweight, inexpensive, and offer excellent dexterity and protection. Features & Benefits Powdered Latex free Small, medium, or large sizes are available We also have a wide selection of color brushes, bowls, and cups available in our store. These tools are essential for any hair coloring project and are designed to help you achieve the perfect color results. With our range of colors and sizes, you'll be sure to find the perfect tools for your needs.
ECO MED_Red Tipped Blue Metal Tail Comb_Cosmetic World
ECO MED Red Tipped Blue Metal Tail Comb $2.99
Red Tipped Blue Metal Tail Comb Was wondering what is a rat tail comb? This professional quality comb is a hair styling essential! It meets all of your styling needs. It’s made from high-quality materials with a strong stainless steel metal tail, making it very durable. The rat tail comb has fine teeth that are designed to help create smooth and even hairstyles. It's lightweight and easy to handle, with a comfortable grip that won't cause strain on your wrist. The comb's design also allows it to reach even hard-to-reach areas. Versatile & Multipurpose This pin tail comb is perfect for teasing, parting, styling, dying, braiding and so much more! It’s great for the salon, barber and cosmetology supply kits. Suitable for all hair types and lengths. The tail is tipped in red for scalp protection. Strong & Flexible Smooth through strands effortlessly. This fine tooth comb glides through strands making hair more manageable for styling and other treatments. With a strong stainless steel pin tail, it is very durable.
ECO MED_40 Volume 12% Organic enzyme processor 120ml / 4oz_Cosmetic World
ECO MED 40 Volume 12% Organic enzyme processor 120ml / 4oz $2.99
Eco Med 40 Volume 12% Organic Enzyme Processor 120ml / 4oz Eco Med Organic Enzyme Processor contains natural plant enzymes derived from organic sources. As a result of enzymes, it protects your hair and scalp. Approximately 70% less damage is caused. It reduces colour fading. No matter what colour or bleach you use, it works. Reduces scalp irritation. You can use this instead of any peroxide developer. Features & Benefits Up to 70% less damage than conventional hydrogen peroxide Minimizes scalp irritation Works with any colour or bleach Reduces colour fading Made in Canada Directions Note: Please follow each colour manufacturer's directions regarding the amounts and the volume to use with their hair colour or bleach products. Replace the volume and the amount of developer normally used with the same amount and volume of organic developer then mix them together with your hair colour or bleach. Allow the mixture to stand for one minute, then apply to your hair in your usual application method. Leave on the hair for the manufacturer's suggested processing time. After processing time check the results and once the desired result has been achieved, thoroughly rinse then shampoo and condition in your usual manner. Warning Avoid contact with eyes. Point away from face when opening. Keep closed when not in use. Shake bottle each time before using. Always wear disposable gloves. Store in a cool, dark area. Do not consume internally. Ingredients Aqua, Hydrogen peroxide, Plant enzyme, Polymer
ECO MED_Red Velcro Rollers 1.18
ECO MED Red Velcro Rollers 1.18"/3cm wide - 12 pieces $9.99
Red Velcro Rollers 1.18"/3cm wide - 12 pieces Our top-of-the-line Velcro Rollers, is the perfect solution for achieving stunning curls and waves effortlessly. They are designed to provide maximum hold and ease of use, ensuring exceptional results for all your styling needs. Each package contains twelve Velcro Rollers, measuring 2.5" (7 cm) long and 1.18" (3 cm) wide. These rollers are expertly crafted to cater to various hair lengths and types, offering versatility and convenience for everyone. How to use Velcro Rollers Start with clean, dry hair. Applying a lightweight styling product can enhance hold and protect your hair. Take a section of hair, approximately the same width as the roller, and hold it away from your scalp. Place the Velcro Roller at the ends of the hair section and roll it upward toward the scalp. The Velcro material ensures a secure grip without the need for additional clips or pins. Repeat this process for each desired section of hair. For tighter curls, use smaller sections and more rollers. Allow the rollers to set in your hair for the desired amount of time. You can speed up the process by using a blow dryer on low heat. Once your hair is completely dry, gently unwind and remove the rollers by rolling them in the opposite direction. Avoid pulling or tugging to prevent any hair damage. Style your curls as desired, using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to separate and shape them. Finish with a light hairspray for added hold and longevity. Say goodbye to flat hair: transform your look with Velcro Hair Rollers.
ECO MED_Scissor Set - 4.5
ECO MED Scissor Set - 4.5" Shears + 4.5" Thinning shears $74.99
Scissor Set - 4.5" Shears + 4.5" Thinning shears The kit includes a pair of cutting shears and thinning shears. It is perfect for both professional and home use. It is made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and sharpness. The ergonomic non-slip handles provide comfortable grip and precise control. Professional hair cutting scissors are also easy to clean and maintain. How to hold hair cutting scissors correctly They should be held by the middle finger, ring finger, and thumb for balance and control. The index finger should be placed on top of the scissor handles to provide additional support. Use also cutting comb for better results. Make sure to keep the scissors parallel to the comb as you cut. Keep even pressure when cutting to achieve a straight line. How to use hair thinning scissors Thinning scissors are used to create texture and volume in the hair. They can be used in shorter layers to add movement, or in longer layers to remove bulk from thick hair. To use thinning scissors, start at the ends of the hair and work your way up, snipping away small sections of hair. This will help create a more blended look. For thinning the hair, hold the scissors horizontally and snip away small sections of the hair. Repeat until the desired thinning effect is achieved.  
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ECO MED_Concealer Blender Brush | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE_Cosmetic World
ECO MED Concealer Blender Brush | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE $12.99 $26.00
Eco Med Concealer Blender Brush Benefits & Features Airbrushed Finish: Experience a flawless, airbrushed look with the Eco Med Concealer Blender Brush. Its densely packed ultra fine fibers and velvet-like bristles ensure a streak-free finish every time. Versatile Usage: This brush isn't limited to just concealer; it seamlessly blends foundation, powder, cream, moisturizer, and primers, offering versatility in your makeup routine. Effortless Blending: The oval contoured shape of the brush facilitates effortless application and blending, making it easy to achieve a natural look. Precision Design: Specifically designed to fit underneath the eyes and contour facial features, this brush helps you achieve precise makeup application with ease. Rise Above The Eco Med Concealer Blender Brush stands out for its superior quality and design: Innovative Shape: Unlike traditional makeup brushes, the oval shape of this brush allows for precise application and seamless blending. Quality Materials: Crafted with ultra fine fibers and velvet-like bristles, this brush ensures a luxurious makeup application experience. Multi-functional: While many brushes are limited in their use, this brush offers versatility, working well with various makeup products for a flawless finish. Your Beauty, Perfected For those seeking a professional makeup finish at home or on the go, the Eco Med Concealer Blender Brush offers the perfect solution: Efficiency: Say goodbye to streaks and uneven makeup application. This brush ensures a smooth, streak-free finish with minimal effort. Versatility: With its ability to blend various makeup products seamlessly, this brush simplifies your makeup routine, saving you time and energy. Precision: Whether you're targeting under-eye circles or contouring your facial features, this brush provides precise application for a polished look. Specifications Material: Ultra fine fibers with velvet-like bristles Shape: Oval contoured Compatibility: Suitable for use with foundations, BB Cream, powder, moisturizer, primer, blush, and bronzers Ready to elevate your makeup game? Purchase the Eco Med Concealer Blender Brush today and experience the difference it makes in your beauty routine!
ECO MED_Stainless Hair Cutting Scissors 6
ECO MED Stainless Hair Cutting Scissors 6" $24.99
Stainless Hair Cutting Scissors 6" Reach new heights in styling with our premium-grade Stainless Hair Cutting Scissors! Designed for professional hairstylists and enthusiasts alike, these scissors are the ultimate tool for achieving flawless haircuts. Crafted from high-quality Japanese stainless steel, our scissors offer exceptional sharpness, durability, and precision. Weighing only 67.4 grams, our 6" hair cutting scissors provide optimal balance, making them easy to handle and control for precise cutting techniques. They are meticulously crafted to deliver precise and clean cuts, allowing you to achieve professional results at home or in the salon. Each pair of scissors comes with a sleek case featuring red velvet lining, providing both style and protection for hair sheers.
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ECO MED_6 pcs Body Care Kit_Cosmetic World
ECO MED 6 pcs Body Care Kit $10.99 $24.00
6 pcs Body Care Kit This Body Care Kit has it all! Check it out: One size fits all cotton terry slippers: These slippers are made from cotton terry material, which is soft and absorbent. They are designed to fit most foot sizes and provide comfort while you move around during your body care routine. Foot file: A foot file is a tool used to exfoliate and smooth rough skin on the feet. It helps remove dead skin cells and calluses, leaving your feet feeling softer and smoother. Body buff: A body buff is a type of scrubbing tool used to exfoliate the skin on your body. It helps remove dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized. Natural bristles body brush: A body brush with natural bristles is commonly used for dry brushing, a technique where you gently brush your skin in upward motions before showering. Dry brushing helps exfoliate the skin, stimulate circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage. Loofah pad: A loofah pad is a natural sponge-like product made from the dried fibers of the loofah plant. It is used to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. The rough texture of the loofah pad helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and grime, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. Clear PVC zipper tote bag: The zipper closure ensures that your body care items are securely stored and easily portable. It provides a convenient way to organize and carry your body care essentials. This comprehensive Body Care Kit will help you keep your skin feeling healthy and looking its best! Look here for more skin care accessories. 
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ECO MED_Metal Sectioning Clips 4.5
ECO MED Metal Sectioning Clips 4.5"/11.5cm long assorted colours 12 pack $9.99 $16.00
Metal Sectioning Clips 4.5"/11.5cm long Unleash the power of precision in your hair styling with our Metal Sectioning Clips, designed to be your trusted companions in achieving flawless and efficient results. Crafted with care and durability in mind, these clips redefine your styling experience, ensuring every strand is a masterpiece. Effortless Precision, Lasting Performance Approximately 4.5"/11.5cm Long: The perfect length for versatile styling, these clips cater to your every hair styling need. Strong Spring Action: Experience a secure hold that keeps your hair exactly where you want it. No more unwanted slippage during cutting, coloring, or styling. Assorted Colors: Elevate your style with a touch of flair. Our clips come in 3 x Silver, 3 x Gold, 3 x Black, and 3 x Green, adding a vibrant touch to your styling routine. Your Styling Companion for Every Occasion Perfect for Hair Sectioning: Achieve salon-worthy precision in every section, whether you're cutting, coloring, or styling. Ideal for Rollers: Elevate your roller game with clips that ensure your curls are perfect and secure. Sports and Makeup Application: From active moments to flawless makeup application, these clips are your versatile styling companions. Quality You Can Trust Crafted from durable metal, our sectioning clips are a testament to lasting performance. Trust in a product that understands the artistry of hair styling and delivers on its promises. Elevate Your Styling Experience Today Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in hair styling precision. Elevate your artistry with Metal Sectioning Clips 4.5"/11.5cm - where precision meets passion.
ECO MED_Anti-Static Vent Brush_Cosmetic World
ECO MED Anti-Static Vent Brush $4.99
Anti-Static Vent Brush Say goodbye to frizz and static! Our anti-static vent brush is a must-have for those struggling with frizzy and static-prone hair. Crafted with high-quality materials, including an anti-static brush vinyl, this brush is designed to effectively combat static electricity and reduce frizz. With its 6 x 9 row teeth, it effortlessly detangles hair while gently massaging the scalp, promoting blood circulation and relaxation. Made in Japan, our Hair Anti-Static Vent Brush combines functionality, durability, and style. With a length of 19.5cm, it's a perfect tool for on-the-go use. Enjoy smooth, static-free hair with each brush stroke. Boost your home hair care routine with our salon-quality anti-static brush!
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ECO MED_Shea Butter pressed 8oz/227g_Cosmetic World
ECO MED Shea Butter pressed 8oz/227g from $5.99
100% Natural Premium Shea Butter Shea Butter is a natural and nourishing skin care product that will leave your hair, lips, and skin feeling rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. Derived from the nut of the African shea tree, Shea Butter is a rich and creamy substance packed with numerous benefits for your beauty routine. Say Hello to Healthy Hair Shea Butter is known for its exceptional moisturizing properties, making it an excellent choice for dry and damaged hair. It deeply penetrates the strands, revitalizing them from within and restoring their natural luster and shine. Regular use of Shea Butter for hair can help combat frizz, split ends, and breakage, promoting healthier and more manageable locks. Lips Deserve the Best When it comes to lip care, Shea Butter is a true lifesaver. Its emollient properties create a protective barrier, shielding your delicate lips from harsh environmental factors and preventing moisture loss. Shea Butter's natural vitamins and fatty acids nourish and hydrate, leaving your lips soft, smooth, and kissably supple. Nourish and Protect Your Skin Shea Butter isn't just limited to hair and lips; it's a versatile skincare superhero. Its rich texture absorbs easily into the skin, delivering intense hydration without clogging pores. Shea Butter is renowned for its ability to soothe and calm irritated skin, making it a popular choice for those with sensitive or dry skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. The vitamins and antioxidants present in Shea Butter contribute to its anti-aging properties, promoting a more youthful and radiant complexion. Our Shea Butter is sourced ethically and sustainably, ensuring that the communities involved in its production receive fair compensation for their work. We take pride in offering you a high-quality product that is free from harmful chemicals and additives, as we believe in the power of nature to provide the best care for your skin and hair.
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ECO MED_6 piece Foot care kit_Cosmetic World
ECO MED 6 piece Foot care kit $8.99 $24.00
6-piece Foot Care Kit The 6-piece Foot Care Kit is useful for maintaining healthy and well-groomed feet. It provides tools for exfoliating and removing dead skin, as well as massaging the feet for relaxation and improved circulation. These tools helps promote foot hygiene, softness, and overall foot well-being. 6 pcs Foot Care Kit comes with the following Cotton terry slippers (one size fits all) Foot file Body buff Natural bristles foot brush Wooden massage roller Clear PVC zipper tote bag These items are designed to provide a complete foot care experience, including exfoliation, massage, and comfort.
ECO MED_Thinning Shears 6
ECO MED Thinning Shears 6" Single row teeth $24.99
Thinning Shears 6" These professional-grade thinning shears are designed to effortlessly thin and texturize hair, providing you with exceptional control and precision. They offer a dependable and professional choice to experts and individuals who desire to craft texture, cut volume, or lend a softer look to dense hair. Whether you are looking to add volume, create layers, or enhance your haircut, these thinning shears are an essential tool for achieving your desired hairstyle. For optimal results and longevity, we recommend cleaning and maintaining your thinning shears regularly. Simply wipe them clean after each use and store them in a safe and dry place. Additionally, have your shears professionally sharpened periodically to ensure continued performance. Features & Benefits  Made from German stainless steel Comes with a black with red velvet carrying case to protect your shears Approximately 63.4 grams Approximately 6" with finger rest 33 teeth  
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ECO MED_Thinning Shears 13.5cm_Cosmetic World
ECO MED Thinning Shears 13.5cm $24.99
Thinning Shears  These Thinning Shears are designed to help you achieve stunning hairstyles with ease. With a length of 13.5 centimeters, these hair scissors strike the perfect balance between precision and maneuverability, making them a versatile tool for hair stylists and enthusiasts alike. Featuring 25 rows of meticulously crafted teeth, our thinning shears offer excellent control and texture creation. As you glide the shears through the hair, the teeth gently remove bulk and add depth, resulting in beautifully layered and styled haircuts. Whether you're looking to create soft, feathered ends or thin out thick locks, these shears are up to the task. The lightweight design allows for extended use without causing strain or fatigue, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cutting experience. Features & Benefits 13.5cm length for precise control and maneuverability 25 row teeth for effortless texturizing and layering Lightweight design at 40.5g for comfortable extended use Faux black leather handle for a secure and comfortable grip Red velvet protective carrying case for safe storage and easy transport


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