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DESIGN ME_QUICKIE.ME Dry Shampoo Foam 5.3 oz_Cosmetic World
DESIGN ME QUICKIE.ME Dry Shampoo Foam 5.3 oz $7.99 $27.99
Design.Me Quickie Me Dry Shampoo Foam Say hello to your hair’s secret weapon to maintaining its style. This foam’s rice starch base works to absorb oil, buildup and odour from all hair types and colours; leaving it looking and feeling clean, refreshed and voluminous. The foam dissipates instantly with no sticky feeling or affecting your styling (naturally curly girls with the blow out, we are talking to you). For all hair tones and types. QUICKLY CLEANSES AND REFRESHES YOUR HAIR Instantly get rid of greasy and dull hair with Quickie.ME Dry Shampoo Foam. It has a unique rice starch formula that absorbs hair oil, lifts the roots for added hair volume, and styles hair without the need for water. NO WHITE RESIDUE AND OVERPOWERING SMELL Our dry shampoo foam leaves your hair feeling and smelling fresh, without the overpowering smell. Your hair will look clean and fresh with no white or sticky residues. QUICK AND EASY TO USE It’s super easy to use. Shake well and apply a golf ball-sized amount directly to the roots. Massage until dry! After that, your hair will look, feel, and smell fresh throughout the day! This no-rinse shampoo is perfect to use when you're in a hurry and have no time to wash your hair. Also great to use after work-out, while traveling, and for many other activities. WORKS FOR ALL HAIR TYPES This vegan shampoo foam maintains the natural look of your hair tone no matter what hair tone or hair type you have. Blonde, brunette or redhead, straight or curly - our dry shampoo got you covered! SAFE FOR YOU Quickie.ME is simply pure hair happiness. It has none of the nasty or harmful ingredients. It’s vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. Your hair will seriously love it! Foaming cleanse, no water required Light conditioning Non-sticky formula Go longer between washes Great for restyling, if desired Absorbs oil Eliminates odour Restores volume Invisible Rice starch base Colour-safe
-59% sale
MOON COLLECTION_Professional Coloring Whisks 12 pieces_Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION Professional Coloring Whisks 12 pieces $9.99 $24.00
Professional Coloring Whisks 12 pieces Introducing Professional Coloring Whisks, the perfect tool for your coloring needs! Made with high-quality materials, these whisks allow you to evenly blend and mix colors with ease. With a lightweight and ergonomic design, they are comfortable to use and make coloring a breeze. The strong handle ensures that you have a secure grip on the whisk, allowing you to work without any worries. Features & Benefits Size: 17.2 cm / 6.77 inches Set includes: 3 blue, 3 purple, 3 orange, 3 turquoise whisks No more scraping the sides of the bowl Easy mixing of color/bleach and developer faster Easy to clean and reuse Sure grip power with ribbed grip handle  Convenient storage loop Great value If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use tool for your coloring needs, then look no further than the Professional Coloring Whisks. With their high-quality construction, you can trust that you’ll be able to get the perfect color blend every time. Get your set today and start creating beautiful works of art!
MOON COLLECTION_Nail clipper - Medium_Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION Nail clipper - Medium $4.99
Nail clipper This stainless steel nail clipper is the ultimate tool for maintaining neat and tidy nails. With its precise cutting blades and ergonomic design, it provides a comfortable and efficient nail trimming experience. Whether you're dealing with fingernails or toenails, our nail clipper is versatile enough to handle both. Features and Benefits Precise cutting Metal file strip for smoother edges Compact design can fit anywhere Durable stainless steel Machine sharpened edges  Size: 2.5" / 6.35 cm (model: NC-62) Experience perfectly manicured nails with our top-notch Nail Clipper - effortless grooming awaits!
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MOON COLLECTION_Detangle brush_Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION Detangle brush $9.99 $15.00
Detangle Brush Detangle your hair quickly and effortlessly with two length tooth innovation. Moon Collection detangling hair brush gently detangles all hair types with minimal damage, leaving hair soft and shiny. Long flexible teeth eliminate tangles, minimizes breakage and finishes your hair looking healthier, while shorter flexible teeth smoothen and leave hair shiny and frizz-free. Looking for the best detangle brush? You are in the right place! A classic design found throughout the world, Moon Collection Detangle Hair Brush is great for all textures of hair. Detangles wet or dry hair with its flexible, two-length teeth bristles that glide through hair without snagging, leaving it straightened and tangle-free. Start detangling your hair quickly and effortlessly. Available in Yellow, Pink, Purple and Black. How to detangle hair with a Detangle Brush Start from the ends of your hair and gently work your way up. Run the brush through your hair in sections, starting from the bottom and slowly working up. When you reach a knot, gently pull the brush through the tangle until it is gone. Take a look at our complete collection of high quality hair brushes!
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DAILY SIGNATURE_Natural Multi-use Disinfectant Wipes (80 pieces per pack)_Cosmetic World
DAILY SIGNATURE Natural Multi-use Disinfectant Wipes (80 pieces per pack) $4.99 $8.99
Daily Wipes Natural Multiple-use Cleaning Wipe Disinfecting wipe that kills 99.9% bacteria, viruses & fungi. Non-alcoholic formula with silver ion technology effectively & efficiently cleans the surface. Free from harmful chemicals or artificial fragrance. Baking Soda + Green Tea Catechin work together as a powerful oxidant agent. Break walls of bacteria and viruses without irritating your skin. Children, pet, skin friendly wipe that clean without compromising your health. 60g thick & made with superior EMBO material for extra softness & non-slip effect. Air-lock lid keep wipes moisturized and clean. Convenient one-hand open design. Made in Korea. KEY BENEFITS 80 wipes / pack 60 gsm / sheet Soft EMBO fabric Kills 99.9% bacteria, viruses, fungi Non-alcoholic Free from harmful chemical Kids, pet, skin friendly Baking Soda & Green Tea Catechin Safe on all surfaces, granite, wood, plastic, stainless steel
-51% sale
Moon Beaute_Foot File_Cosmetic World
Moon Beaute Foot File $4.99 $10.00
Silky-Smooth Feet with Our Foot File he ultimate foot scrubber for silky-smooth feet, our Foot File is a game-changer in your beauty routine. Crafted with durable, gentle abrasive surfaces, this file ensures your feet feel pampered and smooth effortlessly. What Makes Our Foot File Stand Out: High-Quality Material: Effectively removes rough, dry skin, revealing smooth and soft feet. Ergonomic Design: Comfortable handle for easy grip and maneuverability. Dual-Sided File: Versatile use on varying degrees of roughness. Easy to Clean: Ensures hygiene and longevity. Compact & Portable: Ideal for travel, keeping feet smooth on the go. Enhanced Foot Health: Prevents callus buildup, promoting healthier feet. Improved Foot Appearance: Visibly smoother and more attractive feet. Time-Saving Solution: Remove dead skin at home, saving time and money.
D'AMOUR_Hair comb_Cosmetic World
D'AMOUR Hair comb $2.99
Hair comb This classic hair comb features 92 teeth over a length of 17.2 cm / 6.77". Its teeth become finer as its spine progresses, aiding with the easy sectioning and parting of hair. Features and Benefits of D'amour hair comb Great for hair cutting Sectioning and parting Styling Application of products 17.2 cm / 6.77" long 92 teeth Firm and flexible material Professional hair stylist approved
MOON COLLECTION_Nail Clipper - Large_Cosmetic World
MOON COLLECTION Nail Clipper - Large $5.99
Nail Clipper This stainless steel nail clipper is a professional-grade tool for cutting nails quickly and efficiently. Its precision-crafted blades provide a clean cut, so you can maintain well-manicured nails. Features and Benefits Metal file strip for smoother edges Compact design for easy storage Strong stainless steel construction Machine sharpened edges for precise cutting Size: Approximately 3" / 7.62 cm Large size variant: NC-75
KECO_Round Tip Palm Brush (8580)_Cosmetic World
KECO Round Tip Palm Brush (8580) $1.00
Round Tip Palm Brush The Round Tip Palm Brush is the perfect size to keep in your purse or gym bag! This ergonomic styling tool gives you excellent control over your hair, so you can quickly and easily create voluminous curls, soft waves, or sleek smoothness. Compact and versatile, the Round Tip Palm Brush is the ideal portable solution for styling any time, anywhere! Features & Benefits Palm size Silicone round tip Soft bristle Soft cushion Detangles hair Deep massage scalp Lightweight 14.5cm (L) x 4.5cm (W) // 5" (L) x 2" (W)
-21% sale
KECO_Detangling brush_Cosmetic World
KECO Detangling brush $11.99 $15.00
Detangling Brush Designed by a hair stylist with over 30 years experience in a salon. Three years of research and design into the development of the detangling brush. No more tangles! A revolution in hair care! Detangling brush will gently, effortlessly, painlessly banish tangles and knots from your hair in an instant. Healthier hair Detangling brush delivers rapid detangling. Instant results on both wet or dry hair while helping to minimize hair breakage and split ends.  More shine Used as a finishing tool, quickly refresh sleek looks, helping to gently smooth the hair's protective cuticle layer. Detangling brush noticeably increases shine for a professional salon finish. Features & Benefits Ideal for all hair types prone to tangles Detangles straight or curly hair Great for highlighted or color treated hair Compatible with hair extensions, clip-in's, wefts and weaves Not recommended for use with heat tools. 
KECO_Round Tip Palm Brush (8581D)_Cosmetic World
KECO Round Tip Palm Brush (8581D) $2.99
Keco Round Tip Palm Brush Transform your hair care on the go with the Round Tip Palm Brush. Compact, efficient, and tailored to provide a luxurious hair experience wherever life takes you. Unveiling the Features Palm-Sized Perfection: Compact and convenient, this brush fits snugly in your purse or gym bag, making it your go-to companion for instant hair touch-ups anywhere, anytime. Silicone Round Tip: Crafted with a silicone round tip that effortlessly glides through hair, ensuring a gentle untangling experience without pulling or discomfort. Soft Bristles & Cushion: Delight in the softness of the bristles and the cushion that offer a deep, relaxing massage to your scalp while efficiently detangling knots with ease. Lightweight Design: Weighing light as a feather, this brush becomes an indispensable part of your hair care routine without burdening your luggage or purse. Experience the Feelings Feel the instant relief and comfort as this brush indulges your scalp in a revitalizing massage, effortlessly detangling knots and leaving your hair feeling silky smooth. Compact. Effective. Essential. Carry the Round Tip Palm Brush wherever you go and turn every hair moment into a rejuvenating, luxurious experience. Embrace effortless hair care in the palm of your hand. Elevate your on-the-go routine with this compact hair savior. Grab yours now!


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