20 Volume 6% Organic enzyme processor



120ml / 4oz 4000ml / 1 Gallon

Moon Beaute

20 Volume 6% Organic enzyme processor


120ml / 4oz 4000ml / 1 Gallon
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Product description

Moon Beaute 20 Volume 6% Organic Enzyme Processor

Formerly known as Eco Med, Moon Beaute organic enzyme processor contains organic natural plant enzymes. The enzymes help protect your hair and scalp. Reduces damage up to 70%. Reduces colour fading. Works with any colour or bleach. Minimizes scalp irritation. Use in place of any peroxide developer.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 70% less damage than conventional hydrogen peroxide
  • Minimizes scalp irritation
  • Works with any colour or bleach
  • Reduces colour fading
  • Made in Canada


Note: Please follow each colour manufacturer's directions regarding the amounts and the volume to use with their hair colour or bleach products.

  1. Replace the volume and the amount of developer normally used with the same amount and volume of organic developer then mix them together with your hair colour or bleach.
  2. Allow the mixture to stand for one minute, then apply to your hair in your usual application method.
  3. Leave on the hair for the manufacturer's suggested processing time.
  4. After processing time check the results and once the desired result has been achieved, thoroughly rinse then shampoo and condition in your usual manner.


Avoid contact with eyes. Point away from face when opening. Keep closed when not in use. Shake bottle each time before using. Always wear disposable gloves. Store in a cool, dark area. Do not consume internally.


Aqua, Hydrogen peroxide, Plant enzyme, Polymer

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