BlondMe Blush Wash Strawberry

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BlondMe Blush Wash Strawberry

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Product description

Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Blush Wash Strawberry


Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe BlushWash Strawberry Shampoo is not just a cleanser but a doorway to effortless and temporary pastel toning, all achieved in one simple step. Unleash the power of delicate rosé hues and let your blonde locks bloom with the BLONDME Blush Wash range.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effortless Transformation: The BLONDME Blush Wash Shampoo redefines convenience by delivering quick and temporary pastel toning, saving you time and effort while ensuring stunning results.
  • Captivating Pastel Toning: Indulge in the elegance of pastel rosé tones without the commitment. Your blonde hair transforms into a canvas of delicate and enchanting hues, reflecting your unique style and personality.
  • pH Harmony: The formulation's pH-balancing attributes work to gently close the hair cuticle, leaving your tresses smooth, lustrous, and in perfect sync with your desired color.
  • Inner Bond Strengthening: Step into the future of hair care with the potential to strengthen bonds within the hair fibers. The BLONDME Blush Wash's innovative formulation contributes to creating new bonds, promoting hair vitality from the inside out.
  • Customized Brilliance: Unleash your creativity by combining various BLONDME Blush Wash shades. Craft your unique color statement by blending Strawberry for a mesmerizing rosé aura, Silver for soft silver-grey charm, or Lilac for a touch of lavender allure.
  • Temporary Radiance: Enriched with direct dye, this shampoo offers temporary color that lingers for up to 5 washes, allowing you to switch up your style at your convenience.
  • Sulfate-Free Formula: Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe BlushWash Strawberry is crafted without SLS/SLES sulfates, ensuring gentle care for your hair's natural beauty.

BlondMe Blush Wash’s Shades Available:

  • Blush Wash Silver: Soft silver-grey toning effect for a touch of elegance.
  • Blush Wash Lilac: Soft lavender toning effect with anti-yellow neutralization for a sophisticated look.
  • Blush Wash Apricot: Soft warm peach toning for a gentle and inviting radiance.

Unlock the enchanting world of pastel radiance with Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe BlushWash Strawberry. Elevate your blonde locks with a touch of rosé elegance, expressing your style without compromise.

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