L'Oreal Homme Cover 5 Coloration Gel #3 Dark Brown 50ml / 1.7oz


Homme Cover 5' #3 Dark Brown

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L'Oreal Homme Cover 5' #3 Dark Brown

For men with 50% or less grey hair.

Quickly and discreetly blend grey hair just under 5 minutes.

Incell™ technology provides natural and masculine results without leaving a visible line of re-growth.

Ammonia-free restores the hair's pigments and strengthens hair by providing ceramides.

Lasts 4-6 weeks with no unwanted warmth.

Available in multiple shades to match your hair color.

Net weight: 50ml / 1.7oz

Key Benefits

·         Recommended for men with 50% or less grey hair

·         Contains blend of coloring agents

·         Mixed for color results that are neither too warm nor too cool, but remain in the neutral zone

·         Does not entirely mask white hair, but gives a harmonious blend between a white hair and their natural hair color for a more natural result

·         Incell™ Technology designed to strengthen and reinforce the hair's natural defenses while sealing the cuticle

·         Produces natural results that lasts 4-6 weeks with no unwanted warmth or visible line of regrowth


1.     Mixed 1:1 ratio with 20-volume (6%) Majicrème

2.     Apply onto dry clean hair

3.     Section hair into 4 quadrants and apply Cover 5' starting in the back

4.     Apply in the crown area first proceeding toward the nape.

5.     Apply through the scalp area, mid-lengths and ends.

6.     When application is complete in the back section, proceed to the front 2 quadrants in the same manner

7.     Process not more than 5 minutes

8.     Rinse thoroughly until water is clear

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