Air Queen Nanofiber respirator 500 pack



Air Queen Nanofiber respirator 500 pack

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Product description

One of the world’s first to successfully incorporate nanofiber in face masks.

Nanofiber incorporated face mask is very easy to breathe through due to its extremely wide surface area created by the web of nanofibers and light weight. It is very effective at mechanically filtering out fine dust particulates.

Conventional electrostatic filter masks’ filtration decline dramatically after it becomes a discharged. Nanofiber face mask provides consistent high efficiency filtering ability regardless of external environment.

Classification Regular Mask Air Queen Mask
Manufacturing Method            MeltBlown           Electrospinning
  • Initial filtration efficiency sharply decreases as electrostatic force discharges with usage.
  • Enormous surface area created from the web of nanofibers greatly increases the mechanical filtration efficiency.
  • Due to advantages of it's mechanical properties, nanofiber continues to maintain its high efficiency 


                      Regular Mask                                            Air Queen

  • Particulate filtered by electrostatic method
  • Dust particles attached to the electrostatic force
  • Nanofiber’s unique structure (specific surface area) increases particulate filtration capability.
  • Fine dust efficiently filtered through dense network of pores created by web of    nanofibers.

    Core Technology

    • After discharging, conventional masks’ filtration effectiveness deteriorates significantly whereas Air Queen Masks nanofiber webs will retain its effectiveness.
    • Air Queen’s unique Nanofiber web structure allows effective filtration of harmful particles.
    • 4.38 grams
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