Bubble Bomb Pack





The latest to arrive from South Korea.

Deep cleansing facepack with charcoal powder, amino acid complex, peptides and botanical extracts. Through Super Bubbling Technology, bubble meets dirt on the skin, it makes a big bubble and it bursts as like a mini bomb. After washing with water, it clears dirt or dead cell from the pores.


Using the enclosed spoon, place content on desired areas and rub with your fingers until the content changes to a grey colour. After 30-40 seconds, primary foam will be generated. After the foam disappears, rub once more to generate foam again. When the foam has completely disappeared, wash off with water. For a deep pack effect, leave on for 10-20 minutes after foam has completely disappeared and wash off.

 Active Ingredients

Contains 1)Charcoal powder(It absorbs dirties on the skin), Peptide(Anti Aging), GIGAWHITE(17 botanical plants extract), Amino Acid(Whitening and Skin Moisturizing)
Specification:Container+Spatula+Paper Carton(Net weight:50g)

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