Toner DT-Nougat 60ml / 2.02oz


Demi Permanent



Schwarzkopf BlondMe Blonde Toning Permanent Toner

DT-Nougat – 

Rich warm brown for bases 6-8.

Deep toning ideal for low lights and blurred roots.

Blonde tone enhancement or neutralization. Eliminates unwanted warm tone.

For pre-lightened and natural blonde bases 9 and lighter.

pH neutral application mixture with Bond Enforcing Hydrolock Technology moisturize and protect against damage.

Gel-crème texture for consistency.

Intermixable with other BlondMe Toners for unlimited creativity.



1.     Mix 1:1 with BlondMe Premium Developer 2% (7 Volume)

2.     Apply to dry unshampooed hair

3.     Let it process up to 20 mins

4.     Check frequently for desired result

5.     Rinse thoroughly until water is clear

6.     Followed by BlondMe Shampoo and Bonding Mask


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