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Children's Shampoo

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SebaMed Children's Shampoo 250ml / 8.45oz

SebaMed Children's Shampoo stands out with its meticulously crafted formula that prioritizes the gentle care of your child's hair and scalp. Unlike other shampoos, it's free from harsh chemicals like soap and alkali, ensuring a mild yet effective cleanse without causing dryness or irritation. The "no tears" formula makes bath time a joyful experience for both children and parents, setting it apart as a trusted choice in children's haircare.

Benefits & Features

  • Soap and Alkali-Free: SebaMed Children's Shampoo is formulated without harsh chemicals like soap or alkali, ensuring it's gentle and safe for your child's sensitive scalp and hair.

  • Mild Wash Active Substances: Specially chosen mild wash active substances provide gentle cleansing while maintaining the natural balance of your child's hair and scalp, ensuring a thorough yet gentle clean.

  • Easy Hair Detangling: Say goodbye to knots and tangles with Baby Sebamed Shampoo. Its formulation helps detangle hair, making haircare a breeze.

  • Fragrant and Silky Hair: Not only does it cleanse effectively, but it also leaves your child's hair fragrant and silky, adding freshness and manageability.

  • "No Tears" Formula: The special formulation ensures a tear-free bath time experience, as it does not sting or irritate the eyes.

Where Care Meets Clean

If you're a parent looking for a gentle and effective shampoo for your child, SebaMed Children's Shampoo is the answer. Its soap and alkali-free formula, combined with mild wash active substances, ensures a thorough yet gentle cleanse that maintains the natural balance of your child's hair and scalp. With its easy hair detangling properties and fragrant finish, this shampoo makes haircare enjoyable while providing the utmost care for your little one's hair.


  • Volume: 250ml / 8.45oz

  • Ingredients: Contains gentle, skin-friendly ingredients suitable for children's delicate skin.

  • Safety: Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic for peace of mind.

  • Usage: Suitable for daily use, ensuring your child's hair stays clean and healthy.

Ready to give your child's hair the care it deserves? Purchase SebaMed Children's Shampoo today and make bath time a delightful experience for your little one!


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