Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Wash



300ml / 10.1oz 1L / 33.8oz


Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Wash


300ml / 10.1oz 1L / 33.8oz
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Product description

Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Wash!

Unveiling the Brilliance

Unlock the secret to radiant hair with Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Wash! This revolutionary shampoo swiftly neutralizes brassiness and unwanted yellow undertones while delicately cleansing your locks. Infused with a magical blend of purple and blue pigments, along with a pH-balanced formula, it ensures your hair color remains vivid and captivating until your next salon appointment.

Benefits & Features

  • Say Goodbye to Brassiness: Bid farewell to lackluster locks as this shampoo eliminates brassiness and restores vibrancy.

  • Perfect Harmony for Color-Treated Hair: Ideal for all hair types, including blond, grey, super-lightened, or bleached hair, this shampoo breathes life into color-treated locks.

  • Dual Action Wonder: Enjoy the convenience of cleansing and toning in one step, leaving your hair brilliantly toned and irresistibly shiny.

  • Gentle Yet Powerful: Crafted without harsh chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, it offers gentle care without compromising on effectiveness.

Shine Brighter Than the Rest

Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Wash stands apart from the crowd with its potent pigmented formula and unique blend of purple and blue hues. Unlike ordinary shampoos, it doesn't just cleanse; it transforms your hair, infusing it with unparalleled vibrancy and radiance. With its pH-balanced formula, it ensures lasting color retention, setting new standards in hair care excellence.

Your Hair's Knight in Shining Armor

Struggling with dull, lifeless hair plagued by brassiness and yellow undertones? Fear not! Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Wash is here to save the day. Whether you're a homeowner longing for salon-worthy locks or a business owner seeking to elevate your establishment's allure, this shampoo is your ultimate weapon against lackluster hair. Embrace the brilliance and unleash your hair's true potential!


  • pH Perfection: Optimal pH value of 4.5
  • Key Ingredients: Magical blend of purple and blue pigments
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Apply to wet hair and scalp
    • Massage gently
    • Leave on for 5 minutes
    • Rinse thoroughly
  • Recommended Frequency: For maximum tonal deposit, use daily. For tonal maintenance, apply once or twice a week.

Ready to embrace luminous locks? Make Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Wash your hair's new best friend and shine like never before

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