Cure Recover Shampoo 8.5oz





CURE by CHIARA Range from I.C.O.N.

All hair has texture. Some is fine, some is curly; some is wavy, some is straight. Hair can be erratic. It can be thick and unruly or heavy and controlled. It can be texture you love or texture you’d like to tame. With Cure by Chiara, you can change the balance of texture by smoothing and softening textures that are wild, encouraging body in textures that are fine and flat. Regardless of your texture, Cure will help you meet the challenge, influencing the texture you have, re-imagining it to be the texture you want.

Active Ingredients & Results

Prodew 500: Color Protectant
Quinoa: Strenghtening
Multiple Extracts: Reduce Breakage
Tripeptides: Strengthen Hair Bonds


To encourage healthier hair growth. Using vitamins and minerals to nourish, smooth and keep a PH balance; color-safe. Lather into wet-hair. Rinse thoroughly.
Flexibility. Reduces breakage. Soothes cuticle/add shine. Protects color.

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