Color Gels Lacquers 6RR/6.66 Blaze 60ml / 2oz



Color Gels Lacquers 6RR/6.66 Blaze 60ml / 2oz

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Product description

Redken Color Gels Lacquers 6RR/6.66 Blaze with R5 -

Reinvented permanent liquid color. Rich saturated results with lustrous shine.

Up to 100% gray coverage. New low ammonia formula.

Intermixable with Redken Shades EQ Gloss for easy refresh. Create your modern hair color with unique color approach.

Re-growth (Zone 1) with Permanent Redken Color Gels Lacquers.

Mid to ends (Zone 2-3) with Demi Permanent Redken Shades EQ Gloss.



1.     Mix ratio 1:1 with Redken Pro-Oxide Cream developer.

2.     Apply onto zone 1 dry hair

a.     Mix and Apply Shades EQ onto zone 2-3

b.     OR Apply mixed Color Gels Lacquers to zone 2-3 for the last 5-10 minutes  

3.     Let it work for 20-45 minutes (Check frequently for desired effect)

4.     Rinse thoroughly until water is clear

5.     Shampoo and Conditioner with Redken Color Extend series



Redken Color Gels Lacquers Color Chart


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