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SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+_OSiS+ Dust it #1 Mattifying Volume Powder_Cosmetic World
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSiS+ Dust it #1 Mattifying Volume Powder $15.95 $23.99
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder 10g / 0.35oz Unveil the secret to effortlessly styled hair with Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder. Discover the power of this lightweight volumizing powder, designed to transform your hair with 24-hour volume control and a strong, yet natural hold. Elevate your hair game, catering specifically to fine hair types. Features & Benefits: Magnify Volume, Magnify Confidence Experience the remarkable transformation of your hair's volume. This innovative powder injects life into your locks, creating astonishing volume that lasts. Get ready to stand out with hair that speaks volumes about your confidence. Long-lasting Hold, Natural Freedom Feel the liberating sensation of a long-lasting hold, providing you the freedom to move and style naturally. Embrace the soft matte effect that emanates a sense of effortless elegance, ensuring your style stays intact throughout the day. Unveil the Art of Natural Control Craft your hair the way you desire with this powder's ability to offer light, natural style control. Embrace a look that's uniquely you, exuding a touch of natural finesse and control. Directions: Sprinkle a modest amount of powder into your palms and gently rub them together. Run your hands through your hair, lifting it into your desired style for a natural, matte finish. For added volume at the roots, apply the powder directly to those areas. For enhanced separation, apply small amounts precisely where needed to achieve your desired look. 10g | 15ml
KEVIN MURPHY_ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser $45.99
Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser Defy Gravity, Elevate Style 150ml / 5.1oz Unleash the power of weightless volume and captivating texture with KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY lotion. Craft hairstyles that are truly out-of-this-world, showcasing bigger and thicker-looking hair in an instant. This versatile volumiser and texturiser is your ultimate tool to effortlessly create and maintain stunning styles, whether your hair is long, short, curly, or elegantly blown-out. Benefits You'll Love: Amplify Volume: Witness your hair's transformation as volume reaches new heights, leaving you with a breathtaking presence. Weightless Hold: Revel in a hold that endures, defying gravity's attempts to compromise your style. Flyaway Control: Bid farewell to unruly strands that disrupt your desired look, and embrace flawlessness. Unrestricted Compatibility: Regardless of your hair type or style, ANTI.GRAVITY welcomes you to explore boundless creativity. Pure Luxury: Experience the lavishness of a shine that's free from oiliness, captivating attention wherever you go. Kind to the Earth: ANTI.GRAVITY proudly carries the badge of being sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free, in alignment with KEVIN.MURPHY values of ethical beauty. Kevin’s Tip:  ‘’ANTI.GRAVITY is one of the signature products within our VOLUME regimen and is great for all hair types and styles. Apply wet and dry as desired, or spritz with H2O and dry-in when using hot tools. We use a lot of ANTI.GRAVITY backstage, and my creative team and I use a technique called ‘Sandblasting’ – try it for yourself, the results are amazing. Simply spritz the hair to lightly dampen, and then apply ANTI.GRAVITY from roots to tips. Blast in with a dryer to create a ‘thatchy’ texture, and then style with hot tongs as desired. Repeat the process up to three times, depending on the volume of the style you are creating – remember, the more you ‘sandblast’, the more volume and longevity you give the style.'' Check out Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser
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REDKEN_Aerate 08 All-over Bodifying Cream-Mousse 91g / 3.2oz_Cosmetic World
REDKEN Aerate 08 All-over Bodifying Cream-Mousse 91g / 3.2oz $36.99
Redken Aerate 08 All-over Bodifying Cream-Mousse Patented volumizing and texturising hair styler. A hybrid of cream and mousse for the soft rich texture and the dual-benefits. Mousse infuses the volumizing benefits to the root of your hair. Cream surrounds your hair for a conditioning result with moisture and control. Medium hold with the weightless formula. UV protection to color-treated hair. Silky soft and manageable with aerated texture for the extreme volume-boosting power. Key features Medium control aerated cream Adds featherweight body Conditioning agents deliver silky softness and manageability  UV filters help protect color-treated hair How to use? Apply to damp hair Blow dry for maximum volume and texture
KEVIN MURPHY_POWDER.PUFF Volumising Powder_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY POWDER.PUFF Volumising Powder $45.99
Kevin Murphy POWDER.PUFF Volumising Powder  Your Instant Hair Volume Solution Are you ready to transform your hair from flat to fab? Say hello to Kevin Murphy POWDER.PUFF Volumising Powder, your secret weapon for achieving enviable volume and that sought-after casual, messy look. With just a few sprinkles of this magical powder, watch your hair go from drab to dynamic in an instant! Benefits You'll Love: Weightless Volume: Adds volume without weighing down your hair. Unique Texture: Offers a captivating dry-matte texture for a lived-in look. Tailored Boost: Suitable for all hair types, providing a personalized volume lift. Innovative Technology: Encapsulated setting lotion within a powder sphere for instant lift and hold. Instant Transformation: Provides immediate volume and body for a stunning hair transformation. Confidence Boost: Elevates your hair game, exuding confidence and allure. Environmental Commitment: Part of KEVIN.MURPHY's eco-friendly packaging initiative. Fine Hair Savior: Ideal for fine or flat hair, delivering that much-needed extra 'oomph.' Clean Formulation: Sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free formula for conscious hair care. Kevin’s Tip:  ''POWDER.PUFF is part of our VOLUME regimen, and one of my all-time favourite products for adding a little extra oomph to your ‘doo. Notice the opening is like a smile? Hide the eyes to add more product or shut the mouth for less, so you control how much you use, and you apply only where you need it. All you have to do is apply, and then allow the powder to morph…the end result is instant poof and volume, all from the cutest little jar!''
KEVIN MURPHY_ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY Weightless Hairspray_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY Weightless Hairspray $45.99
Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY Weightless Hairspray  Your Ticket to Gravity-Defying Volume and Effortless Shine 150ml / 5.1oz Unleash the power of ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and embark on a journey to hair nirvana. This exceptional non-aerosol hairspray defies the laws of gravity, elevating your style to new heights while bestowing an oil-free, lustrous shine that's sure to turn heads.Enriched with the elixirs of Manuka Honey and vitamin-infused Grapefruit Extract, ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY pampers your locks with a lavish shine that exudes radiance. The Manuka Honey nurtures your hair, promoting vitality and resilience, while Grapefruit Extract contributes a touch of nature's bounty, enhancing the luminosity of your tresses.  Benefits You'll Love: Gravity-Defying Volume: Achieve big, bouncy volume that defies gravity, elevating your style to new heights. Lustrous Shine: Experience an oil-free, luscious shine that adds radiance and vitality to your hair. Lasting Hold: Enjoy styles that stay put throughout the day, maintaining their allure from sunrise to sunset. Weightless Formula: ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY holds your style without weighing down your hair. Suitable for All Hair Types: Ideal for all hair types, ensuring everyone can achieve voluminous, shiny hair. Limitless Possibilities: With this hairspray, your styling possibilities are limitless, allowing you to explore new looks with ease. Sulfate, Paraben, and Cruelty-Free. Kevin’s Tip: ''An essential part of our VOLUME regimen, ANTI.GRAVITY SPRAY is the ideal, non-aerosol, spray to hold those seriously-smooth, glamour-girl looks in place. It helps reinforce and boost big, bouncy body and is super-lightweight, so it never weighs the hair down.'' Check out Kevin Murphy ANTI.GRAVITY Oil Free Volumiser  
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REDKEN_Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray 8.5oz_Cosmetic World
REDKEN Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray 8.5oz $19.99
Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray Who doesn’t love a good beach wave look?! Achieve all your tousled beachy wave dreams with the Redken Texturizing Sea Spray. Formulated with sea salt, this spray adds instant texture and lightweight body. The finishing touch? A matte finish that truly replicates the “I was just frolocking in the ocean” aesthetic.  Benefits - Lightweight body- Tousled texture- Matte finish  Directions Spray Signature Look Fashion Wave
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SEBASTIAN_Volumizer Finishing Spray 8.5 oz./250ml_Cosmetic World
SEBASTIAN Volumizer Finishing Spray 8.5 oz./250ml $9.99 $20.00
Sebastian Volumizer Finishing Spray WHAT YOU WEAR BEGINS WITH YOUR HAIR. What's on your body... a quilted vest. What's in your hair... Volumizer, the finishing spray that pumps up hair's volume, without weight. Raises the roots, effortlessly. Spray it on and watch body increase. Build it up. Reach new heights. You can really strut your stuff with Volumizer. Directions Spray onto the roots of damp hair. Comb through, blow dry for expanded body. Made in USA 
DESIGN ME_Puff.Me Volumizing Powder 9.1g / 0.32oz_Cosmetic World
DESIGN ME Puff.Me Volumizing Powder 9.1g / 0.32oz $19.99
Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder instantly lift your roots in just a puff Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder powers up your roots with volume for lasting hours. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder offers the incredible volume, fullness and hold for all kinds of styles. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder precisely release the perfect amount for an accurate and clean styling with versatile control. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder is odor free and mess free while lightweight which will never wear your hair down. Design.Me Puff.Me Volumizing Powder is perfect for braids, updo, ponytails and so much more styles that you love. Net weight: 9.1g / 0.32oz Key features Lasting hold Volumizing Precise and clean application For all kinds of styles, braid, updo, ponytails and more Lightweight Mess free For normal to thick hair Talc-free How to use? Spray 2-4 inches from hair, focusing on the roots Style for instant volume
KMS_Add Volume Root & Body Lift Spray 196g / 6.9oz_Cosmetic World
KMS Add Volume Root & Body Lift Spray 196g / 6.9oz $17.99
KMS Add Volume Root & Body Lift Spray  Offers additional fullness and body from the root of your hair. 70% more volume, lasting for more than 72 hours. Innovative shaping formula takes care of all your styling needs. Sturdy root support for round-the-clock body. Equalise your hair structure for better combability. KMS signature formula with Eucalyptus & Cinnamon giving your hair energy and volume. What is so special? Infused with Eucalyptus and Cinnamon  Multi-benefit: Volume, combability & support 72 hours fullness Volumise from the root of your hair Heat protection Healthier & Fuller hair How to use? Spray onto damp hair Blow dry with brushes Style as desired Note The item cannot be shipped outside of the United States and Canada.
KEVIN MURPHY_BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT Volumising Heat-Activated Style Extender_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT Volumising Heat-Activated Style Extender $49.99
Kevin Murphy BLOW.DRY EVER.LIFT Volumising Heat-Activated Style Extender  Your Secret to Effortlessly Voluminous Hair 150ml / 5.1oz Imagine having the secret to picture-perfect hair, every single time you pick up your blow dryer. With KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.LIFT, that dream becomes your reality. Crafted with precision, EVER.LIFT is not just a styling product; it's a transformation. This weightless spray combines the prowess of Long Chain Polymers and the magic of our Zen Complex to infuse your locks with lasting volume and lift. The moment your blow dryer's heat kisses your hair, EVER.LIFT activates, orchestrating a symphony of style and grace. But that's not all – it's your armor against humidity's unwelcome embrace. EVER.LIFT stands strong, locking out humidity and gifting you with a finish that's not just long-lasting, but also defiantly frizz-free. Benefits You'll Love: Anti-Frizz: Bid farewell to frizz and embrace the sleekness of your voluminous masterpiece.  Humidity Resistant: Everlasting protection against humidity ensures your hair remains enchantingly elegant.  Creates Volume: Elevate your hair game with voluminous locks that turn heads and capture hearts.  Style Extender: Your blowout's new best friend – prolong your style and revel in the beauty that lasts.  Sulphate, Paraben, Cruelty Free: Embrace a haircare solution that puts your hair's health and beauty first. Kevin’s Tip: ''Inspired by the Long Chain Polymers also found in EVER.SMOOTH, we decided to expand our BLOW.DRY regimen. If you crave soft volume EVER.LIFT with our potent Zen Complex creates smooth volume and lift for a blow dry that is soft to the touch. Helps lock out humidity for a longer lasting finish. Pump up the finish with our BEACH.WAVE Elevation for lift that lasts.''
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+_OSIS+ Upload Volume Cream 200ml / 6.75oz_Cosmetic World
SCHWARZKOPF - OSIS+ OSIS+ Upload Volume Cream 200ml / 6.75oz $19.99
Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Upload Volume Cream – Instant, lightweight volume and fullness to all hair types. Smoothens and moisturize hair with Glycerin and Panthenol while providing medium control. Energize hair with natural shininess. Protect from heat to remain silky soft and manageable after blow-dry. Hair care professionals’ favourite.   Directions (Damp hair) 1.     Appy small amount to damp hair 2.     Blow-dry while styling with brush and/ or fingers 3.     Create style and texture as desired    Directions (Dry hair) 1.     Appy small amount to dry hair 2.     Smooth separation with brush and/ or fingers 3.     Create style and texture as desired
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REDKEN_Curvaceous Wind Up Energizing & Texturizing Spray 145ml / 5oz_Cosmetic World
REDKEN Curvaceous Wind Up Energizing & Texturizing Spray 145ml / 5oz $24.99 $30.00
Redken Curvaceous Wind Up Energizing & Texturizing Spray – Anti frizz leave in spray designed for curly wavy hair. Refresh dry dull curls all day. Tame frizz and flyaways without the crunch. Boosts the shapes and shine of your curls. Reapply any time to recharge your waves. UV protection preserving moisture and strength. Leaves hair elastic and defined. Key Benefits Reduce frizz and flyaways Restore moisture Boost shape UV protection Strengthen your curls Lock nourishment deep in the hair fibre. Directions Spray evenly through damp or dry hair to reactivate curls. Leave in. Style as usual. Reapply throughout the day as needed
KEVIN MURPHY_BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender_Cosmetic World
KEVIN MURPHY BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender $49.99
Kevin Murphy BLOW.DRY EVER.THICKEN Thickening Heat-Activated Style Extender  Your Frizz-Free Glamour 150ml / 5.1oz Unleash the power of voluminous, envy-worthy hair with KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.THICKEN, the ultimate thickening heat-activated style extender. Activated by the gentle warmth of your blow dryer, this weightless spray boasts the prowess of Long Chain Polymers and a volumizing Cotton Sprout Complex, instantly amping up your hair's thickness and fullness. Say hello to a long-lasting, frizz-free finish that embodies sophistication and charm. Benefits You'll Love: Anti-Frizz: Tame unruly strands and enjoy a sleek, smooth finish that exudes elegance. Humidity Resistant: Defend your style against humidity's relentless grasp, maintaining your flawless look. Creates Thickness: Elevate your hair's thickness factor with EVER.THICKEN powerful volumizing complex. Style Extender: Enjoy a longer-lasting blowout that keeps you chic and confident throughout the day. Sulphate, Paraben, Cruelty Free: Embrace a haircare solution that puts your hair's health and beauty first. Kevin’s Tip: ''It’s the long Chain Polymers and Cotton Sprout Complex that helps EVER.THICKEN create thicker fuller hair, that lasts. As with all of the EVERS it helps to lock out humidity to seal in a longer lasting blow dry, pair with our EVER.THICKEN signature dry to lock in the style with heat.''
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TIGI - CATWALK_Catwalk Root Boost Texture Spray 67ml / 2oz_Cosmetic World
TIGI - CATWALK Catwalk Root Boost Texture Spray 67ml / 2oz $9.99
TIGI Catwalk Root Boost Texture Spray Add volume and body from the root of your hair. Precise application spray for greater control on your style. Infuse Almond Oil & Lavender for long lasting lift and support. Weightless formula volumize without heaviness. Light fruity fragrance. Key Benefits Volumise from root of hair Precise application Weightless formula Fruity refreshing fragrance Directions Spray onto clean damp hair Mist into root for extra lift and support Comb through to ends for all over texture and volume Style as usual
EVO_Shape Vixen volumising lotion 200ml, 6.8oz._Cosmetic World
EVO Shape Vixen volumising lotion 200ml, 6.8oz. $36.99
Evo Shape Vixen Body Giving Juice adds body without adding weight. Provides long-lasting support to your style. Key IngredientsAqua, Alcohol denat., PVP, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methyl Gluceth-20, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Polysorbate-20, Parfum, Phenoxyethanol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Hexyl Cinnamal, Lyral, Citronellol, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Limonene, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellol, Eugenol. concept.a weightless lotion that adds body and provides long-lasting style support.results.massive volume and style support.recommended for.all hair types, especially fine, brittle hair.ERROR  For massive volume and style support. Ideal for all hair types, especially fine, brittle hair.
KMS_Add Volume Liquid Dust 50ml / 1.7oz_Cosmetic World
KMS Add Volume Liquid Dust 50ml / 1.7oz $19.99
KMS Add Volume Liquid Dust Introducing KMS Add Volume Liquid Dust – the innovative shaping blend for achieving massive fullness and volume at the roots without the mess of a powder. This product is enriched with the power of herbs, flowers, and citrus and has a light fragrance that is refreshingly different yet familiar. The volumizing, re-bonding polymers in this product create a "velcro"-like effect, providing up to 100% more volume and stability at the roots. The PEG/PPG 2000/200 copolymer and acrylic acid/stearyl/acrylate copolymer work together to give your hair the perfect lift. With KMS Add Volume Liquid Dust, you can easily reshape your hair throughout the day with just your hands, giving you the freedom to create your desired look. Additionally, this product contains organically cultivated eucalyptus and cinnamon, known for their abilities to provide fullness and body to hair. Get ready to experience a dynamic, light, and innovative product that is refreshingly different from other volumizing products. Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair and hello to fullness and volume with KMS Add Volume Liquid Dust. Features Creates massive fullness without the mess of a powder. Provides up to 100% more volume and stability at the roots. Innovative shaping blend with volumizing, re-bonding polymers for a "velcro"-effect. Contains PEG/PPG 2000/200 copolymer and acrylic acid/stearyl/acrylate copolymer. Enriched with eucalyptus and cinnamon, which are known for providing fullness and body to hair. Reshape your hair throughout the day with just your hands. Light fragrance, enriched with the power of herbs, flowers, and citrus. Dynamic, light, and refreshingly different from other volumizing products. How to use? For fine to medium, limp hair. Best applied in towel-dried hair. Blow dry, using your hands or a brush to shape the style. Use instead of a powder at the roots for exceptional volume, for easy spreadability and no dust.


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