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Elumen AB@9

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Goldwell Elumen AB@9

Unleash the ultimate hair coloring experience with Goldwell Elumen – a breakthrough in ammonia-free, non-oxidative hair color technology. Perfectly crafted for those seeking a gentle, yet high-performance hair color solution, Elumen stands out as a sanctuary for individuals allergic to hair dyes and expecting mothers.

Why Goldwell Elumen?

  • Vibrancy & Shine Beyond Compare: Experience exceptional vibrancy, gloss, and unmatched durability that surpasses traditional hair colors.

  • Long-Lasting Brilliance: Revel in the prolonged allure of your new hair color; Elumen ensures colors stay vibrant for an extended duration.

  • Hair Repair and Protection: Unlike conventional colorants, Elumen not only colors but repairs, leaving your hair healthier and lustrous.

  • Gentle and Damage-Free: Immerse yourself in a coloring experience as gentle as the finest semi/demi hair colors available. Say goodbye to damage worries!

  • Peroxide and Ammonia-Free Formula: Elumen's innovative formula works its magic without the harshness of peroxide or ammonia, providing a safe and soothing coloring experience.

  • Perfect Alternative for Allergic Reactions: For those sensitive to oxidative colors, Elumen emerges as a lifesaver, offering an alternative that doesn't compromise on vibrancy or quality.

Directions for a Transformational Experience:

  1. Preparation: Lighten your hair to your desired shade.

  2. Elumen Prepare: Utilize after highlighting or as a pre-treatment for damaged hair. Let it work its magic for a few minutes.

  3. Color Application: Towel dry hair, then generously apply Elumen Color, ensuring every strand is bathed in brilliance.

  4. Processing: Apply heat for 20 minutes or allow 30 minutes without heat.

  5. Rinse & Care: Rinse thoroughly, shampoo twice with Elumen Wash, towel dry, and proceed to apply Elumen Lock for five minutes.

  6. Final Touch: Wash thoroughly and indulge your locks with Elumen Care or Elumen Treat for exquisite results.

Transform your hair coloring journey with Goldwell Elumen, where vibrancy, safety, and lustrous shine blend seamlessly for an unparalleled hair coloring experience! Step into a world of radiant hues and transformative brilliance today.



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