BlondMe 9% (30 Volume) Premium Developer 1L / 33.8oz





Schwarzkopf BlondMe 9% (30 Volume) Premium Developer –

Ideal for maximum bleaching, white hair blending or lifting naturally light blonde hair.

Caring formula developer for brilliant blondes with great conditioning.

Specially formulated for BlondMe Bleaches and Color Shades.

Moisturize hair while delivering excellent vibrancy and soft feeling.



1.     Mix with BlondMe Bleaches or Color Shades with the proper ratio

2.     Apply to damp hair

3.     Let it process

4.     Rinse thoroughly


Looking for other effects? You may be interested in:


BlondMe Developers 2% (7 vol)

Perfect for toning hair that's already been lightened and for gentle bleaching.


BlondMe Developers 6% (20 vol) –

The strength for conventional bleaching or for toning on naturally light (level 8 or above) blonde hair.


BlondMe Developers 12% (40 vol) –

Lifting on natural base 6 – 7

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