PAUL BROWN_Kukui Washe Crystal Clear Shampoo 250 ml/8.5 oz_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Kukui Washe Crystal Clear Shampoo 250 ml/8.5 oz $9.99
Paul Brown Kukui Washe Crystal Clear Shampoo 250 ml/8.5 oz Unleash the power of nature on your hair with our Hawaiian Protein Flora Shampoo – a luxurious blend of a unique protein complex and Kukui Nut Oil designed to transform your hair care routine. Elevate your hair's health and radiance with every wash! Benefits That Speak to You Nourishing Protein Complex: Infused with a proprietary Hawaiian protein flora complex, our shampoo is a powerhouse of essential fatty acids. Experience the deep nourishment that your hair craves, promoting a metabolism of health and vitality. Kukui Nut Oil Magic: Enriched with the goodness of Kukui Nut Oil, our formula ensures your hair absorbs highly unsaturated oils effortlessly. Maintain the elusive moisture balance for hair that speaks volumes – healthy, vibrant, and irresistibly soft. Rich Lather, Deep Cleanse: Indulge in the sumptuous lather that our special formula brings to your shower. Watch as it effortlessly sweeps away dirt, grime, and residue left by styling products, leaving your hair refreshed and revitalized. How It Makes You Feel Picture the joy of running your fingers through hair that's not just clean but radiant with health. Our shampoo doesn't just cleanse; it pampers your hair, creating an experience that makes you feel confident and ready to conquer your day. Easy-to-Use Ritual Wet Hair: Begin with wet hair for the perfect canvas. Apply & Massage: A small amount goes a long way. Massage vigorously into hair and scalp for a luxurious experience. Rinse & Repeat: Rinse thoroughly to reveal a new level of cleanliness and repeat as desired. Your hair deserves the best – give it the luxury it craves.
PAUL BROWN_Velocity High Impact Hair Spray 250 ml/8.5 oz_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Velocity High Impact Hair Spray 250 ml/8.5 oz $14.99
Paul Brown Hawaii Velocity High Impact Hair Spray 250 ml/8.5 oz Unleash the power of the extraordinary with our Paul Brown Velocity High Impact Hair Spray. More than just a finishing spray, it's your secret weapon for a style that defies gravity and radiates confidence. Get ready for a hair transformation like never before! Features That Redefine Your Look Stamina & Control: Velocity isn't just a spray; it's your style's stamina booster. Maximize control effortlessly, ensuring your hair stays as vibrant as you intended. Defy Gravity: Elevate your style to new heights. Our high-impact finishing spray defies gravity, keeping your hair looking fresh and fabulous all day long. Ultimate Protection: Beyond style, Velocity protects. Don't let environmental factors dull your shine. Our spray is buffered with glossers for a radiant finish that lasts. Feel the Confidence, Embrace the Shine Imagine a day when your hair not only looks fabulous but feels incredible too. Velocity gives you the power to take control of your hair, creating a style that exudes confidence and shines with brilliance. How to Channel Your Velocity Hold & Spray: Keep the spray 10 inches away from your hair. During Styling: Lightly spray to set the foundation of your style. After Styling: Seal the deal with another light spray for a finishing touch that lasts. Ready to Elevate Your Hair Game? Take the leap and make Paul Brown Velocity High Impact Hair Spray your go-to styling companion. Elevate your style, defy gravity, and embrace the confidence that comes with a look that lasts. Your style, your rules – make them unforgettable.
PAUL BROWN_Hapuna Aero Firm Hold Spray_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Hapuna Aero Firm Hold Spray $19.99
Paul Brown Hapuna Aero Firm Hold Spray 300 ml/ 9 oz Introducing Paul Brown Hapuna Aero Firm Hold Spray, your secret weapon for achieving salon-quality styles that last. This fine, controlled mist provides a firm hold that keeps your hair in place from morning till night. Key Benefits All-Day Hold: Say goodbye to midday touch-ups. Our firm hold hairspray molds your hair into place and keeps it there, ensuring your style stays flawless all day long. Volume and Lift: Elevate your hair game with added volume and lift. Enjoy a significant boost that adds dimension and vitality to your look. Weather-Resistant: Don't let the elements dampen your style. This hairspray holds its shape even in damp, humid weather, allowing you to face any forecast with confidence. Shiny Finish: Revel in the beauty of a shiny, radiant finish. Our formula leaves your hair looking glossy and polished, without any stickiness or flaky residue. Feel Confident, Look Stunning With Paul Brown Hapuna Aero Firm Hold Spray, you're not just styling your hair; you're crafting a statement. Feel the confidence that comes with knowing your hair looks impeccable, no matter what the day brings. Elevate Your Styling Routine Take your styling game to the next level with Paul Brown Hapuna Aero Firm Hold Spray. Elevate your everyday look and step out with hair that exudes confidence and style.
PAUL BROWN_Hydrating Volumizer Styling Mist_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Hydrating Volumizer Styling Mist $19.99
Paul Brown Hydrating Volumizer Styling Mist A non-aerosol volumizing spray, imparts incredible volume while providing strengthening and conditioning properties. Features: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hemp Seed Oil and Ginseng Extract keep hair strong and healthy while delivering natural volume. Sunflower Seed Extract provides natural UV protection and helps prolong the life of your hair color. How to use? Hold 10 inches from hair and spray lightly during styling and again after styling is completed.
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PAUL BROWN_Wacks Sculpting & Moulding Wax 2 oz_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Wacks Sculpting & Moulding Wax 2 oz $24.99
Paul Brown Wacks Sculpting & Moulding Wax The fiber-like, resinous product helps texturize and mold hair into place. It provides a strong, pliable hold with a natural finish. Works well in shorter hair, 1-3 inches in length. Features: No product build-up. water-soluble formulation that shampoos right out and keeps your hair looking naturally healthy and shiny. How to use?  For best results, rub a small amount evenly between palms before working into dry hair.
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PAUL BROWN_Shine Amplifier (Shine Gloss Spray)_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Shine Amplifier (Shine Gloss Spray) $29.99
Paul Brown Shine Amplifier (Shine Gloss Spray) Shine Amplifier transforms dull, lifeless hair and adds a polished, reflective shine with natural weightless brilliance to your hairstyling routine. It works by using a very fine, lightweight mist to ensure a natural finish. Features:  water-soluble, so get shine without the buildups. renew luster to even the dullest hair. protect color without weighing down hairstyles. How to use? lightly mist onto styled hair for a beautiful shine and to tame flyaways.
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PAUL BROWN_Diamond heads Ultra Shine Serum 118ml / 4 oz_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Diamond heads Ultra Shine Serum 118ml / 4 oz $29.99
Paul Brown Hawaii Diamond Heads Ultra Shine Serum Infused with kukui nuts lipids, this silky, smooth shine serum physically seals the outer layer of the hair shaft creating a radiant, high gloss finish. How to use? Apply 1 or 2 drops to palm and rub hands together, disbursing evenly. Lightly message hand through hair. Apply to wet or dry hair.
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PAUL BROWN_Thermal Power (Color & Styling Treatment)_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Thermal Power (Color & Styling Treatment) $19.99
Paul Brown Thermal Power (Color & Styling Treatment) This prevent color fading while protecting hair from thermal heat and ultraviolet damage. It promotes silky, shy and controlled styling and can be used daily without weighing the hair down. Moreover, It provides great, luxurious shine and humidity resistance which protects your hair investment. This unique formula acts as a color protectant that keeps hair color from fading or stripping. How to use? Spray on clean, wet or damp hair. Comb through hair and proceed with styling.
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PAUL BROWN_Hapuna Cleanse Balancing Cleanser 10 oz_Cosmetic World
PAUL BROWN Hapuna Cleanse Balancing Cleanser 10 oz $19.99
Paul Brown Hapuna Cleanse Balancing Cleanser A rich blend of fruit and plant extracts protect and prolong haircolor, adding luster and fullness. Keeps hair and scalp’s natural oils balanced, maintaining healthy shine and vibrancy. Contains silk protein which prevents hair from alkaline material damage and increases the hair’s elasticity and natural shine. Features: No animal testing and environmentally friendly formulation and packaging. Free of sodium chloride, sulfates and parabens. Keeps hair and scalp's natural oils balanced, maintaining healthy shine and vibrancy. Contains silk protein which prevents hair from alkaline material damage and increases the hair's elasticity and natural shine. How to use? A gentle balancing shampoo that can be used daily to cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly


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