Compagnia del Colore 7.62 Permanent Color Cream

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Compagnia del Colore

Compagnia del Colore 7.62 Permanent Color Cream

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Compagnia del Colore 7.62 Permanent Color Cream

The Compagnia del Colore Hair Color Cream is a permanent color cream that offers high color protection while allowing you to experiment with a variety of personalized color solutions. It utilizes the innovative Chromium Molecule Technology™ to ensure vibrant and long-lasting results.

Compagnia del Colore Permanent Color Cream features a low alkaline content and incorporates Pure Micro Pigments that effortlessly penetrate the hair while preserving its natural structure. The innovative RRPs™ System (Rejuvenation, Reformation, and Protection System) ensures that your hair is shielded, moisturized, and nourished throughout the coloring process.

Rejuvenate and Protect: Compagnia del Colore Hair Color Cream with Orange Butter and Honey

The key ingredients in this color cream for hair are Orange Butter and Honey. Orange Butter provides antioxidative, anti-UV rays, anti-pollution protection, and rejuvenating properties. It helps shield the hair from environmental damage while keeping the color vibrant and protecting it from fading. Honey, on the other hand, nourishes and hydrates the hair, enhancing its structure, elasticity, volume, and shine. Furthermore, the Permanent Coloring Cream does not contain any added Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), or Thyo, ensuring a more natural and gentle experience for your hair.

To explore extensive range of shades and find your perfect match, we recommend to check out Compagnia del Colore color chart. Discover the ideal hair cream color that meets your needs! Buy online Compagnia del Colore products directly from our website and unlock a world of stunning hair color possibilities. Elevate your style and express your individuality with Compagnia del Colore Permanent Color Cream.


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