D4 The Original Styler (9 Row)





Denman D4 The Original Styler (9 Row)

Denman D4 The Original Styler is the ultimate multi-functional hairbrush that styles, shapes and defines.

Denman D4 The Original Styler detangles while speeding up blow-drying to style and define curls and smoothing the hair.

Denman D4 The Original Styler features 7 rows of perfectly smooth, round-ended pins to minimize the friction and catch on your hair.

Denman D4 The Original Styler provides the maximum grip and tension with the exclusive staggered pin pattern to facilitate all kinds of hair works.

Denman D4 The Original Styler offers extra comfort and balance with the unique tear drop handle, longer and more rounded shape.

Key Features

  • Multi-functional hairbrush
  • Styling, shaping and defining
  • Blowdry styles
  • Defining curls
  • 9 rows
  • Excellent balance and comfort

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