Elumen Play Semi-Permanent PL Mint@10 Cool Mint 200ml / 6.7oz





Goldwell Elumen Play Semi-Permanent PL Mint@10 Cool Mint –

High performance hair color without ammonia, peroxide, derivatives.

Alternative for those allergic to oxidation color.

Extraordinary luster and color intensity with excellent durability.

Unique innovation lock pigments deep into hair shafts. Secure color for longer lifetime with shininess.

Repair hair while coloring. Not compromising health for shades and trends.


Key Benefits

·         Ammonia, peroxide and derivatives free

·         Alternative for clients with allergic reactions with oxidative color

·         Up to 37% more shine compared to intensive demi-permanent hair colors

·         Up to 76% more color intensity compared to oxidative permanent hair colors

·         Up to 20% longer durability compared to oxidative permanent color



1.     Prepare single or multi-shade formula

2.     Apply onto dry hair

3.     Let it process for 20 minutes with heat or 30 minutes without heat

4.     Rinse thoroughly until water is clear

5.     Shampoo and Condition


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