Blond Studio 9% / 30 Vol Nutri Developer 1000ml / 33.8oz



Blond Studio 9% / 30 Vol Nutri Developer 1000ml / 33.8oz

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Product description

L'Oreal Blond Studio 9% / 30 Vol Nutri Developer

Exclusively for Blond Studio Pastes (Platinium / Platinium Plus).

Creamy rich formula enables gentle controlled lightening action up to 3+ levels of lift.

Perfect for balayage application.

Fully stabilized and buffered to ensure consistent and uniform lightening result.

Mixable with Blond Studio Sunkissed Oil and Powders for desired texture for applications.


1.     Use exclusively with Blond Studio Pastes (Platinium / Platinium Plus)

2.     Follow the instructions on your bleach package

3.     Mix with ratio 1:1 to 1:3, depending on the technique and bleach

4.     Process for Max 50 minutes

5.     Rinse thoroughly until water is clear

Pro Tips

Mix with Blond Studio Sunkissed Lightening Oil for thicker formula.

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