SILKLINE_Disposable Boomerang Zebra File 180/180_Cosmetic World
SILKLINE Disposable Boomerang Zebra File 180/180 $1.99
Silkline Disposable Boomerang Zebra File Silkline Disposable Boomerang Zebra File features a boomerang shape allows you to easily glide around nail corners and provides a comfortable hold. Silkline Disposable Boomerang Zebra File is suitable for both natural and artificial nails. Perfect for shaping and all sorts of nail filing. Silkline Disposable Boomerang Zebra File helps remove gel polish, ridges, stains on nail surface. Silkline Disposable Boomerang Zebra File is washable with strong durable material. Key Features Double-sided, grit 180/180 Shape and perfect natural nail File down acrylic nails, nail extensions, and false nail tips Use also to remove ridges and stains on nail surface before polish/UV gel and acrylic applications Hygienic, disposable, washable Made of strong durable materials, plastic core, EVA sponge, and white abrasives. Dimensions: 7.08” x 1.10” (18 cm x  2.8 cm)
SECHE VITE_Dry Fast Top Coat_Cosmetic World
SECHE VITE Dry Fast Top Coat from $14.99
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Seche Natural™ strengthens weak nails with wheat protein, calcium and polyurethane Leaving a healthy natural finish with out a high shine. Ideal for men! Seche Natural™ can be worn alone leaving a matte finish or as a nourishing base coat under polish. **Refill size. Application brush is not included**
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DASHING DIVA_Professional LED Light Pod Kit_Cosmetic World
DASHING DIVA Professional LED Light Pod Kit $49.99 $59.99
Dashing Diva Professional LED Light Pod Kit Unleash the power of flawless nails with the Dashing Diva Professional LED Light Pod Kit—the epitome of the ultimate LED Gel System. Compact yet super-powered, this kit guarantees maximum results that redefine your nail game. Features that Make a Difference: 1. Lightning-Fast Curing Experience the magic of a 45-second cure time, ensuring your nails are ready to steal the spotlight in no time. Say goodbye to long waiting periods and hello to instant glamour. 2. Breakthrough LED Technology Superior Homogeneity: 5x better cure than competitors, ensuring uniform exposure of light on all nail surfaces. 36 Premium LED Bulbs: Delivers 48 mW per cm for all nails surfaces with 10 watts. Ergonomic Design: Ensures all nails are optimally positioned for efficient curing. Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all types of LED Gel polishes. Longevity: With a 50,000-hour life expectancy, this LED LightPod is your enduring beauty companion. 3. Safety First Our LED LightPod prioritizes safety without compromising on style. Always remember to unplug the LED LightPod when not in use, avoiding its use in or around water. Safety is chic, and we want you to sparkle responsibly. 4. Gel Perfection The kit includes Gelife Base Gel and Gelife Top Gel (0.4 fl oz each) for a flawless finish that lasts. Formulated to perfection, these gels ensure your nails look salon-fresh for an extended period. 5. Dazzling Color Palette Elevate your nail art with the carefully curated color selection in this kit: CFX020- Take a Bite DFX061- Clandestiny DFX065- Plaid to Meet Ya DFXG005-Diamond Dust Benefits That Speak to You Feel the confidence radiate as your nails dazzle under the professional LED light. With Dashing Diva, you're not just applying polish; you're expressing yourself.


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