Deep Clean Shampoo 300ml / 10.1oz



Deep Clean Shampoo 300ml / 10.1oz

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Product description

Eleven Deep Clean Shampoo

Eleven Deep Clean Shampoo is a cleansing shampoo that removes excess oil from the hair and scalp. Packed with Orange Oil, Eleven Deep Clean Shampoo provides a rich clean while still leaving the hair feeling fresh, hydrated, and healthy.


  • Deeply Cleanses and Removes Excess Oil: Say goodbye to greasy and weighed-down hair. Eleven Deep Clean Shampoo is specifically formulated to effectively cleanse your hair and scalp, removing excess oil and impurities that can weigh it down and make it look dull.

  • Enriched with Nourishing Orange Oil: Experience the power of Orange Oil in your hair care routine. Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, Orange Oil not only cleanses but also nourishes your hair, leaving it feeling refreshed, revitalized, and healthier-looking with each use.

  • Leaves Hair Feeling Fresh and Hydrated: With Eleven Deep Clean Shampoo, you don't have to compromise on freshness or hydration. This shampoo provides a rich, luxurious clean that leaves your hair feeling fresh and invigorated, while its gentle formula ensures that your locks are properly hydrated and moisturized for a healthy appearance.

  • Suitable for All Hair Types: No matter your hair type or texture, Eleven Deep Clean Shampoo is designed to deliver exceptional results. From fine and straight to curly and thick, this shampoo is suitable for all hair types, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of a deep, revitalizing cleanse and a rejuvenated look.

How to use?

Apply to wet hair, lather, and rinse. Repeat as required.


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