Quick Moving Mist Swing Master

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Quick Moving Mist Swing Master

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Product description

GATSBY Quick Moving Mist Swing Master 100ml

Say goodbye to sticky, slow-moving hair products with Gatsby Quick Moving Mist Swing Master! Formulated with Aero Rubber, this hair styling spray penetrates quickly and creates precise movements, leaving your hair with a non-heavy finish. Plus, it rinses off easily and has a fresh green fragrance. Formulated with Alkyl acrylate copolymer, AMP, panthenol. Be the master of your own hair game with Gatsby Quick Moving Mist Swing Master!

Features and Benefits 

  • Quick penetration and immediate results
  • Aero Rubber* creates precise and desired hair movements
  • Non-heavy finish for natural looking hairstyle
  • Easy rinsing formula with no stickiness
  • Fresh green fragrance
  • Contains Alkyl acrylate copolymer, AMP, and panthenol for added benefits to the hair

How to Use

  • Turn cap clock-wise until it comes to a stop to let out dispenser tip
  • Press dispenser several times until product comes out
  • Keep 10-15 cm away from ahir or desired section and spray; massage by band to let product penetrate for styling


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