BABYLISS PRO_Snap-On Finger Diffuser_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Snap-On Finger Diffuser $14.99
BaByliss Pro Snap-On Finger Diffuser Lift & Separate hair. Create soft, bouncy curls without frizz. Ideal for natural wavy or permed hair. Easy installation to Babyliss Pro Dryers. Designed for Ionic dryers BABB6670C and BAB6685C
BABYLISS PRO_Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer BABNT5510NC_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer BABNT5510NC $44.99
Babyliss PRO Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer Babyliss PRO Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium Travel Hairdryer is an ultra-lightweight  compact dryer that provides 1000 watts of power and Nano titanium technology for a hot and powerful airflow. This technology also emits negative ions that eliminate frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth shiny hair. Perfect for travel! Features & Benefits Nano titanium grill Lightweight Strong air pressure and high heat 2 speed settings  Removable filter Ergonomic handle 6-foot cord with hanging loop Dual voltage BABNT5510NC
BABYLISS PRO_Rapido Lightest High Performance 1875 Watts Hair Dryer_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Rapido Lightest High Performance 1875 Watts Hair Dryer $189.99
BABYLISS PRO RAPIDO HAIR DRYER Rapido High Performance Hairdryer Increased air power dries hair faster than high heat alone and delivers unprecedented power and performance. Handcrafted at our own manufacturing facility in Bergamo, Italy. Removable noise-reducing filter lowers the dryer’s decibel level, creating a quieter working environment and a better overall salon experience. Up to 5,000 hours at full power. The MaxLife® PRO brushless motor eliminates parts that wear out over time – delivers up to 5 times longer life than traditional dryer motors. The secret is inside – internal construction expertly engineered to significantly reduce dryer weight. Add to that the ultra-light MaxLife® PRO brushless motor to experience the lightest weight, high-performance professional dryer ever made. This dryer is exceptionally comfortable to use. Features & Benefits Ferrari-designed engine with MaxLife® PRO brushless technology Made in Italy Super-lightweight dryer weighs significantly less than a pound! 40% lighter than other dryers - When compared to our other professional dryers Up to 50% faster drying - Based on higher air volume & pressure when compared to our DC motor dryers Over 50% quieter operation - Compared to our other professional dryers of like performance without noise-reducing filter Nano Titanium™ heat technology Up to 10,000 hours at full power 2000 watts 6 heat/speed settings Cold shot button Includes 2 snap-in concentrator nozzles Drawstring pouch included  
BABYLISS PRO_Turbo Xtreme Professional Turbo Dryer BAB9400C_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Turbo Xtreme Professional Turbo Dryer BAB9400C $115.99
Babyliss PRO Turbo Xtreme Professional Turbo Dryer - BAB9400C The Turbo Xtreme has a long-life AC motor and offers heavy duty 1875-watt performance. The ionizing function generates a cloud of negative ions that can: help reduce frizz by up to 75%, neutralize the generally positive charge on flyaway or frizzy hair, eliminate static electricity, and contribute to shine. It offers exceptional air pressure and high-heat performance!  Features & Benefits Built-in ion generator  Long-life AC motor True cold shot button 2 speed and 3 heat settings Removable filter 2 snap-on concentrator nozzles (60mm & 75mm) 9-ft power cord
PARLUX_Parlux 2800 125 Volt/1875 Watt Blowdryer_Cosmetic World
PARLUX Parlux 2800 125 Volt/1875 Watt Blowdryer $209.99
Shop your Parlux in store. Save up to 20%. Visit us at 623 Yonge Street, Toronto. The #1 selling professional blow dryer in Cosmetic World for over 10 years. Walk into any salon in Yorkville and someone is working with this blowdryer. The Parlux 2800 has established itself as one of the most professional dryer in salons around the world as it has a powerful and long lasting motor which outputs 50 cubic metres per hour.The 2800 not only features a 1875 watt motor which makes drying the hair a pleasure, but also introduces a new way of holding a hairdryer, with a revolutionary comfort-handle. As you can expect from Parlux hairdryers it not only incorporates heavy-duty professional switches, but is also supplied with durable casing to prevent damage. With an extended life AC motor, the dryer offers years of usage.The Parlux 2800 hairdryer is supplied with a 3 metre salon length cable and has two speed settings and three temperature settings so you can find the perfect combination for your hair. It features a cold shot button which is ideal for finishing and setting your style in place.Includes two concentrator styling nozzles.
CERIOTTI_Ceriotti WoW 3200 Professional Hairdryer_Cosmetic World
CERIOTTI Ceriotti WoW 3200 Professional Hairdryer $249.99
Ceriotti WoW 3200 Professional Hairdryer Lightweight, balanced, and exceptionally powerful hairdryer! Excellent soundproofing for optimum comfort. Wow: the perfect tool for every hairstyle! Features & Benefits Filter inox Power 1875W/2000W Long-life motor AC Lightweight: 260 g Air capacity 75/95 - m³/h 2 speed settings and 4 temperature settings Ergonomic grip True cold shot button Silent motor No EMC emission Model: WOW 3200
BABYLISS PRO_Diamond Titanium 1900 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer BABDTB5586_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Diamond Titanium 1900 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer BABDTB5586 $199.99
Babyliss PRO Diamond Titanium 1900 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer BABDTB5586 This innovative new Babyliss Diamond Titanium Blow Dryer is light in the hand and very easy to use! Don't let it's weight and simplicity fool you, this dryer provides maximum performance with 1900 Watts of power. Your hair will dry from the inside out with top-notch heat conductivity. This heat stems from titanium and maximum far-infrared heat. It also has ionic generator that emits millions of negative ions. This results in reduced frizz and amazing shine and smoothness! Features & Benefits Superior heat conductivity of titanium Dazzling Swarovski crystals & elegant design deliver performance with style 6 heat/speed settings Maximum far-infrared heat that penetrates hair gently from within Ionic generator emits millions of negative ions that eliminate frizz Lightweight and easy to handle Professional 10 foot power cord
GAMMAPIU_Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer_Cosmetic World
GAMMAPIU Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer $250.00
Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer Introducing the Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer—an epitome of tranquility and professional efficiency. Engineered for those who value serenity and crave a lightweight, high-performance hair care experience. Unmatched Features, Unrivaled Benefits Whisper-Like Silence: Dive into a realm of quietness as the built-in silencer reduces acoustic stress, providing a serene hairdressing atmosphere. Featherweight Design: Feel the comfort of a light and perfectly balanced dryer, revolutionizing the way you handle your hair routine. Eco-Conscious Power: Experience eco-friendliness firsthand with limited consumption (just 1600 W) and recyclable case and packaging, contributing to a sustainable future. Electromagnetic Pollution Reduction: Reduce electromagnetic pollution by up to 92%, ensuring a healthier and safer drying experience. Turbo-Powered Performance: Embrace reduced drying times with the patented Evolution Turbo Compressor (ETC) Technology, amplifying airspeed for efficient and faster results. Professional Precision, Personalized Settings Optimized Settings: Tailor your drying experience with 2 speed and 3 heat settings, along with a cool shot button for setting your style flawlessly. Silver Nanotechnology: The grill coated in 999‰ silver nanotechnology ensures enhanced hygiene and durability. Specialized Nozzles: Enjoy versatility with 2 specialized snap-on nozzles included, allowing precision and control in every style you create. Trusted Technology: Powered by a professional DC motor and patented innovation, guaranteeing quality performance with every use. Feel the Difference Indulge in a serene styling experience that's gentle on both your senses and the environment. Say goodbye to noise, embrace efficiency, and revel in the luxury of professional results at your fingertips. Elevate your hair care routine today with the Gammapiu Relax Silent Hair Dryer!Made in Italy
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BABYLISS PRO_Snap-On Diffuser_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Snap-On Diffuser $19.99
BaByliss Pro Snap-On Diffuser – Lift & Separate hair. Create soft, bouncy curls without frizz. Ideal for natural wavy or permed hair. Easy installation to Babyliss Pro Dryers.   Designed for ·         Babyliss Pro Rapido Hair Dryer  ·         Babyliss Pro Italiabrava Hair Dryer  ·         Babyliss Pro Volare V2 Hair Dryer  ·         Babyliss Pro Torino 6100 Hair Dryer 
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KADORI_Leveled Infrared Ionic Air L.I.A 2500X Professional Salon Hairdryer_Cosmetic World
KADORI Leveled Infrared Ionic Air L.I.A 2500X Professional Salon Hairdryer $79.99 $99.99
Kadori Leveled Infrared Ionic Air L.I.A 2500X Professional Salon Hairdryer The LIA 2500X features a professional-strength motor deliver high pressure air flow for super-fast drying, while advanced ionic technology reduces frizz and flyaways to give a smooth salon-style finish in no time! The Kadori LIA is also easy to use thanks to an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold for both left and right-handed users. Features & Benefits Diffuser and nozzle included Extremely powerful yet smooth extended-life AC motor Ceramic tourmaline coils seal in moisture while reducing drying time by up to 80% Easy to control, with separate heat and speed settings Cool shot button  Extra long cord gives you the freedom of movement Smooth far-infrared heat and low electromagnetic field reduces damage to the hair Leveled infrared Ionic Air L.I.A technology produces ultimate shine and conditioned hair
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BABYLISS PRO_Nano Titanium Ionic Hairdryer BNTBL9000C_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Nano Titanium Ionic Hairdryer BNTBL9000C $124.99
Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ionic Hairdryer - BNTBL9000C Power meets function and design. This hairdryer is hot, powerful and easy to handle. A built-in ion generator releases millions of negative ions to dry hair faster, lock in the hair's natural moisture and eliminate frizz. Experience fast drying time and brilliant shine! Features & Benefits Nano titanium technology Powerful, long life AC motor Built-in ion generator Hot and powerful airflow 2 speed and 3 heat settings plus a cool shot button Magnetic filter cap Anti-skid bumpers 2 concentrator nozzles included (1 nozzle with dual outlet) 1875 watts 9-ft power cord
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DEVA CURL_DevaFuser Universal Diffuser for All Curlkind_Cosmetic World
DEVA CURL DevaFuser Universal Diffuser for All Curlkind $59.99
Deva Curl DevaFuser Universal Diffuser Designed for all curl kinds. Reduce frizz when you dry your hair. Enhance definition & volume, thanks to the innovative 360-degree airflow design. Preserve natural shine and moisture with a ceramic coated core. Patented ergonomic design defines your curls. Durable and long lasting. Fit most dryers. Key Benefits  Universal size for most commercial dryers Reduce frizz when drying Preserve shine and moisture Durable Dry faster
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AVANTI_Folding Travel Hairdryer AV-TRAVC_Cosmetic World
AVANTI Folding Travel Hairdryer AV-TRAVC $44.99
Avanti Folding Travel Hairdryer AV-TRAVC This compact dryer is the perfect travel companion. Its small size, ultra-light weight, and folding handle make it an easy fit for the purse, gym bag, or suitcase. Take it along for power styling on the go! Snap-on nozzle included. Features & Benefits Hot and powerful airflow 2 speed/heat integrated switch Cool shot button Ultra lightweight Dual voltage 1600 watts
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BABYLISS PRO_Tourmaline & Ceramic Hair Dryer BTM5559PPBRC_Cosmetic World
BABYLISS PRO Tourmaline & Ceramic Hair Dryer BTM5559PPBRC $99.99
Babyliss PRO Tourmaline & Ceramic Hair Dryer - BTM5559PPBRC Babyliss PRO Brilliance edition hair dryer with diffuser and concentrator nozzle. And a bonus large ceramic thermal brush! Ceramic and tourmaline are natural sources of negative ions and far-infrared heat. Negative ions eliminate frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth shiny hair. Far-infrared heat penetrates hair from within, resulting in faster drying with less damage. Features & Benefits Professional high performance DC motor  Removable filter Cold shot button 2 speed and 3 heat settings 9-ft power cord
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PAUL MITCHELL_Express Ion Dry+ Hair Dryer_Cosmetic World
PAUL MITCHELL Express Ion Dry+ Hair Dryer $149.99
Paul Mitchell ProTools Express Ion Dry+ Hair Dryer Style smarter, not harder. Dry hair quickly and gently with the Express Ion Dry+ as it creates natural emissions of negative ions and far-infrared heat, resulting in hydrated and noticeably shiny hair. Features & Benefits Easy-snap removable filter Digital LCD display shows temperature, airflow, and cool shot settings 5 temperature/5 speed settings Lightweight and ergonomic design Cool shot button 1875-watt DC motor 9-foot professional length cord with hanging loop Includes styling nozzle and diffuser 


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