colorpHlex professional kit





Contains: Two Step 1: Color Strengthening Additive (2 fl oz/ 59ml) and Two Step 2: After Color Strengthening Finish (4 fl oz/ 118ml)

Maintain the integrity of clients hair with ColorpHlex Professional Kit. ColorpHlex actually strengthens the hair during the colouring or hair bleaching process, offsetting damage typically inherent in chemical services. ColorpHlex can be used with all hair colouring techniques. Simply add ColorpHlex to your colour or bleach mixture and be astounded by the strengthening results!


Scientifically tested, ColorpHlex can increase hair strengthen by up to 4x.

Reduces hair breakage and damage during the colour or bleach process.

Vegetable-derived protein molecules penetrate the hair shaft, filling, bonding and protecting.

Easy to use, two-step process does not affect colour formulas or processing times.

Does not require a change in developer levels.

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