The following postal codes are eligible for FREE shipping over 149. This list is updated periodically and does not have all postal codes. If you have any question about shipping, please feel free to email us at Last updated 5/16/22.

A0**** E7J*** J9Y***
A1**** E7K*** K0****
A2**** E7L*** K2S***
A8**** E7M*** K7A***
B0**** E7N*** K7C***
B1**** E7P*** K7G***
B2**** E8**** K7H***
B4**** E9A*** K7S***
B5**** E9B*** K7V***
B9**** E9C*** N0****
C0**** E9E*** N4K***
E0**** E9H*** N5A***
E1**** G0A*** N5C***
E2**** G0C*** N5L***
E3L*** G0E*** N5P***
E3N*** G0G*** N5R***
E4A*** G0H*** N7S***
E4B*** G0J*** P0****
E4C*** G0K*** P1P***
E4E*** G0L*** P2****
E4M*** G0M*** P7****
E4S*** G0N*** P8****
E4T*** G0P*** R0****
E4W*** G0R*** R1****
E4Y*** G0S*** R4****
E4Z*** G0T*** R5****
E5A*** G0V*** R6****
E5B*** G0W*** R7****
E5C*** G0X*** R8****
E5E*** G0Y*** R9****
E5G*** G0Z*** S0****
E5J*** G4**** S6****
E5L*** G8**** S7****
E5M*** J0E*** S9****
E5N*** J0K*** T0****
E5P*** J0L2** T1****
E5R*** J0M*** T4****
E5T*** J0R*** T7****
E5V*** J0T*** T8****
E6A*** J0V*** T9****
E6B*** J0W*** V0****
E6C*** J0X*** V1****
E6E*** J0Y*** V4V***
E6G*** J0Z*** V8****
E6H*** J3G*** V9****
E6J*** J3T*** X0****
E6K*** J7J*** X1****
E7A*** J8E*** Y0****
E7B*** J8G*** Y1A***
E7E*** J9B*** Northwest Territories
E7G*** J9E*** Nunavut
E7H*** J9P*** Yukon