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D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape


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Product description

D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

The Wonder Eyelid Tape delivers that desired double eyelid look. With a simple application, the tape can be easily put on with the provided plastic tool. It is transparent in color, making it unnoticeable even with makeup applied on top.  The tape is sweatproof and waterproof, ensuring that it stays on all day without any discomfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Super hold and slim transparent double-sided eyelid tapes.
  • High-quality ultra-thin transparent tapes.
  • Made from safe & comfortable 3M medical tape material.

  • Strong resistance to water & sweat.

  • Free applicator included in the box.
  • Easy to use by applying the pre-cut tape on the eyelid where you want to create the fold with the applicator.
  • Made in Japan.


  1. Wipe off any dirt or sebum on the eyelid before applying the tape.
  2. Pull the eyelid upward and place the tape right below the ideal double eyelid line.
  3. Keep lifting the eyelid up and push in the tape using the head of the V-stick.
  4. Slowly release the finger that is lifting the eyelid to cover the tape and fit in.
  5. Slowly let go of the V-stick to finish.
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