Pumice Foot Stone


Pumice Stone



Credo Pumice Foot Stone

Credo Pumice Foot Stone is a double-sided pumice stone for all kinds of pedicure work.

Credo Pumice Foot Stone is made from foamed glass with a rough side for removing hard dead skin and a smooth side for refining delicate areas.

Credo Pumice Foot Stone safely shaves away excess calluses and leaves your feet smooth and healthy.

Credo Pumice Foot Stone uses environmentally friendly degradable quartz sand without any interference with the nature.

Credo Pumice Foot Stone neutralises odor and is hygienic with the bacteriostatic material. 

Key Features

  • Made from foamed glass
  • Degradable and environmental friendly
  • Double-sided, with a different texture on each side
  • Rough side to easily remove hard, dead skin
  • Smooth side for more delicate areas
  • Long-lasting
  • Ergonomically rounded edges provide comfortable grip
  • Environment friendly
  • Odourless and hygienic


**Sold individually & colors are random

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